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sooo fxcking shorty jumped in the shower after seeing my clothes and phone and shxxt in there and jumped in anyways so fxck a shower ig I’ll just read till you get out 😔
Ok baby well I'm out❤❤
that was quick ❤️
Told u it was going to be a quickie
I kinda want you to spend Wednesday night cuz depending on how that appointment for max goes I might just be a lil bit of a mess if he’s sick😔 but ik your parents won’t let you 😔
honestly I rly hope megan just finds a new place to stay
like I hope she loves in with Cordell I fxcking hate her staying here
My mom doesn't work Thursday
pleaseeeee stay the night Wednesday night 😩
I'll see ok baby❤❤
So I'ma take a nasuia pill I ate to much😳
so ima try and take my test Wednesday after school and if I can you should ride the bus home and get clothes for Thursday and Friday for school and stay both nights here ❤️
and we can pick you up when we get home
did you eat when you got home???
No just this afternoon and ur place
oh shxxt baby you okay??
Could be acid reflux but still taking a pill❤
okay just take a pill then❤️ do you need more?
Idk probably I have 3 more
I literally just ready a thing that talks about how it’s appropriate for pregnant women to celebrate Mother’s Day even if it’s their first baby like yesss I can celebrate Mother’s Day and you can celebrate Father’s Day 😁
if you need more I can probs give you more
Idk when mother's day is😂❤❤
May 12❤️
idk it kinda makes me happy cuz it’s Eve and our baby and we are gonna be parents ❤️
Then jump a head 2 more days and what's that??❤❤
the 14th😊
U happy baby😘❤❤
yesss❤️❤️❤️❤️ you’re celebrating Father’s Day btw ❤️❤️
And father's day is June 16th❤
Hey when does baby wanna go to bed??
welll ima hella tired and Eve is asleep I think so now is okay❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ok let's go to bed baby girl love u❤❤
okay baby I loves you too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
omgggg I’m already pxssed off about school on Friday I’m tired baby😩😩
Ik it sucks ❤
god I’m so tired 😩 baaaby cuddles please ❤️
can you bring me cereal baby ima hungry ❤️
I’m cold fxck 😩❤️
Yes I'll try to get u cereal
you don’t have to it’s fine baby
everything okay baby??
Trying to find close 😂😘❤
oh okay baby❤️
mew Thor is getting Megan’s horse into heat baby it’s not good 😳
Oh well 😂❤
baaaaby ima cold 😩❤️
I'm cold to ❤
cuddles please ❤️
Tonight ❤❤
mew okay❤️ baaaaby ima get ready to go down I loves you❤️❤️
I love u to ❤❤
Ima shower baby I loves you❤️❤️
baaaaabyyy im fxckin tired 😩❤️ you awake? ❤️
here text off the new post baby❤️