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hello everyone! 💘 my name is amber and i post edits of my role model, taylor swift. i joined this app about four years ago which is insane to me. things were different back then, haha! 💦 i actively posted on here since i joined and had active followers and got a decent amount of likes, which i was very grateful for and still am! 🌻☺️ about a year ago, i just stopped posting. i had an extreme type of "editors block" where basically nothing really inspires or motivates you to post or edit. two days ago i decided to pop on this app and see how everyone was doing, and the moment i did i realized how much i missed this place! 🙈 i am glad to say that i will be active again posting edits like i used to. a lot of my pc friends aren't as active on here anymore, so i just wanted to say that i'd be happy to make friends with you! thank you for reading 🌸 xox, amber
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Please read Dave's story. Great collage.
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Hello everyone! I would love if you would check out my account!❤️ I just started😊
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You found this on the internet and then added words
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