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woah, that’s mY name 🤯
i’m laila, nice to meet you (:
hey, I’m Lana
hi i’m lexi 🙃
hiii i’m charlotte! :)
woah your cute
hey prince <3
awwe, i missed you too pretty boy 💗
new bio :) 💗
thank you baby, you’re so sweet but you’re definitely more handsome 💗
it’s very possible, you’re the cutest tiny baby i’ve ever seen 💛
you’re sweeter, prince 💖
hey im kendall
nice to meet you andrew,, love your name
naw thankyou x how’re you going?
that’s great to hear :) im going alright thankyou
yess ,, what’re you up to?
hey I’m hope
yum what’re you eating? I’m getting ready for school 🤢
hi baby, idk why but my remixes aren’t working:( can we finish here? 💖💖
i did, did you get mine? 💝
i don’t know why they aren’t working :(
okayy, ready to go to the park then?
*takes your hand gently and walks out of the shop, to the car*
*gets in the car and puts my seatbelt on, beginning to drive*
*drives until we get there and pulls into the parking lot, unbuckling*
*kisses your cheek gently and looks at you* wanna swing?
*walks with you and sits on a swing beside yours* 💖
*swings a little, smiling*
*takes your hand and intertwines our fingers*
thank you baby 💖💖😌
*pulls you into my lap on the swing and swings slowly, smiling at you*
*smiles gently and kisses the top of your head, still swinging*
okay, go ahead *watches you carefully*
just say it, baby *smiles gently and looks at you*
*smiles and tilts to your head, kissing you softly* i love you too
*laughs a little and swings slowly again, kissing you gently*
*smiles softly and swings*
hey baby, i’ve been super super busy with online school and work lately. i’m so sorry i haven’t been talking much but i’ll remix back as soon as i can, i love you. ❤️
hi babyyy let’s start a new remix 💗💗
hi baby :( ❤️
hey ! ❤️❤️
i miss you so much, you don’t even know :((
i missed you so much 💓
baby? :(