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that’s amazing!!! congrats!! 😱💜💜💜
And I’m so sorry that my leaving has caused that...
I never meant for Vi to leave or for your experience to be worsened.
I would come back if I could, but I know that I can’t
today was actually my first day of class (in homeschool for me, my “age group” class meets once a week and we have a school-like day), and I’ve been so busy doing schoolwork that I haven’t had time to respond
and I don’t think I’ll be checking in much anymore because I have cheer practice and schoolwork and a whole bunch of other stuff, so I guess this is really goodbye
I wish so much for you Ashley. you’ve been an amazing friend and your talent has grown exponentially. your recent edits are incredible and you’re so amazing at what you do on PA/PC and I’ll get the same irl.
if Vi ever comes back (I’m hoping she will and is alright), please tell her that I miss and love her
and I love you too, girl. thank you for being with me since the very beginning and to the end. you’ll forever be in my heart 🥺💜💜
awe Aubrey ilysm, I hope that everything is going well with homeschooling 🥺💕