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aw i'm so sorry for your loss 💞 from the couple of times i spoke to mal, she was so sweet and kind and she will be remembered forever ❤️ #neverforgetmal
oh wow this really changes everything. i'm so sorry for your loss, it must be horrible to lose your twin sister. mal was such a sweet and loving person and will be remembered forever💗🌹
omg this makes me me love you even more I can't believe you were twins ❤️❤️❤️Always praying 💞🌹😓💘
I'm a twin too and I honestly don't think I could go through what you are going through
oooh. i'm gonna say cole❤️
OMG HOW DID SHE PASS?! you don't have to tell me if your not comfortable❤️
oh my god😭i'm so sorry for your loss, mal was such a great person and this must have changed you so much. ily & stay strong💓😭❗️
ah im so sorry 💕 i remember mal was always there for me and she was such a sweetheart she truly truly will be missed ❤️
omg anytime girlie I'm here for you
oh hermione!! i'm so glad you let it all out!! we all miss her so much #NeverForgetMal this actually makes me cry
I'm so sorry, stay strong❤️❤️
I'm so sorry love❤️ Me and God will pray for your fam🙌🏻😭
Yeah I do, it's @DontJudgeMeh
your welcome bestie 💕💛
so sorry for your loss😭i never knew mal personally, but i know she was a great person and that the entire community misses her deeply.🙏
ok now i'm litterally crying 😭 ily and stay strong we all miss mal sm and you are SUCH. a wonderful addition to the pc family. it was never really complete until you came. i can't imagine ur pain.
😭😭😭♥️ i'm so sorry for your loss #neverforgetmal 💖
ur from KY?
I'm from MY too
ahhhh honey ilysm 😘
girl we be staying rally paggy for life 🌹💘
we sound like psychopaths that just escaped a mental sanitarium 😂
i'll be here for you❤️ and also this wedding thing will be awesome😂
np i can't imagine how much it must hurt and well done for moving forwards 😘💖
omg don't even mention clowns 😂😊
:( wow this just got to me when u talked about her you do remind me of her a little and i was her friends now I'm your friend it makes me happy :))
ngl i cried reading that comment. i literally stopped and just sobbed. she meant so much to me and you do too. agshajs ur amazing
YAY I LOVE CATS😊I have six 😂
I'm positive you don't look like that 😂
how has your day been? zzz
^i was supposed to put xxx lol Autocorrect agaaaaain
u know how I said I had a dance comp and I needed sleep? well i really didn't get enough because good ol' Leah went and crashed into some wires and dragged the curtains down on stage 😊that's what happens when you mix sleepy with dancing
and like 500+ saw
we came 17th out of 21 and now everyone hates me on my team but idc lol
awe thank you!
awww this is so sad and sweet at the same timeeee #neverforgetmal oh my goddddddddd
this actually hurts me so much if you ever need anything I'm here for you #neverforgetmal mal meant the world to me *sigh*
I am so sorry for your loss 🙏❤️
aww I'm sorry for your loss, we'll be here for you 💕
you're welcome 🐢
i'm sorry i couldn't read anything there but what happened? 😔