I’m leaving ..
Bye guys xx


I’m leaving .. Bye guys xx

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you’rereally good at editingg you should stay!
I’ll miss you so much❤️
aww pls stay... you were great
we’ll all miss you so much 💗😭
oh noo!! your really good at editing and we all ^^ want you to stay! but if you choose to leave we will miss you soo much!!💗💗
no please don’t. I will miss you so much. is there anything I can do to make you stay. I look at your page everyday sometimes multiple times... please don’t leave. 😭
maybe you could just take a little break or even post once a week or something. I really want you to stay. you were the first person on here that I would call my friend. please please don’t leave. when you were on that little break I missed you sooooooo much. I will help you get follower and likes and a whole bunch of pngs,background etc. I really don’t want you to leave. you are soooo talented.
nooooo! you don’t need to post frequently trust me. you can post once a week or take a break but please don’t leave!! but if you really want to leave, then we won’t pressure. just know that you are full of talent and that we will miss you soooo much if you leave 😭😘