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let’s role play
pls unfollow me me and my friends r like 12 and 14
you on?
Want to roleplay?
can we rp please
yeah we can rp i can make the page
can we rp?
sure and sry I didn’t respond I was at work
sry it’s made tho
wanna rp I’m good at it
wanna Rp plz
yea plz 🥺
there it’s made
I replied
I replied sry I went somewhere
I replied
can we continue
sry I was in my main can we continue tho
hey I would like to continue
want to rp
want to rp?
new post
i posted a comment on the chat page btw
I can role play
Taurus ♉️
sure, and can you make the chat?
hi, i can
i made the page
Do you have any tea on Oakley King? If so comment all of it on my remix!
i made the page
sry I was talking with the girls a work with. our boss is cutting our work days to Friday, and Saturday amd we normally work all week except Sunday
🏆Newest Influencer Announced, Come Check It Out🏆
wanna rp
can we rp pls
thx for the spam of likes 😌💟
can we rp
do you want to rp?
can you make the page please?
I will rp
do u want to rp
you online???
New post!🦋
hi I’ll roleplay
can you make the page ?
how are you!
*bites my lip*
can you make a bio please??🥺
Me can we role play?-Isabella
ok do you want me to make chat or you?
new post
yeah we can!
I made the page!
hi girly!
wanna rp