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I’ll txt you after I do math
Baby my eyes hurt
tf did you do
walk over now
it’s important I mean fxcking now
tell someone something happened and you need to be here now
What happened??
I’m not txting just get over here my mom said it’s fine just now
there’s no talking Megan out of the baby... she said she can’t watch the baby grow up knowing it’s Cordell’s
Have the baby adopted out cause I don't wanna be supporting her in this if she aborts and babe she's going to feel a kick and regret it and yea might be Cordells but there's other women out there that has it harder then she does honestly
I’ll explain it more baby tomorrow okay? it’s hard to explain over txt
Ok baby that's fine with me❤❤ should I wear a tonight?❤
what baby?
Should I wear the brace tonight??
ummm probably if you can if it’s comfortable... if not be careful please 😩❤️
I'll wear it❤❤❤
okay❤️ please go get your wrist checked out baby Friday 😩 please I wanna make sure you’re okay 😔
It's on❤
Let's see how my pinky is ok❤
please go get it checked out anyways 😩❤️
I'll try ok baby ❤
hey can I go to town with you Friday?... please?... I mean ik you have counseling I’ll wait outside for you or go in or do whatever but I just wanna be with you okay?😩❤️
Yea I can ask if u can spend the night also❤❤
okay my mom is okay with it 😩❤️ god baby I wanna cry eve is kicking and it’s scaring me there’s a lot changing so fast and I was so scared earlier and I hurt so bad cuz ik some of the things I said hurt you and it hurt me to say them and I just hurt rly bad and was scared to lose you I just didn’t mean to yell at you not to touch me I’m sorry that hurt me to even do that I just kinda had an attack of some sort where everything flipped and that suicidal part of me tried to come out that’s why I freaked out so bad baby I’m sorry 😞😞
okay sorry I vented type of thing but eve keeps reminding me of us and you’re protective and that’s why we’ve been fighting was cuz you were protective of her it just scares me I love her so much and I love you so much I’m scared to lose either of you two 😔
Hey it's ok I promise ❤ and baby you not hurting your self anyway shape of form and you have a loving boyfriend and you'll have a loving daughter ❤❤
You aren't loosing either of us❤
I just I felt like shxxt baby I just got into that frame of mind where I figured everything would be better without me and eve kicked and I cried harder cuz I love her too much and I don’t wanna leave her and I don’t wanna leave you and it scared me that I even thought about dying which made shxxt worse for me cuz it put me in like a panic attack kinda thing cuz I was so scared 😞
I’m still rly scared I don’t wanna leave her or you she needs a mom and you can’t be a single dad I love you both I’m just rly scared and nervous and everything is changing and it hurts me to watch megan kill her baby but I can’t force her not to😞 Idk baby I’m honestly scared rn that my suicidal thoughts came back a little it scares me cuz I don’t want them to take over like they used to 😞
Well this fight wasn't ur fault believe me ok gorgeous ❤❤ and Eve will be right here for the rest of your life❤
They won't take over if u control it❤
I rly wanna hold her rn baby and hug her 😞 I feel like a terrible person and a terrible mom for even thinking about dying 😞 she needs both of us and I can’t die she needs a mom and I love her 😔
Ur not dying I promise ❤
And u will hug her and cuddle her ❤
well you know how quick those thoughts took over before 😔 it turned into an everyday second guessing myself and why I’m alive I just want Eve and you and that’s it😔 I wanna like take you and run tbh I wanna just get out of here for a day or two or a week or a month just leave 😔
I want us three to cuddle and she’s kicking and it’s making me cry 😔
Hey guess what❤
what baby?
Happy or sad cry??
idk both tbh 😔😩
like I love her kicking but it’s scaring me it’s reminding me how nervous I am to be a mom and scared and how close she’s coming to being born 😩
We're almost 18❤ we're almost to that age we can be together ❤ be alone in the woods together ❤
we need to run away for a little bit now😩 like this summer just drive and get away from life for awhile just you me and Eve in my belly 😩
I'm fine with that ❤
let’s just do it now 😔❤️
my eyes hurt and I’m tired but I can’t sleep😔
Soon babe soon❤
Turn your stress thing on please
baby I don’t wanna go to school 😔 I’m sorry but everyone nonstop about the baby always asking me if I’m alright and the gender and kicking and everything and I can’t stand up for myself it’s just overwhelming it’s making things stressful and I don’t wanna go😔 I just Idk baby I can’t just go have a normal day at school 😔 that’s all I want but I can’t 😞
Who's been playing the 20 questions??
