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Don't mind me turning my missing someone into some fantasy/medieval setting so it makes for a better poem!!
I totally get you. it was never about gaining followers and likes, but at the end of the day, you create to share some message. and if the platform isnt able to do that, then what’s the point really? + feedback really helps us grow artistically as well
the problem is not a lot of other platforms truly replicate what we got here, so I feel like I’m stuck stagnant
I am well though, thank you anouk! I hope you are doing great as well!!
the slightly offset placement of the title text immediately drew my eyes holy moly and I’m a fiend for the fantasy setting
the perfect poem to sum up Valentine’s Day fr. tho I don’t think I miss the person, just the feeling hehe
you took the words right out of my mouth. after being in here for so long, i can’t really imagine not being on here. I’m sure you feel the same, but with watching people come and go I feel like I hold the responsibility of holding down the fort as I wait hopefully for the older users to come back.
of course, not everyone comes back and I also am losing the motivation to continue being truly active and reforging all the connections. 🥹plus getting older and all the jazz with life getting busy
this is a masterpiece anouk, you are SO talented ♡ oooo that sounds great, i hope you had fun!! how was your holiday? & thank you so much!! we don't really celebrate carnival either but we ate "krapfen" that's a german pastry for carnival 🫶🫶
i’m pretty good too :) tired, but okay😭😭 these next few weeks are really gonna be stressful though so i’m not looking forward to that💀💗
hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!! I changed my account a little and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out :) have a blessed day!! xx 📺✨🎞️☕️🫶 [feel free to delete this message, if you want]
Anouk!! I tried my dutch on my crush and he said I sounded like a dying duck (which was actually a very nice compliment since he was laughing and ive had worse) and that I sounded german which was good since the Dutch think all Americans are dorks
Do you think Americans are dorks?? Tbh i’d have to agree
He said the best thing I said was “Ik spreekt een beetje Nederlands” which I probably didn’t spell right
thank you!!!!💗💗
omgg one week off sounds soo nice 😭😭
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Are you on a school break this week? My Dutch friends who live there are and i’m curious if it’s a country wide thing
He said I can practice my Dutch with him and maybe i’ll get better lol eventually
How are you doing by the way??
stop your writing is too good 😭 I can only hope to have the ounce of talent that you do i swear! every single one of your writing pieces are so insanely beautiful 😫