Collage by dirtyroleplaybaby


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hi can I be the girl
I remixed my charter I’ll start the rp
*I climb over a wall to and old empty poll area and I light a cigarette *
* I put the cigarette in my mouth *
* I take out the cigarette and I blow out a lot of smoke *” what”
“ hi”* I mock your voice and I put the cigarette in my mouth *
“ no I don’t waist my time being mad at you “* I take the cigarette out of my mouth *
“ please shut up you sound just like my parents “* I get up and I drop my cigarette *
“ f* k you “ * I jump up onto the wall * “ are you going to chads party “
* I jump off it and I walk to my car *
“ yes I want to get away from you “
* I get into the car and I slam the door and I drive away ( I’m a reckless driver)*
( please can you remix a pic of nick )
* the night of the party *
*im wearing a really short crop top and some jeans *
* I walk to a couple of my friends and they pass my a lighter and I light a cigarette and I walk to the bar to get a beer *
“ so you made it “* I blow out a big cloud of smoke and I take a sip of my beer *
“ no they don’t you just haven’t been at a good one “* a bunch of of my friends come over to sit with us and the brother Colton also comes over *
* I move a bit closer to you because some comes to sit next to me *
* I get I bit drunk and I put my hand on your leg *
* I move evev closer to you and I lean my head on your shoulder *
* I start to scratch your leg gently *
* I start to kiss your neck *
* I continue to kiss your neck *
* I turn your head to face me and kiss you softly on your lips *
“ who said that “* I turn your head and I kiss you hard *
* I move to sit on your lap and I put my hands around you and I kiss you hard *
“ what “* I giggle *
* I kiss you harder *
* I stop and I look at you * “ what “
* I get up and I pull you off the couch *
* I lead you to a bathroom and I lock the door behind us and I get into the bathtub and I light the cigarette *
“ sorry for that “
* I take the cigarette out and I fill half of the bathroom with smoke *
“ I can’t leave until 1 in the morning “
“ because of my dum**s brother “
“ he only leaves parts really late and I’m suppose to babysit him “
“15 my other brother normally looks after him but his at a different party “
“ okay , I get out of the bathtub and unlocks the door *
* I walk out of the house and to your car *
“ I need stop at the gas station for some cigarettes “ * I get into the car *
* I look at you *” your a good kisser *
* I blush *” thanks and I don’t need the cigarettes “
( why did you block me just asking )
( okay then there’s a error sorry )
“ because I felt like it “
* I get out and I walk to the shop *
* I buy a box of cigarettes and some snacks and a beer for me and I walk pack to the car and I hide the cigarettes in my back pocket *
* I get *
* I give you a small smile
“any where “* I lean my head on the window
“ often why”* I go on my phone *
“ sure “ * I get out and I walk to the bench *
* I go to sit and I open the bottle of beer*
* I lean my head on your shoulder *
* I close my eyes and I blush *
* I look up *” yeah “
* I turn my head to face you *” yeah , I forgot “* I smile *
* I hold your hand *
* while we’re walking I lean my head onto your shoulder
* I blush and smile *
*I get into the car *
“ thanks “* I smile and I get out and I go to get my brother *
“ i come walking out with my brother and i walk to my car just before i get in i wave at you *
* I’m a bit hungover *
* I don’t read the text *
* I get up and I go and shower *
* I get out of the shower *{text} fine
{text} yeah.. why
{ text} k
* I walk to my closet and I pick out an outfit and I walk downstairs to my car and I go to the abandoned swimming pool *
* I’m smoking a cigarette and I look really tired *” hey “
* I pull my legs towards my chest and I lean my head on you *
* I smile and I tap my cigarette *
* I drop the cigarette and I look at your phone *
* I take my head of your shoulder *
“ no ... who’s the text from “
“ do I know the friend “
i get up and i walk to the wall and i jump onto it *” im sorry “
* I jump off and I walk to my car *
* I walk towards the window and I open the curtains *
* i smile and i open the door to my balacany*
“ its fine “
“ honestly.. it’s fine “
* i look into yours *” i comimg down “ * i walk up to* “ whats wrong?”