Turn stress thing on please❤
everyone 😔 it’s always everyone asking questions 😔 Emma makes it worse Jade makes me wanna just disappear Payton asks shxxt and skyler and Kadence and Emie keeps asking if I’m okay and just everyone asks questions everyone has something to say to me it’s like non stop 😔
well I gotta get water for it... give me a min I will ig
Well turn ur stress thing on❤ and hey there keeping tabs on u and that's not a bad thing I mean they didn't start caring untill they found out there pregnant but hey they will understand when there older
Thank you
I just wish I could have a normal day 😔 it’s just makes me feel weird you know I’m probably the #1 talk at school rn and ppl only talk to me because of Eve😔
okay I has tears
I was watching my belly and I saw her kick I saw my belly go up in one spot where she kicked and I lost it
Yup u and I r going to be cuddling tomorrow ❤
Babe I wish I was there 😊❤❤❤❤
well I’m literally crying it was cute and I just wanna watch it all day and all night I love her so much baby holy shxxt😩😩❤️❤️
Hey we can Friday❤❤
Hey is there anything else that's wrong??
Did u make ur stress thing strong???
I haven’t got up yet to get water for it
honestly I sound selfish but Megan moving in idk babe
Y do u sound selfish??
me being pregnant and all this baby stuff ima feel like I’m making her feel worse cuz she’s pregnant and she’s aborting and I’m going thru with the baby and I don’t wanna be here cuz I don’t wanna make things worse
And make ur thing really strong❤ u needs the sleep❤
Make what worse??
Megan's fault she hot pregnant and Cordell and Megan should have talked things out but they didn't we feel bad ur parents r letting her sleep there for a bit and then yea❤
And pls don't tell ur thinging about abortion
I honestly just wanna shop for clothes for Eve and forget about everything 😩 like that’s all I want rn is to shop for her 😩
Forget what??
Did u make ur stress thing??
I mean yeah today but what else??
I wanna forget about today and the fight and the thoughts and Megan and wanna just take a break and you and me can shop 😩 please 😩
Babe it sounds like u needs a bed
I made it and it’s strong
Took u 3 mins to type that?
yes I’m rly tired 😔
sorry I was getting water for the thing
I'm tired to❤ wanna go to bed??
Amazing day tomorrow??❤❤❤
we better have a good day tomorrow 😔 yes please let’s go to bed 😩❤️
Promise good day??❤❤ Ok baby love u❤❤❤❤
I promise as long as you promise 😩 I loves you too baby😩❤️❤️
I promise ❤❤
good 😩❤️
yes ❤️
So my beautiful women❤ I'm sorry about today it was my fault I got pxssed over nothing❤ and babe hey the baby is going to be growing up fast with this amazing mother her name would be Sierra Adella Smith or SAS for short❤ yes this child will give us hard times❤ and honestly babe ur fxcking tough ur just a strait tough axx women and I love that❤ I also love that ur smart❤ ur also short😊❤ and I can keep going but I don't wanna re right the chapter book❤ but anyways babe this baby is going to be fxcking tough like her mom❤ and hey I don't mind a tough gorgeous axx women like u laying in my bed cuddling❤❤❤ and babe honestly u have a meaning in life and that's to give this child a life he'll never forget ur purpose is to keep my axx alive❤❤ and u have a bunch more meanings in life❤ and a lot of people love u❤ believe me my family does❤❤ but baby most of all I fxcking love u❤❤❤❤❤
I loves you baby😩❤️❤️
hey please wake up ❤️
I'm awake❤
finally mew ❤️
What's wrong??❤
nothing ❤️ just tired ❤️
Ok baby❤❤
Hey I'ma get dressed really quick 😂❤❤❤
okay hurry up ❤️
K I'm dressed
Love u gorgeous ❤❤
I loves you too❤️ i put the pickles in the fridge and ima eat the cereal on the bus ❤️
can we run to my house after school? ❤️
okay❤️ we need to ride the bus cuz nobody will be home tho okay❤️
U can spend the night❤
okay I’ll go over after we come here and pack clothes okay❤️
hey I need to get ready to leave baby I loves you❤️❤️❤️
Love u to❤❤❤
Ok ur fxcking mom is a fxcking bxtch she's selfish as fxck and my dad babe a while back he said he has a feeling ur parents doesn't like us and ik where he's coming from and ever since Nichol came along she just been fxcking acting different and not like a mother supposed to Nichol is all buddy buddy with ur mom because she now's ur mom will give her what she wants which is alcohol a bed and a truck and trailer and those fxcking pudding shots yea bullshxxt also you shouldn't leave those in the fridge where somebody can find it and the pot one of these days she will get caught with it and I'm just going to laugh
idk she likes you guys I’m just frustrated with her rn baby I just wanna go back over 😔
What did she say?? Y couldn't u stay??
