Thank you guys so much for 750!!!!! 💕


✨Tap✨ Thank you guys so much for 750!!!!! 💕

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CONGRATS!!🎊🎉 so close to 800!!!
well done :), he made a new account @HaveUSeenMyFlowers
:) yw
The Molly Show
nothing. just trying to not fangirl too hard
well it’s kinda complicated- basically heres the short version I’m going to see some of my favorite youtubers on tour in July and for Christmas I asked for two tickets- one for me and one for my brother. the problem is that my brother doesn’t even like them that much but still insists on going and not giving his ticket to someone else who wants it more. and so it’s already bad enough I have to go with him but my mom banned me being able to meet internet friends there so now I’m stuck with him the whole time. idk I guess I feel like my experience would be better if he wasn’t there and I kinda regret asking for two tickets. sorry that wasn’t short at all😂
no sadly. just obsessed with the soundtrack and the animations of it. plus tickets are rare and sooooo much money
Thank You!!!💕
yea. like I love Hamilton but I don’t have $10,000
and my cousin loves it too. so that would be $20,000. and has not something I can manage
hehe that’s actually a pretty good idea🙃🙃😂ah tysm girl you’re the best
I don’t even get allowance 😂😂