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uWu Magic
oWo Yes Magic!!!!! Like Wizards Witches Demons Angles
I feel like a wizard would beat a witch since withes are known for potions and not magical powers
unless we are talking about soul eater
hmm Ig but Wizards also know more though
and itโ€™s a good anime in my opinion
oof lol xddd
I weird thought of Fox and Inuji doing it went through my head anyways Soul Eater is the first anime I liked and finished
oof xD
hi! I was wondering if we could do an rp?
re//: coolio! do you have any guy ocs that like girls? cause I wanna use my OC Mira. :3
re//: oof ๐Ÿ˜‚
i have no idea how the rp works on here since the app is all weird pls explain ugh o me so we could rp leik we used to haha