“who sure “* I give you a hug *
* before we break the hug I kiss you on your cheek *
*I kiss you back but I bit harder *
* I put my hands around your neck *
* I lean my head back and I look at you again *
* I look into your eyes then in the distance there comes a speeding jeep with my two brothers and their friends drunk. *
* I turn to face them *” fx*k
* I don’t answer ...l the jeep comes to stop and I walk towards them *
kazzi~ what the f*xk James
* I start fighting with James and Colton *
* I get into the car and they leave *
{ text } yeah
{ text} no why
{text} yeah sure I’ll come over
* I knock on your door *
* I come in and I look around *
* I smile*” it’s cute ..... I’m sorry about what happened last time “
“ you sure “* I go and sit on the coach *
* I put my hands around you and I move closer to you *
* sigh *
“ h happy”* I smile *
“ me to “* I hug you even tighter
* I move onto your lap *
* I start to cry softly *
* I don’t answer *
* and I try to stop crying *
“ I’m sorry I can’t do this “
* I get up and I start crying *
“ Josh I’m soo sorry but I can’t do this “
“ I just don’t want to hurt you “ * I start crying heavily *
* I hug you back *” it’s not like that”
“ it works way differently in this life “
“ I want to leave but I do love you Josh “
“ I hug you even tighter *
* takes deep breath “ your not like me and I’m very reckless and I’m just scared I hurt you *
*stops crying and looks at you *
* I smile *
* I put my arms around your neck and I hug you*
* kiss you back *
*I blush *”if you want to “
“yea”* kisses you again *
* kisses you quite hard *
( idk if I asked you this but dirty or a bit clean *
( what can you do in kinda dirty )
*kisses you hard *
( okay bye)
* smiles a bit*
*kisses you back*
* I look at the door *
* I walk to you *
* I look at the girl *
“ who’s that “
“ oh okay “
*I walk over to the book shelf *
* I’m looking at the books *
( for our rp can you add Zack and I’ll add iris )
( no zack can be your brother/friend or something and Iris is my step sister)
“ my read most of these to me “
* I put my hand in you *
* I’m stilling looking at the books *
* I look at you and I blush *
“ I’m going to Paris for a week “
“ my mom is moving back here with my step dad and step sister
* I walk into your kitchen *
* I look for something to drink *” tomorrow “
“ thanks “* I walk to the living room and I sit on the coach *
“ yeah “
( did you lock me )
( me too)
* I come back and I text you *{text} hey
{ text } it’s fine
{ text} miss you 💟
* I came early so I wanted to surprise you but then I saw you and liz making out I leave and I go home *
* I walk to the window I see you and I close my curtains *
* I walk onto the balcony * “ what “
“ nothing...I just don’t want to see you “
“ go see f**king Liz “
“ ooh really your such a f**king lair Josh “* I shout really loudly *
“ are you just going to walk away “
* I just give and I walk inside *
*I come walking out threw front door * “what “
“ okay talk “
“ then why did you kiss her “
* I shake my head *” we can’t do this “
“ what does that mean “
but it will
not with you but with me
don’t you get you can’t trust me
* I watch you walk away *
* on the way you meet iris *
* I start to cry
* I stop crying and I rinse my face *” hey”
“ nothing “
“ it’s fine Iris “ * I walk outside to my car and I get in *
* I lock the doors so iris can’t get in
* I drive off and I go to a night club *
* I try to avoid you *
* I walk past Zack and I take a seat *
* I get a drink *
* I notice you and I get up *
* I walk to the back of the club where everyone smokes and I light a cigarette *
* I get high *
* I try to get up but I cants *
* I try to get up again but I fall down again I start giggling *
* I see you and I wave *”hiii”
* I laugh and I kisss you gently *
* I start giggling more *
* I push you on to my bed *
* I start making out with you *
“ no “* I kiss you harder *
*I gently bite your lip *
* I shirt o*f and I start to l*ck your abs *
* I grab gyour hand
* I kiss you h*
* I pass out *
* I’m still asleep 5
* I wake up*
“ what the f**k are you doing here”
* I take it and I take a sip*
“what are you doing here “
* I get up and I walk a way
* I leave *
* I go to a tattoo shop *
* I meet my cousin there *
*he gives me money and I give him a envelope *
* I spent the whole night at the old pool*
* I look very tired *
* I just ignore you *
* I look at the fruits *
“it’s fine “*I walk away *
* checks out and walk to my car *
* iris texts you * hey
{text } nothing much