well I’m already in my room crying after us screaming at eachother because if I’m a selfish bxtch and nothing is ever good enough for me 😞😞😞😞
I almost done wanna go anymore cuz ig everything is my fault and all I do is fxck shxxt up 😞😞😞
What?? Ur not selfish?? She's the one being selfish
all she’s doing is yelling at me and making me feel like shxxt I wanna leave baby😞😞😔😔😔
okay well apparently nothing is good enough for me and I’m selfish and I just wanna run away rn I wanna leave and disappear fxck this
Ik I'm sorry
please come like get me out of here now 😞
I would if ur mom was ok with it
ima just run away and leave okay
Like hella
I am I’m done
I shouldn’t be in my room hiding and crying my eyes out feeling like a piece of shxxt while I’m 5 months pregnant over a fxcking school dance
Don't u fxcking dare
Do u still wanna go to the dance??
yes but it’s not even worth it 😞
Leaving it up to u
I’m a piece of shxxt ig so what’s the point 😞 we can’t afford any of it and I’m not about to make your parents continue paying for it all so what’s the point 😞 just wanna hide cry and disappear like run for awhile
we might as well I just Idk wanna run like now just get tf out of here
Please don't just when she calms down ask if u can come back over
I can’t
Welp ok
I’m not even gonna try I’m done trying I’m done trying to do anything I’m done trying to do things I’m done trying to just try in general cuz all I do is fxck things up and I’m a selfish piece of shxxt that takes everything for granted and nothing is ever good enough for me and I expect too much and I treat everyone like shxxt
I’m done even trying to apologize
babe I asked okay all I did was get screamed at
I want to but I can’t okay 😭
And she talked to us about fxcking apologizing?? And making up?? That's bull shxxt she tells everyone to stop pxssing u off cause ur pregnant and she said Nichol probably won't be able to come up and so u asked my mom and look at who's the bxtch ur mom cause after u told her she got jealous and told u Nichol was coming up and so u was being a bxtch towards Nichol?? No Nichols the bxtch so is ur fxcking mom
idk I’m just I’m done I wanna leave
I’ll just run ig it makes more sense then tryna do prom cuz it’s just all in my head
all I’m doing is causing problems
and my WiFi keeps giving out 😔
Babe no ur not running
everything I ever do ends up this way it’s just everything works out until it’s about to happen then something goes wrong because of money or my parents or somehing
watch it’ll happen with eve 😞 it’ll be fine until right before I give birth then something will happen😞
Well babe ik it's bull shxxt and my parents now ur mom smokes pit
I wanna run and get out of here I don’t even feel welcome all they do is complain that we don’t get family time then yell and scream at me and tell me to fxck off
did you tell them or what?
Babe Eve will be fine ❤
Yea I told them
maybe you should tell your mom the second I got home my mom unleashed hełl on me and that she should pick me up at 9 so we can do everything early 😔 or 8 I’m okay with that too😔
I hope eve will be fine I just Idk how it’s gonna work if we can’t pay for clothes or even prom how we gonna pay for a baby??
what was their reaction
We're going to town around 9 or 10
9 please
please get me tf out of here asap
idk ig I’m just a piece of shxxt how am I gonna be a good mom if I’m a piece of shxxt apparently 😔
My mom was confused and my mom said if u ran away u better come here
idk if I should go there rn I’m just losing my shxxt and my mom is mad at ME over the dinner since she doesn’t know how to pay for that
I’d be embarrassed rn to run there like I’m a mess I’m just so done I look like shxxt my eyes are literally blood shot like I look like death
My mom said grab a couple pillows put it between ur legs and under ur belly and lay down and breath
My mom said well get u tomorrow around 9 so u can take a chill before we leave
babe I’m honestly so fxcking done I wanna run until I can’t anymore 😞
I'm irritated and my mom's irritated and my mom did say if u want to run away run here
I can’t run I’ll get my aśs beat pregnant or not
I’ve tried running before trust me they just chase me down with the truck like almost hit me
Ik baby but that's what my mom said
I just don’t get how I fxcked up so bad to get my mom this pxssed tf off at me like how did I fxck up so bad to have her just sit here and yell at me I’m selfish and nothing is good enough and all I’m doing is throwing my family out of my life and basically living there since I hate everyone her e
why can’t I live there after eve is born you guys don’t stress me out 😞
my belly hurts 😞
Sore hurt or belly ace??
like it’s hurts just cramping up and hurting 😞
maybe I should fxcking talk to someone like fitzjarold cuz I can’t control stress worth shxxt and I can’t make anything better and ik I can’t be stressed with eve in me 😞
So lay on ur left side
well I have to I am cuz my phone is plugged in fxcking text messages r profan
I’m sorry 😞
U need a pillow under ur right leg and under Eve
And run Eve
now she’s pretending nothing happened 😑😑
So can u come over then?
