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I think I’m like stupid😂🔫
yea good boy you found it😂
yeah shoot your self with a water gun it won’t do anything anyway😂
alright what do you want to know
physical discription, likes, dis likes shî like dat
okay I like you ,most food ,candy!, water, little kids, horses, dogs. I hate pizza, mean people, cheaters(my ex), liars, myself
I am 18 I have brown hair I am tan and I have big eyes that are hazel and I am a Gemini
oh and I love music so if there is ever a song that you love or want to dedicate to me HMU
I like u to, drugs, almost all music, sports, working out, I’m a skateboarder in competition, and etc. I hate discrimination, war, liars, mostly every one including me
same to all but the skater and drugs part
any thing else you want to know?
I have dark brown hair, one gold eye and one brown one, 6’1”, 154 lbs, I’m naturally tan
do you have an Instagram
Damñ you are tall
no I destroyed my phone when I got mad
I am only like 5’ something
I’m thirsty
I broke mine on a hoarse
I love horses
I broke my arm on one
yea grew up with em
ughhhhh no fair
btw my full names Fernando Fox Damian Hernandez
yeah my friend was like talking to me and she was like oh shît and she sent me a picture of my ex and this nasty hôe holding hands
then one with his hands between her legs then I had enough
I threw my phone it broke and I cried over both for a hour😂
hey shìt happens, hey I got a better idea of how to talk
you should do a face reveal for me😊
do you have an email
I wish I could
I just have this but when I go to my dads I have an email
oh hey in the role play did you use protection?
if not welp I gots a babe
sure, yea I did, and I posted pics of me
I’m like super ugly so
omg you are like sooooo hot
ughhhhhhhh my parents are fighting again😒
I hate it when they fight it scares me 😪
shît my mom and step dad fight a lot ands it’s usually my fought
my reel dad got deported when I was like 6
yeah when my mom and him fight it gets physical and people always get hurt and the past few times he has been coming at me
that sucks
I’d knock that mútha fûcka out
when I was six my mom and my real dad got divorced because he punched in a window not knowing I was under it and I had to go to the hospital
I live in a hospital most the time
yeah I wish he has gone to jail too many times so I just lock him out although when I do he threatens to burn the house down or kill my mom and I have to protect my mom so I take the risk
I’m sorry
yeah I was in the hospital for my fifth birthday getting surgery and they called it spaghetti that was one way to ruin my childhood
my stepdad is like throwing shît and ughhhhhhhh
I have Huntington’s disiese, it’s we’re your brain and nervouse system slowly shut down
awww now I’m gonna cry 😢
doesn’t bother me, worlds better off without me
my dad has ms and he is slowly dying his brother just died from it and they say my dad is next and I have to get checked because they think I have it to
no it isn’t don’t say that
and of course out of 7 siblings I am the one who might have it
btw you know the one pic that was on there that was black and white, I had my hair back
yeah you look so hot
the girl I’m with, that’s my ex, we dated for 1year 1/2 her name was Katie
so I have school tm, but I can still talk
yeah ummm me and Roger we were together for 2 Years then for one year he was cheating which that was when I stopped sending and talking to him like we were because whenever I actually saw him he was with her or he was ignoring me
I would never do that
what are you up to?
those hearts were all my favorite colors
oh my gosh I am sooooooo thirsty
well cutie I’m tired
I posted a picture so you could see what I wore on Christmas
aweeeee already
the image won’t load till I’m at school
I can’t sleep they are too loud and I am afraid that if I do he will hurt me
do you have school tomorrow?
step on it, duhhh, so do ya wanna be together or what
oh btw were do you live
😵it’s a daddy long leg I think
I live in Michigan hbu
hey do you have a song that reminds you of me?
North Carolina, I was born in Vancouver Canada
I’ve been to California West Virginia and I am going to japan this summer but none of those
yea maybe though glass by stone sour, or exchange by Bryson tiller
Japan is awesome I went there for a skate ping competition
oh and by the way I have this HUGE fear of spiders because my grandpa was trying to get me over it so he picked one one to show me it was nice and it bit him
throw something at it idk, anyways goodnight, love ya
my uncle is stationed there for the navy so I am going to go see him
ok love you goodnight let me know when you get up I get up super early by the way like at 4
um well I lost the spider so best of luck to me I guess
yea I get up at like 5 and leave at 6:10
cool so we can talk in the morning night kinda because I have horse rescue and then I don’t know about you but I can talk at school too
okay well goodnight Prince Charming
Good morning I’m up now
I love you
okay I’ll talk to you when I get to school, by wuv u
I’m walking to school now
I hate language arts
I love you
I love you to
he babe