{ text } I’m not kazzi soo
* kazzi goes to her dads house
* I go to a club *
* I get drunk *
* I refuse to get in *
* I take a seat at the bar and I start talking to the bar tender *
* I fall asleep *
*I fall asleep on your coach
* the next day *
* you go to the bathroom and I wake up and I get up and I walk to the door
“ morning”* I open the door and I leave *
* I flush the toilet and I walk outside again *
* I start walking to my house *
* I say no *
* I fall asleep
* I wake up in the middle of the night
*I call you *
“ no”
“ disgusting
“ shut the f**k up”
“ want to come over “
* your at the door and I kiss you hard *
* I push you onto my bed *
* I start taking of your shirt *
* moans and takes off my shirt *
* unzips your pants *
“oh sh*t”
* I pull you up*” can we go to your house “
* I grab your hand I walk to your car *
* I start kissing you hard *
* I take my clothes of and walk to your bedroom *
* Zack your roommate walks into the house *
* we are done ....... I put on some clothes and I walk to the bathroom *
* i see Zack so I try to walk quietly to the bathroom *
* I take a quick shower *
{text} sorry I had to leave early *
* I go to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test *
* I take the pregnancy test *
*while a wait I go into my phone *
* I look an it says*
* I took another one and it’s positive *
*and it says it’s positive *
* I drive to your house with a suitcase of my staff *
* I knock on your door *
* I clear my voice *” I’m moving in “
(I pas you the pregnancy test and I start to cry/
* hugs you even tighter *
( bye)
* hugs you even tighter *
* I walk to the kitchen *
* I get a glass of water *
“ I’m sorry “* I’m not sure what to say or do*
“ I’m not sure what to do “
* hugs you back *
* I break the hug and I walk to the bathroom *
* I lock the door behind me *
* your roommate comes walking in *
* I come walking out of the bathroom *
“ hey “* I take my suitcase and I walk upstairs *
*im unpacking *
* I’m sitting on the bed on my phone *
*im wearing an oversized shirt*
“ I’m not sure “
“ night “* I stay awake the whole night
* I’m getting a glass of water *
“ getting some water “* you notice that the tv is one *
“yeah “
* I fall asleep couch *
* I wake up and I see you in the kitchen *
( omg I forgot to say hug 😂 lol)
* walks up behind and gives you a hug *
( how was your Easter (if you don’t celebrate it please do feel offended)
* smiles *
( mine was fine just stayed in bed the whole day and studied 😂)
“ I know it’s early but do you see a future with me and the baby “
( you don’t have to answer but what’s your name )
( hi Maria )
* smiles *
* hugs you back *” so what’s for breakfast “
* I giggle *
* I smile and blush *
* there’s a knock on the door and it’s iris with 3 boxes with my stuff *
* I come up to the door *” hey iris “* I take one off the boxes *” thanks for bringing my stuff *
* I bring the other two boxes into the living room and iris walks up to you *” wow kazzi is pregnant “
* iris is in shock *” your going to be dad
* kazzi opens on of the boxes *
* iris is so shocked *” she going to be a mother f**k”
“ yeah “* I let out a nervous laugh *” how are you feeling about this situation “
*I give you a hug *” I know it’s a lot to take in “
“ I’m fine with it “
*I kiss you back and I smile *
*walk to the living room and I start taking out framed paintings
*there a lot of paintings, clay pots and candles I made by myself *
* I smile *” I’m made them “
* I blush *” is it fine if we hang some on the wall *
* I notice there’s something wrong *” what’s wrong “
* I put my arms around you *” please tell me”
“ don’t day that “* I hug you even tighter *
* I move onto your lap and I kiss you *” your amazing and I think you will be an amazing dad”
* I smile*” love you more “* I say in a cute voice *
“ bye “* I move of your lap and I look at the wall above your couch *
“ yeah “
* I put all the paintings on the floor and I hand one by one to you *
* when I give you the last one I give you a big hug *
“ I just love you “
* kisses you back and I look at the wall *
“ it looks amazing “
* I kiss you *
“ I’m just going to the store to get a few things “
* I roll my eyes and I get my bag and I walk to the and I drive off*
*I come back after an hour *
* I come walling in with to grocery bags and I put them on the counter *
( I can you please explain the layout of the house or remix photos of how it looks and how many bedrooms does it)
(thanks )
* I start putting all the groceries away *