My mom was like " No wonder she wants a boy it's because she's such a hard axx"
yea maybe I should talk to someone 😞 like go in with you Friday’s and chill with you cuz eve doesn’t like the stress
I’m afraid to even ask... it’s a no I already gaurantee it 😞 I told her you were picking me up, going to your house to eat breakfast then going to town and she said k so if you wanna pick me up a lil earlier you can I don’t think she cares anymore
I might ask if you can possibly come over later but I’m not even gonna try and see if I can go over 😔
might just wait to see you tomorrow I don’t wanna make things worse 😞
Well do what u want
And u probably can see the guy Fridays❤
I might need to 😩
so you me and your mom should go to that dinner tomorrow... my mom ig has money for you and me to eat your mom would just have to pay for herself
if your dad wanted to go he could but I wouldn’t mind it being just us three cuz my parents aren’t going they don’t have money for us and them
Maybe my dad??
if he wanted to he could honestly either way is fine it’s just expensive
U and my mom would have to talk about it
well my parents can’t go it’s if they wanna go they can I wouldn’t mind honestly
Idk babe like I said u and my mom can talk about it
tomorrow probs on the way to town
can you ask your mom if I bring cash if she can run by Starbucks so I can get coffee
Shxxt I still got the bed up😂
Yea u can have coffee
just sleep on it tonight
cuz I can stay tomorrow night
And not tonight??
ig she wants to have a “family night”
I asked again trust me
Bull shxxt she doesn't want a god dàmñ family night she wants a pittie party
But ok babe
ik 😔
after my mom finishes altering the dress ima run out to the shop and look for earrings in Megan’s thing okay? I don’t get WiFi out there 😔
But u guys aren't jumping down each others through?
Ok babe
no cuz she’s pretending nothing happened
how come I feel like your mom puts more effort towards me than my own mom?
My mom loves u my mom thinks I scored because I have u my mom baby fxcking loves u she considers u family ❤
well I fxckin love your mom honestly it’s just she puts more effort towards me more than my own mom does 😩 like if I can’t rely on my mom ik I can go to urs 😩
My mom considers u as a doughter ❤
well she’s basically my mother in law at this point 😩❤️
I’m so upset I can’t have biscuits and gravy 😢
Maybe next week❤❤
well I was looking forward to that 😔
Maybe Thursday?❤❤
idk I was craving that but it’s fine
hey me and my mom are gonna go look for jewelry I’ll txt you when I get back in love you ❤️
Well we had spaghetti tonight and we will put ur pie in the freezer and cook biscuits and gravy Thursday ❤ and pie❤
okay baby😩❤️
Love u to
okay hey I’m back sorry my WiFi quit 😩
It's fine❤❤
I should dress nice tomorrow for town❤
go ahead baby❤️ hey you okay if I take a shower? my head hurts af 😩😩
And make u happy tomorrow and make u blush ❤❤
I might take one to❤❤
well that’s fine ❤️ okay i gotta shave so I might be a bit I’ll txt you when I get out I love you baby❤️❤️
I love u to ❤
baaaaby I wanna cuddle 😔
I rly wanna go back over or you come here 😔😔
eve still hurts baby😔
Well baby we're picking u up sometime tomorrow morning so that u can take a break from over there ❤❤
I just wanna cuddle and fall asleep with you 😔❤️
baaaby you alive?..
Yes I plugged my phone in and it freaked❤
Hey what kind of earrings were u looking for??
silver dangle ones
why baby?
My mom doesn't have anything like that
okay it’s fine I found a pair in the shop... was kinda hoping for something else but they will work
Well my mom has a lot of earrings but she can't wear them
the ones you sent a pic of are cute
might be a lil small cuz I’m wearing a necklace to offset my shoulders being bare
Yea allergic and she has more somewhere lol
Umm Kaitlyns bring a box of my mom's
okay baby❤️ it’s okay I found hoops and another pair it’s okay❤️
we can look tomorrow baby
Hey you'll look at those things tomorrow ❤
okay❤️ made a new post ❤️