12/18/21 (tap)
Merry Christmas! I love this quote so much and when I saw an image just like this, I knew that I had to copy it! The original is in the remixes, and everything on this collage is hand-drawn with the drawling tool except for the words! I’m a


12/18/21 (tap) Merry Christmas! I love this quote so much and when I saw an image just like this, I knew that I had to copy it! The original is in the remixes, and everything on this collage is hand-drawn with the drawling tool except for the words! I’m a

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@caption continued: 12/18/21 (tap) Merry Christmas! I love this quote so much and when I saw an image just like this, I knew that I had to copy it! The original is in the remixes, and everything on this collage is hand-drawn with the drawling tool except for the words! I’m also going to be completely honest here and say that I may or may not have made this collage one day in July... Anyway, have a great week and a Merry Christmas! I hope to find time this week to make another collage but I don’t know if that’s going to happen! So enjoy yourselves in case it doesn’t!!! ❤️ ~Ava
this is beautiful!!!
so cute!!!
awww yay!!! love this btw
this is so smart !!! love how you drew this !!
WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!! ahhh no way!!! stop now we’re like twins!!!
thank you!! I tried really hard to find stuff that fit the scenes so I’m glad it fits :D and I’m posting tmmrw :}
Thank you so much 🥺❤
This looks amazing and the fact that you drew it, wow 😍
love this
mine bday today
come join my christmas contest!
hi, I’m sparkling-beaches and a pc alumni. I hope we can be friends!
ok yeah i love this
pop off
woahh I didn’t even notice the drawings were drawn until I readthe caption, they’re so good
hi! my first collage has been posted!
I think no matter how long you’ve been on pc, it hurts all the same. it’s sad to see everyone go, but I’m glad to see the people that stick around, including you ! thank you for always commenting on my posts, it means the world to me 🥺🤍
i hope you are having a very ✨merry✨ 🎄christmas🎄💚new post!❤️
⭐️ 🎁 🎄 Merry Christmas! 🎄 🎁 ⭐️
thank you!!
hey do you want a review for your collages? if so, come fill out my review form!
thank you i did💕💕💕
I love your account so much you seem nice do you want to be friends?
Also I hope you had a Merry Christmas!
thank you <3 oh haha, I’m sure many forgot about me anyways.
and I just wanna say thank you so much for reading my poem and giving me feedback because no one else did so thank you so so so much. i don’t think I can pull off something that @CreatingPoetry does but she’s one of my greatest inspo for poems so when you said that, im really thankful :)
my christmas was the same as well
Awwww yay I love your name I'm Lucy it’s nice to meet you!
Happy New Year. So surprising for it to already be 2022. 2021 had its ups and downs but I am so proud of you to make it through that year. I wish you the happiest new year💕💕
Wow this is So cute! I love the simplicity and the quote!😍
Awe thank you!❤️
Awe girlll ofc you can! 😭❤️ why are u so sweet??💕🥺
also you can just save it to your camera roll without screenshoting
there should be an arrow at the top of the post and you just have to click “save to library”
ye ofc!💞
can we be friends ? hahaha I sound so weird just think your so sweet!!!!! ❤️
feel free to say no Ik I and so weird !!! I get it a lot 😂
hahaha your so sweet
I’m roxy!!!
and np
I’m 15 and this is so cool!!!! what about you?
that is ^
Hey there the first fashion challenge is out! Come and vote amazing collager!👗
ahhh Ik
thank you so much! we had so much fun working on it!
thank you so much! 😭
aww thank you so much that means the world ❤️❤️
how are you?
hehehe sorry about the cliffhanger 😂 but I’m glad you’re invested in the story!!
whoops I went inactive for awhile. one thing I appreciate about you is the thoughtful comments you leave on everyone’s post! :) it’s never just “beautiful!” or a variation of that, there’s so much thought that goes into it, and I appreciate every time you comment!
Hi it’s my Birthday today and I would like if you checked out my newest post!❤️
np! and ty!
ur acct is so nice, do u want to be friends?