* I see you found it and I take it from you *
* I leave it on the counter and it’s positive *
*in the bag you see a baby battle *
* I tap you on your shoulder *” are you okay “
“okay”* I smile and I walk upstairs *
*go to the bathroom *
* I get dressed in comfortable clothes *
“ no why “* I stand still stairs *
* I check my phone *” well....not every girl * I smile*
* I check my phone again *” okay I need to go somewhere “* I get my bag and I give you a kiss and I walk to the car *
*I came back after 5 hours*
“with my dad”
“ yeah “* I walk to the stairs *
“ nothing “
“ we were talking business “
* I walk upstairs *
* I walk to your bedroom *
* I’m sitting in the bed on my phone *
* I’m still on my phone *
( you can always skip a few days ,weeks ,months )
* when you walk in I look up to you *
* I smile when you come in *
* I put my phone down*
* I smile *
* I got a bit bigger *
* I come from the doctors office and I run towards you I give you envelope *” open it “
* this envelope will give the gender of the baby *
“what is it “
* I kiss you back I jump up and down *” it’s a girl !’* I’m so happy *
* I go onto my phone and I call a bunch of people *
* I’m really excited *
* I kiss you again *
“ I’m so excited “
* I kiss you softly *
* I hug you back tightly *
* I look at my phone *” I have meeting “* I grab my bag *
“ I’ll explain later “* I blow you a kiss and I walk out *
* five hours later *
* I walk to the kitchen
* I take out some pasta *
* I flinch, I turn around to face you and kiss you *” hi”
* I turn around again to stir the pot * “ I got a job
* I start stirring the pot quickly and adding more cheese *” at my dads friends company.... I’m an accountant
“ tomorrow “* I walk to the fridge
“ what do you think the pastas needs
* I sprinkle some paper I in *
* kisses you back *
* I put my arms around you
* I put me onto the counter *
* I look at the pasta *”ooh s**t* I turn the stove of *
* I taste it *” it’s fine
*I smile and I dish some out for me *
* I go to sit I front of the tv and I turn on a movie *
* I lean my head onto you *
* I start to cry because the movie is sad *
*I move closer to you
* I watch the ibis
“ okay “ * I get up *
“ you “
* I’m still watching the movie *
* I walk upstairs sand I get in next to you *
* one month later*
* I’ve been working a lot *
* I come home *
*kisses you back
I put my laptop down and alit paper
a lot of paper
and I sit down
( what are you studying *
* I scratch my head *” yeah “* I take out a calculator
* I’m finishing work *
* I’m still busy *
* I tie my hair up *
* I don’t answer you because I’m busy with a sum *
*I get up , put my arms in the air and I shout *” I’m done “
* I look at you with a serious face and I put my papers in my bag *
“ it’s fine “* I go onto my laptop again *
* I’m looking at houses *
* I leave my laptop on and I walk to the bathroom *
* I take a shower *
* I come walking downstairs in a oversized shirt on my phone *
* I go and sit on the couch
“ thanks “
*I start eating *
* I’m in my phone *
* I’m still on my phone *
“ how was your day 9
“ it was fine “
“okay “*kisses you back hard *
l” love you “
* I walk back to my computer *
* I walk downstairs and leave e to stay at iris’s house *
{text} well....plans changed
{ text} I’m staying at my dads second home
*i pack all my clothes and i block your number*
*iris opens her door *” hi”
“ no she’s at her dads old house
somewhere near the beach ... I’ll text you the address
* I’m in the kitchen *
* I’m hanging up paintings and pictures *
*I walk to the window to see who it is *
* i open the door*”what “
“ because you were cheating on me
“I found a earring in your bed
* I pause for a while *
*I close the door and I start to cry *
( can we skip a to the day when the baby is coming )
(okay......... we moved to my dads old house )
* the baby finally arrived and your holding her *
“what do you want to name her “
* I smile *” I’m not sure either
*Im stilling smiling *” I like that name
* the doctor comes in
* he says I can leave the hospital
*I arrive at the house *
( can the baby’s name be aurora)
* I sit done on the couch
* I get comfortable on the couch
“ no I’m fine “
* I walk to the kitchen and you make her a warm bottle
* I kisses her gently on her forehead
* I kiss you gently *
* I hug you from behind *
“ I love you
* I put my arms around your neck
I know * I hug you
* I look at Aurora
“ oookay
*I I go onto my phone *
* I get up and I walk to the balcony looking at the beach
