honestly what even is this- (1/4)
happy pride month everyone <3!!
not all of us may support the lgbtqia+ community but do at least show some respect and love if possible 💗💗
new theme: pride month - “their story” 
[more info in the comments]


🗯8/5/22🗯 honestly what even is this- (1/4) happy pride month everyone <3!! not all of us may support the lgbtqia+ community but do at least show some respect and love if possible 💗💗 new theme: pride month - “their story” [more info in the comments]

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so elaboration for my new theme (pride month - their story), honestly for this, I would like to try and fit into the shoes of those who are part of the lgbtqia+ community. i for one, am still questioning myself *awkward laugh* but yea, who knows anyways. i will definitely still support and love this community no matter what <33 I know some of us maybe somewhat against/ does not support this community, but all I hope for is for all of us to treat and respect others we want to treat and respect us. what comes around goes around. if you start h@ring on me, my collages and the ppl part of this community, then do get off my page, before I block you.
In this theme, there will be 3 different parts/mini theme and a poem at the end (as usual). for this collage, the mini theme is “confusion”. personally, im still in the questioning state and one of the questions that I ask myself is “who am I” and yea, I start to question myself from time to time. i think those who are in the lgbtqia+ community tend to ask themselves who they are first, and yk question their selves and their sexuality etc. i may be jumping to conclusions at this point or assuming things but I doubt one will immediately know who they are. we may take some time to question ourselves and eventually, get the answer. but of course, this may be different from everyone so no h@te please :”)
that’s all for now, love y’all <33 stay safe, stay healthy and always be yourself, no matter what others say 💗💗
ohhh love thiss
ohhh and happy pride month 😁
if u want help with questioning them im here ;)
even though i dont support lgbtqia+ I respect what you said because whether or whether not people are part of lgbtqia+ or an ally people question themselves and their worth more and more in this day and age because we compare ourselves to others and the media tries and tells us who we should be... :)
this is so pretty wow! 💕
this collage describes the question that runs through my brain 24/7
Did u draw this? it’s so cool!
J don’t support, but I won’t h@ bc everyone has different opinions and arguing about it is just not right!
sorry I didn’t mean to put the “J” ^^
did you draw this? it looks sooo beautiful
Aahh this looks stunning!! Already loving this theme :)
Happy pride month ❤
Thank youuuu ❤❤
That's kinda cool that it's always like summer for you. It sounds like you've got some great memories with your family :)
tysm !! =-)
this is honestly such an amazing well thought out theme, so many of the community consists of people who most at one point in their lives were confused , and this perfectly represents the self discovery that comes with being part of the community
this is so beautiful and well done, I really like how the person in the photo doesn't really have eyes, it really portrays the feeling of being incomplete or confused about yourself
this is so beautiful!! i love every part about this even tho i don’t support it i still have respect for what you said ! it’s just a simple collage yet means so much! this is absolutely incredible!
awww this is so gorgeous !!!! and felt that with questioning yourself 😩
nah I love ur glowing texts like how….??😳😳
AHHH THANK UUUUU!!! yesss harry!!! the loml 🫶 and omg literally I just had to use my own money for stuff like that😀
PLEASE I used to beg my dad to take me to ulta to get her stuff please the memories💔💔 the good old days </3 seems so long ago yet it was only like a year ago??😳
ahh thanks again!! and omg nahhh I literally binge eat when I’m stressed💀 and YESS spending time with urself literally is so calming ngl
OH and I love your profile picture btw <3
thank you!!!! and you’re not late dw!!
this is STUNNING
I love how so much thought and emphasis you put into your themes and collages lyly! you have my love and support, and know it’s totally normal to not have it all figured out yet.
can’t wait to see what you do this month! :)
also happy pride month :))
and tyyy!!
OMG thank you so much ur too nice 🥺🥺 and yeah omg i did t even realize both of those collages have legs popping out loll
WAIT STOP THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA FOR A THEME I LOVE IT and honestly same im also still questioning and this collage hits close to home 🖤 i cannot wait to see the rest of your collages !
ahhhh i cant wait to see this theme <3 an tysm i definantly agree that it would be awesome to collab sometime :)
thank you! ❤️
this is beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you have in store!
This is so pretty and such a good idea for a theme, I love the whole prospect of it! And how can you draw like that???!! 😅 It’s so good ✨
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eek this is j so lovely
happy pride month!! and this is such a pretty looking theme, I can’t wait to see more of it.! take aa much time as you need to question, you don’t need to find yourself until you’re ready! I get the confusion, you’re not assuming or jumping to conclusions at all! I have been questioning myself for a while, and even now having found something I feel comfortable identifying myself as I’m still wondering maybe if it’s not 100% me. I hope you’ve been alright and are doing well with everything though!!
mmm I get the temptations but I’ll have to decline the offer to steal my cat
Thank you lyly ❤❤
I did it on another app called pixlr, they have a splash function, so you can basically pick a colour and they will make everything but that colour b&w, but instead of picking a colour you can also use a sort of doodle tool, so you basically colour in every part that you want to be coloured and everything else will be b&w, so yeah it took ages, cause I had to like fill in every rainbow part by hand :)
Yeah if my poem only brings like a smile to one person, that's enough :) also you don't even have to celebrate pride month you know? Or just do something simple like listen to some lgbtq artists or watch a tv series or something, the small things are valid to ❤
no problem.! and thank you so much.! some people go their whole lives questioning, and sometimes there isn’t a term that fully describes them, but for now I feel comfortable and happy.! I even came out to my parents, one went a lot better than the other, bUt hey at least they accept me :’) and aH the same back to you.! I love checking here and seeing your posts, poems, and comments.! I really do miss everyone here, and I have found myself a little more active recently because of that,,
hehe ty.! <3 it’s of a new character I got the other day and I absolutely adore his design, so obviously I had to draw him! :]
aaaa thank you!!!
hi! I know what you mean, I don’t really have a set style - maybe just focus on elements of one or two of my collages? I’ve posted some tutorials on my other account, @tr0uvai11e-extras, so you can get an idea of my process, if that helps!
you’re very talented though, I know you’ll figure it out and it will be stunning 💕
so pretty
this is so pretty!!