I was bored, okay 
And my sister is being annoying cuz she got featured 🙄


✨Tap✨ I was bored, okay And my sister is being annoying cuz she got featured 🙄

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and sorry for the late response, I fell asleep with Connor 😅
okay, have fun !
I’m bored 😐
Connor said to do a collab so I can post something one my page that I don’t share with Connor
do you wanna?
what theme should we do?
great idea!!
do you want to do the quote or bg
lol I know and idc either
I’ll figure something out and I don’t really has internet right now so I might not respond right away
what did she do now?
and sorry for the late response, Connor was being a jerk and taking up the whole back seat of the car (were on a road trip)
hey i’m on sorry i took so long i was at the gym
uh oh, what happened?
oh god I h@te when one of erins old classmates does that
lmaø Erin agrees
that’s a girl for ya
I won’t
y’all would be cute together
your welcome
idk I suggest you find out if she likes you first and Erin said she’ll help with that if you want her too
we will!!! can Chris talk?
oh and delete the comment where you said you like her so she doesn’t see it
how ya doing?
bored, I should’ve gone with Erin to the dinosaur part of the museum
I found her! after half an hour of looking I found her!
this is now Erin do you want to play 21 questions?
what’s your best memory?
probably meeting Connor (we were 3 or 4)
or when my cousin came out of the closet to me
either veterinarian or possibly an archeologist
what about yours?
if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Ireland or Texas usa
I have no idea tbh... possibly 16-18, how about you
lol I would not like to be that age again it was sad like really sad for me
whose your crush?
I close friend of mine named Connor (not the Connor that shares this account though)
your welcome
probably, he speaks very highly of you
do you want me to find out if he has a crush on you? 👀
one of my many nicknames is “the matchmaker” don’t ask why, I have my ways though
I’ll ask him tomorrow and you get some sleep it’s late in Spain
good night
sorry i took so long i just woke up
hello sorry it took so long, I was asleep
hey you on?
wanna role play
I posted the page
it’s fine, and over a rattle snake yesterday
okay, just to verify that your Alex whose your crush?
okay just wanted to make sure it was you
I told ya so
your welcome
how was your day?
boring so far
same here
I think the only eventful thing that happens are the girls
I’ll be back later... erins mother is mad again
we have no idea still
nothing at all, she just gets mad for no reason