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merry christmas
and happy new year :)

@let’s fall in love for the night by finneas

december 23 , 2019

1024x1024 timetraveler

• t a p • merry christmas and happy new year :) @let’s fall in love for the night by finneas december 23 , 2019

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forgot the date
had to repost :)
^^^^^^^ Hahah. I can relate.
This is absolutely amazing!! 🥰❤️☺️
nah it ok bud, reposting doesn’t hurt :)
I have no words to express how I feel about this collage (I’m saying this again bc it’s the truth -U-)
wowww this is so so beautiful
okay,, WOW
this is so pretty🤩♥️
this is so pretty I love it !!
this is so gorgeous 🤩🤩🤩
this is beautiful!!
this is absolutely GORGEOUS and also finneas slapS
Omg I love this song
merry christmas eve to you too ! and tysm !💕
HAPPY HOLIDAYS❄️☃️ please like my latest collage if it gets to 100 likes I will make a collage contest or winter games Thank u 🌟💫⛄️
Merry Christmas to you too:) and thanks🥰🤍
merry Christmas em!
merry Christmas!!! hope it was wonderful!
Merry Christmas!!
can’t believe how close 2020 is too!’
Hello, super talented collager! So sorry for the self advertisement (you can delete this after reading if you want), but I’m having a collage contest, celebrating the New Year and 1st and 2nd places both have the chance to win a fanpage! Pls hurry as the due date is January 10, 2020! Thank you for reading.🥰🖤
woah...this is so...PRETTY!💗✨
this is so stunning 🤩🤩
happy new yearrr
my childhood decade is ending:(
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this is absolutely stunning ❤️❤️
timetraveler it’s me can you follow me and i will follow u back? please cause i have 0 followers.
this is amazing!!
merry christmas
ahhh I’m sure your calligraphy is great Em!
yes yes yes I wanna be a Leo it sounds cool lmaoo
sorry kewl*
Hello! I absolutely LOVE this collage! I was wondering if it’d be okay to feature this collage on my account? If it’s okay, please comment ‘✨’ on the latest collage. And if you’d like to, please comment some usernames of people who should be featured. Thank you! 🥰
ooooh that sounds kewl tho aww well we are all different and good at different things hehe
yw :)
I agree, the right pens make a difference. Although I know you have the right talent for it ;)
aaahhh well happy New Year’s Eve💗💗
oooohhh ayeeeeee
goodbye 2019 emily
hats what I was thinking
woww I love this 🤩💗
wooooow that’s so cool
love will never go away