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are you ok?
what’s your problem? i wanna know
i don’t usually respond to hatepages, but today is a rare occurrence. given i’m here before anyone else decides to comment, i decided to leave a little PSA. it’s HIGHLY probably that whatever you say to this person will not get them to stop. whether you leave them a reasonable message or an emotionally charged one, it will not matter. it’s highly probable that whoever made this hatepage is simply an internet troll who’s just a dúmb kid. this person likely has no emotional connection to laura or the situation at hand, they just want to get a reaction out of people by targeting a very popular user. the best thing to do here is to report, email pc support, block, and send support to laura. pc has taken down hatepages in the past for harassment.
Your just jealous she is amazing and so talented
You won't get Laura to leave PC. It's no use messing with her because as you said she has at least 700 followers. And to be someone's follower is to be someone who cares for whoever you are following. Hopefully one day you'll learn that what you're doing not only hurts people's feelings but it's also incredibly childish. Laura is an incredible person who works hard in everything she does. So let it go.
what’s wrong with you seriously 😳
She fr just called her a jerk. Girl read your own post before you call her the jerk 😑
you mean the 700 GENIUSES who aren’t following you? 😏
shut up