happy new year everyone!
I can’t believe 2023 is over
I’m kinda sad tbh


happy new year everyone! I can’t believe 2023 is over I’m kinda sad tbh LETS HAVE THE BEST YEAR EVER

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this is stunning! HAPPY NEW YEAR BTW🩷🩷 how are you?
omg you can comment now! I love ur current account theme! i’m good hru ❤️
Amazing collage so pretty and also we can definitely collaborate sometime.
your welcome
thst’s good 😊
THANK YOU AVA! aww that sounds amazing, what kind of cupcakes did you bake? (i'm literally hungry right now haha) & i'm doing pretty good, thank you for asking! i went skiing w some friends these last days - it was so much fun :)) do you have any new year's resolutions by the way?🫶🫶
also super excited to collaborate with you soon.
For the collaboration I was thinking sometime in January or anytime to start the collaboration.
This is gorgeous🪩🦋 how are you?
thanks so much also any ideas for the collaboration
oooo i LOVE lemon-cupcakes! & snowboarding sounds like so much fun, i unfortunately never tried it - how was it? YESS CONFIDENCE IS KEY GIRL! my resolutions for 2024 are to be grateful for what life gives me, to ALWAYS be kind to everyone even if it's difficult sometimes, to be more selfconfident (like you said haha), to be more open to new things, to make new friends & to travel a lot🩷🩷
Your ideas for the collaboration are amazing I was thinking for the collaboration we could do a reputation, folklore, evermore or speak now by Taylor Swift with the dark academia and royal aesthetic as an idea.
Also made a chat page for our collaboration
With the album aesthetic mood boards any album is fine. As it would be really cool to have a variety of different album and aesthetics for the mood boards by other artists.
Your collages are amazing and gorgeous
I love your resolutions! I want to start playing the guitar, study a lot/ make good grades and spend more of time with my friends <3
that's nice to hear, I babysitted a few weeks ago as well :) and I'm doing pretty fine, one of my friends is coming over in an hour! how was your day? ❤️
aww i'm glad to hear it was fun! & falling down is unfortunately part of it, but you'll get better from time to time - the only important thing is not to hurt yourself :)) i'd like to travel to america & canada one day (i've sadly never been in the US) and i really want to go to thailand! BY THE WAY: have you ever been in europe or asia? 💓💓
omg i'm so jealous of you hehe, i want to live in america so baddd! which place would you like to travel one day? & i've only been in asia once: in indonesia, bali - it was one of my fav holidays ever! <33
This is so pretty!!
This is amazing omg
how are you doing???
currently obsessed with your account 😍😍
i’m doing okay!! thank you for asking!! how are you feeling today? <33
THANK YOU AVA! yess i absolutely love italy, it's one of my fav countries ever hehe ;)) bali was beautiful, we went snorkeling, ate indonesian food, went on a boat tour, watched traditional dances, spent some time at the beach, visited a lot of cities & temples AND a lot more things! it's been a few years since this trip now but it's one of my best memories ever.. what was your most beautiful trip?🩷🩷
wow that’s a lot of exercise!!
no, I really haven’t done much sports. where i’m from, sports is literally a religion and my parents didn’t want that to happen to us. I played one season of T-ball, one of soccer, I took golf lessons for a few years. that’s it I believe haha. now I usually take walks, and i’m starting a yoga class :)
how was your day today??
With the collaboration I was thinking doing a mashup between invisible string and cardigan for the collage what do you think of this idea.
Thank you sm! hru today ava? <3
thank you! OMG I WANT TO GO THERE SO BADD - how is it? <33
for the collaboration we could add some stars to it as an idea
How are you
Cool :)
I love your collage is so verrrrryyyyy pretty :)) 💞🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼
And you are so hgood people ☺️
that sounds so fun!!
mine was good! I relaxed and made progress in my video game hehe
your’e welcome 🫶🏼🫶🏼💞
I'm so glad to hear this! Did it snow where you live? I'm doing pretty well, I practiced some piano today! Do you play any instruments btw? ❤️
Also added the text to the background for the collaboration.
yes i LOVE tropical islands, bali is one as well hehe ;)) how are you by the way?
We can definitely add the “my” before gold string on the collage.
I added the “my” to the text for the collage before gold string.