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hey, this is Big_Reader but I’m on my extras....just wanted to tell you that miracle_heart stole one of your collages, it is the one that says Death Was Arrested twice. if you want a quick way to go to her account, go to my main account and check my most recent collage comments. she’s the second one. I just wanted you to know
hey I was wondering if you wanted to collab again!?
no problem! I just thought that you would want to know 😕 I would too if I were in your position. I just despise it when users do that!!
what theme do u wanna do?
yeah sure, do u want to make the bg or do the text and quote?
could you review my account?
k sounds good
I love how respectful you are when giving reviews 💗
do u want me to choose a quote?
light blues andgreys and white
aw thank you!! and I would love to but I’m already doing a few collabs atm so maybe later💞
hi i would love it soooo very much if u could enter my icon contest, or just think abt it! i love ur account and i’m constantly on it on my other account i have !! have a great week and remember God loves u!!
please join my contest!!
thank u so much for following💚how are u? hope all is well💗💗