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hi I followed you!
Can you look at my most recent post? It has to do with the contest :)
hi there! the rules for my games are out! come check it out and tell me in the comments anything else you’d like to know!
⭐️round 1 results are up!⭐️
hi would you like to join my celeb games there is Dove Cameron Ariana Grande Shawn Mendes and Tom Holland come join the fun but be quick Descendants_queen ❣️
hey come join my fall contest it will be lots of fun come check it out and join the fun tysm 😘 Descendants_queen
I don’t want to rush you, but the collage for my contest was due Sep. 15 so make sure to remix the collage soon!
love ya gurls 💕💕💕
love the channel 🧐
(copy and paste) come see the winners of my contest
hi would you like to enter my icon contest this is a new account that me and ocean flow created today and we need an icon hope u can join but it's du later today xx
😮😮 I am nearly at 500 followers already I’ve gotten so far you are an excellent friend and I would love if you could do my giveaway you never know you could be a lucky winner Good luck -hope to see you there- Descendants_queen xx
hey I’m descendants_queen and you are a follower of mine could you please check out my account and maybe give some inspiration thank you so much for reading you are so kind thanks bye xx❤️
hi I’m new and I’m hosting an icon contest please can you please enter it would mean so much because I’m new thank you so much bye -C0MS
hi I changed my username to Unique_Vibes and now I have an icon contest could you enter thx byeeeee
hi I have Christmas games starting and I would love you to join they will be going on from now till Christmas so come join the fun you will have a week every time to give your entery so the enteries close next Sunday good luck
Hi fellow collager! I was hoping you could check out my latest collage! Important information! Could possibly be MAJOR account update! It would be nice if you could share you opinion! 😁 -Tomdaya_Zolland
hey! ⚠️IMPORTANT!!⚠️ so um I’m leaving pc. BUT!!! I want to hand over my account to someone. I rly made this account so that ppl could have advice and here stories. but it’s become to much to handle. SOOOO: I’ve decided to hand it over! comment on my most recent post if ur interested! thanks lovely! 🌸😇💫
hiya- so basically I have a Christmas icon at the moment and I would love to get a new one I would like as many people possible to enter this icon contest so please could you help me and join this thank you so much for reading this comment I hope I’ll be able to see you at my account due 1st January thanks merry Christmas xx🥳❣️🤪 -Unique_vibes
can u like my most recent post because I haven’t posted in ages and I feel like everyone forgot about me so from now I will try post every Saturday just so u know thanks
can u plz join my icon contest for my pintrest:)💗💖💕