AVAAAA i missed ya, I've started school which is part of the reason why I haven't been online. I also broke my collarbone which sucks cause I can't do anything
ALSO HOW ARE YOUR COLLAGES SO PRETTYYYYYYYYY, your account is amazing Ava. i'm proud >:)
hii! how've you been?
thank you :) yea- timezone :(
tysm !!! that means a lot to me
AHSHAHAHA well I slipped with a blanket cause I got scared with a bug and wanted to scare my friend T-T
Then I went to the hospital and they told me I broke it. It's been healing for 2 months, now I'm just waiting to go see the doctor, I think they have covid though :v
Awe thank you so much!
Just thinking about it, makes me want to do it even more 😂!
omg that's amazing! lol my school hasn't started any teams im really intrested in yet. i'm just waiting for flag football to start so i can start playing. lol
Thank you!! Yeah pc ruins the quality a bit so that made it even harder to read haha
I'm all better and the test was negative, so that's all good 😊
lol all my friends laugh when I told them how I broke it, that's why I told people I just broke it wanting to scare my friend. Cause it's embarrassing if I say it was because of a bug T-T
Ya covid has been getting stronger lately, I think it's mostly because everyone stopped looking for themselves.
haha lol
I’ve been pretty good thanks! how have you been? and it’s been a long time
awww thxs! I’ve always loved basketball yet I’m terrible at it😅. What team do you support?
thank you💕 that’s cool 😎😎 lol I’m a Lakers fan
I love this omg
Aww thank you ❤❤
it was pretty good thanks
and that’s really cool that you’re doing basketball!
hey how are you?
you make me feel better T-T today i'm seeing the doctor, so lets hope for the besttt
I'm not sure when I'm posting again, cause I'm not in my phone often, I'll look for inspo though
hahahah Ik right !!!! snow is the best thing in the world
I’m good
what you doing now?
ahh that is super fun
yaaa sun so not in the mood of school
I love to sing , paint ,draw love to eat 😂 wby
oh ya I love sportsssss 😂
thank you :) nO it’s horrible- honestly I was frustrated with my finger because I had to redo it so many times💀. and tysm for the feedback on my poem, glad that you got the point and meaning of the poem :) and yea, im thinking about posting my poems as a collage but I currently have no inspo to write any so far, I have a few done but idk. cos I don’t get much well attention on my collages and if I were to post a poem, idk i don’t think ppl will like it but maybe I’ll try your suggestion :) some ppl just don’t read the caption and it’s pretty annoying for me :(
hey do you remember me? i was legolas_is_mine and previously Thatdragonexpert :)
tbh I hated my last collage so I just deleted it hehehe
Now I'm reading one called Paper Towns, it seems to be good. Also you don't know how much I sobbed with The Fault in our Stars, I was expecting the book to end that way because of all the hints but I was still shocked lol T-T
thank you so much!!!! ❤️❤️
Tysm ❤
Can definitely see the new years vibes haha, with the colours and the firework like thingies :)
aweee thank you so much I love the minimalist style too, I’ve tried other styles but stopped on this one bc I just loveee it!😍thanks for the sweet comments as always! you always make my day!😁❤️💗😊✨🤍
hey! I would love to collab again? let me know if you are interested
awe thank you!🤍💕
yeah it’s so cutee
yesss marvel
and to be honest I sort of discontinued the story
Awh thank you so much!! and I’m sorry I’ll make sure to lay off the cliffhangers 😂 I was just on a roll but I have to write again 💀
Thank you!!
Yeah, I went to Paris once and it was great!! There's so much to see :)
aww thank you so much ❤️
I’m fine with doing background
Is there a theme or picture you want on for the background?
righttt 😩 thank you 😊
thank you so much! I love it too, it’s so meaningful ❤️
new post
💖🌊new post🌊💖
NAH BRUH, WHY WOULD YOU REMEMBER ME. Now I'm feeling sad in music class T-T
Also the doctor said I was much better, they took off that thing I wore. Now I can do everything but I shouldn't do sports cause if I fall I'll break it again ^^
I remixed one background, let me know if you want a more complex one. I was thinking maybe we could do a Valentine’s day theme
you remember my dog?? wow
yeah his name is mickey he’s so big now
good question!
I spell donut lol hbu?
thank You!!!❤️
Thank you 🥺💕
thank you so much!
Heyy! How have you been doing?
would you like to collab?
Ik it’s so random lol 😂
CONGRATS ON 700!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉❣️💖💖❤️
Congratulations on 700 you DERVSE this so much and way more congratulations again!🎉😊💖💞
congrats on 700!!!
congrats 🥳 new post btw