✰ t a p ✰
collab with the simply amazing -SoulfulVibes-
she made the gorgeous background! 
qotd: what colors are you wearing rn?
aotd: grey and black


✰ t a p ✰ collab with the simply amazing -SoulfulVibes- she made the gorgeous background! qotd: what colors are you wearing rn? aotd: grey and black

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thank you!! ♥️
tbh mona lisa will never get old 🤩👏🏼🔥
gorgeous 🤩
g o r g e o u s
AOTD: black and well black
sure u can make the background! Don’t rush u can do it in your own time
stunning 😍😱
AOTD: pink and blue (denim)
aotd: red and black (I’m wearing a onesie 😂)
this is so pretty skkskskka
this is amazing
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this is beautiful ahhhh
me too! thank you ♥️
tysm! this is absolutely gorgeous 🌊 and aw enjoy your last day! 💫
I’m so sorry I’ll give you credit but I just really liked it I’m so sorry
and I forgot to give y’all credit
and if it really bugged you then u could have just told me to take it down
i’m kat! nice to meet you abby :)
well there I already gave you credit
ur welcome for the spam! also, thanks for the follow as well❤️
your welcome and thank you for reading ittt
thank you!
I love all them too
thank uuuuuu 💕
thanks!! aotd: grey and blueish greenish nike shorts
sorry if this sounds rude but y said to ask you for permission before putting up a collage?? like I don’t understand that like ur not my mom and I can put whatever I want on my account once again I’m sorry if this sounds really rude I’m not trying to hurt your feelings at all
yayyyyyy our collab got featured!
Congrats on the feature! 😍
congrats!! this is soooo beautiful
love all your collages plz follow me
Thank you!
congrats on the amazing feature
this is extremely cute !! 👼🏼
love it! how d’you make it??😘😘😘
i so want to be like u!!!👩‍❤️‍👩 u r so cool and you make cool things!!!
red and black
love it 💜
this is so beautiful
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omgggggg this is so creative gurl, sorry I haven’t talked to ya in a long time, I flew across the world from my home country to visit my mom’s family
Thank you for 100 likes guys! I love you guys!
so cute
Great job that is beautiful
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but seriously this is amazing
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one of my favorite collages I’ve seen all day
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congrats on the feature girl!!
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how do you get featured you don’t even make them!! if you only tap once then look at the bottom you can usually see what the person made the collage with but there is nothing there so that means that you did NOT make any of these sooooo.......you’re a fake collager! you don’t deserve being featured or your fans!
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white and blue
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love you pic
I love your backpack 🎒
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purple and black
so cute
this is a rlly meaningful collage
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my first five collages are super strange
This is a beautiful collage! You’re very unique!
of course I’ll follow you
the best pitcher yet
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love it so meaningful
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this is so amazing congrats on the feature!💘
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this pic is Amazin