* I go onto my phone
* I go to our room *
* I walk to her room and I pick her up *
* I sit on a rocking chair singing to aurora
*im still looking at Aurora
* Aurora falls asleep and I get into bed *
* I put my head on your chest *
what’s wrong
* i moves closer to you and I close my eyes
~the next morning ~
* I slowly wake up *
* im still half asleep * yeah he can come over *I hug you softly
* I get up and puts on a robe *
*I walk to Aurora’s room and I pick her up *
* I’m walking around the room with her *
* I kiss you gently *
*I walk to the kitchen and I give Aurora to you *
* I make her bottle *
“ so when are you going back to study “
* I pass you the bottle and I take a sip of the coffee *” are you sure “
“ yeah..if you ant too “
“ I don’t mind “
“ no... if you want to stay home and spend time with Aurora it’s fine
* kisses you gently *
“ oh s**t”
“ I’m just going to change “* walks to our room *
* I’m still in the room *
* I come out wearing a summery dress , I walk up to you *” hi Zack
“ iris what are you doing here “* Zack gives Aurora to me *
“ no it’s fine “*i walk to iris ,I let her hold Aurora
* I laugh and I lean my head on your shoulder *
*i start to rock her and I walk to her room *
* I walk to the living room *
* I take a seat next to you *” so what are you guys talking about
“ my dad gave it to us “
*I you can hear I getting annoyed *”well I worked for it
* I smile at you *
* I look at Aurora sleeping on my chest *
* I get comfortable on the couch and Aurora is sleeping on me
* I’m on my phone *
“do you want to go to the beach later “
“ and iris wants to invite us to her New Years party “
* Aurora starts crying and I get up and I walk to the kitchen *” yeah we should “
* I’m busy making pasta *
* I poor my self a glass of wine *
“ can you please cut up some tomatoes”
* I take a sip of the wine *
“ some onions “
* wipes on of the tears of your cheek and kisses you gently
* Aurora starts to cry *
“ I’ll go “* I walk to her room and I pick her up *
* I open her draw and I take out a woolly jacket and I put it in her ......... I get myself a jacket and a thick blanket and walk to the kitchen *
“yeah.... bring the dinner with * I walk to the balcony that’s have stairs leading to a small walk way to the beach *
*you see us waiting for you *
* I sit down and Aurora is sitting on my lap *
* I setup the food *
“ soooo”
“ I’m not sure “
“ we use to fun....”
“ I feel old “
“ that sounds great “
* we finally go home *
* I’m getting dressed
* there’s a knock on the door*
“ who is it “
* I’m putting on my shoes *
* I come out holier get Aurora
* I get into the car *
“ thanks “* kisses you back *
*im looking out of the window *
“ thanks but I can open my own door “* I walk to the door and I see it’s going to be a formal party *
“ I’m not going in “
“ I’m going to a club “ * I turn around and I walk away *
“ iris would understand “ * I walk to the car *
* I’m in the drivers side *
* I see a shop and I stop there *
* I buy a pair of jeans and a shirt *
* I drive to the same house where we made out *
* and I walk in... and the minute I walk in everyone shouts my name *
* I hug a bunch of people *
* my brothers are there too *
* and I take a few shots *
“ I f**king miss this “
* I catch up with more people *
* I take a seat on the couch *
* someone passes me a cigarette *
* Im kind off hesitant before putting it in my mouth
* I put it in my mouth *
* gives it back to the person and takes a sip of the beer *
“ hEyY “
* I lean my head on you *
* kisses you back *
* kisses you harder *
* moves a bit closer to you *
* I stop kissing you and I start talking to some friends *
* my friends and I go outside *
* we leave the party and we go to the skate park *
* my friends are skating and I’m smoking a cigarette *
* I’m still there *
* Zack gets a text from someone who’s with me that they are at the skatepark *
* I’m drinking a bottle of water *
“ hey “
“ I don’t know how to “
“ you can go “
*I get up *”okay “
* I get one*
* laugh*
*I fall of *”śh*t”
“ can you skate “
“ show me “
“ f**king show off” * I say in a playful voice *
* kisses you gently *
*steps back so you can skate again *
* I’m impressed *
* smiles at you *
“ are you okay “
* I help you up*
* I hold your hand *
*I take more shots *
“ f* k no “* I take a few more
* I start vomiting
“ I’m okay
“ I’m done “
* I look at you *” why are we going home
“ I’m fine “
“ don’t you babe me “* I monk your voice when I say babe *
* I lay back down *
* I fall asleep *