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*i run out of the classroom anxious about to get to my next class and bump into someone (you)* oh my god i’m so sorry *i say flinching*
(alright no worries it happens sometimes)
(i already put the first one lol)
( sorry lol I forgot)
* I walk out of my class like I own the place when I bump into you* watch it pup *I say walking away*
*i pick up my book off the floor and hurry to my next class, and to my surprise see you sitting by the only empty seat left. I slowly walk towards the seat trying to hide my face with my hair as i hesitantly sit down*
* I’m talking to one of my friends and joking around. i don’t even notice you sit down*
*the teacher tells everyone to settle down and pull out their textbooks and turn to page 69. I turn to the page quietly trying to remain unnoticed*
* I roll my eyes and before getting out my textbook. i turn to page 69 and my friends and I go back to talking *
(get it page 69)
*the teacher starts calling attendance* teacher- Ivory
(omgggg now I do)
present *I say before continuing my conversation. the teacher calls a bunch of other students names before telling me to be quiet *
*the teacher calls my name while i’m already reading ahead in my text book” teacher- Hannah?…..Hannah Sanders? *i look up as the teacher shouts my name* Here, i-i’m here s-sorry
*the teacher finishes calling roll and tells everyone to read page 69-75*
* I laugh to myself and smirk at your embarrassing moment *
*i mumble under my breath* stupid demon
*I whisper loud enough for you to hear* awe is the lil pup mad
*i turn and actually look at you for the first time noticing how perfect you are, and i feel a bit jealous because of how ordinary and ugly i am* whatever
sit your a** down your not perfect either *i lie*
teacher- Ivory! Hannah! why are you talking during my lesson *I roll my eyes* the real question is why are you talking during my conversation?
*i flinch* i’m sorry miss i won’t do it again
teacher- you excused Hannah. Ivory stop with this attitude or go to detention, this is your first and last warning for the day
*i turn and glare at you wrinckling my nose but there’s a slight blush on my cheeks barely noticeable*
*i sigh and goes quiet*
*class ends and people file out of the room but i’m still sitting at my desk reading ahead *
teacher- Ivory and hannah i want you guys to write a essay together on todays topic to make up for being so disruptive, find time outside of school to work on it
yes miss
whatever *I say walking out of the room and to my next class*
HEY *i yell chasing after you*
*I turn around * what do you want? i have a class to get to
and WE have a essay to write *i frown* give me your phone
technically I didn’t do anything to disturb class, at least I was paying attention
i don’t care im not failing this give me your phone
i don’t have a choice do I?*I get out my phone and hands it to you *
*i smile triumphantly and type my number and name into your phone* here* i hand you your phone and quickly take my hand away when our fingers touch*
* I take my phone back before going to my class without another word to you*
*the classes drag on and i go to the library after my classes end so i can study*
*i wonder when your going to text me or if your even going to because of how rude you seemed*
* I don’t text you until a few hours after school* text- when do you want to get this project done?
text- as soon as possible i’d hope
text- when are you free?
text- my classes end at 3 most days so i’m free now
text- I’m busy at this time until Friday
text- but our essay is due friday
text- what time will you be done today
text- I finished around 2 and I have an event to go to soon
(i’m adding a bit to the story hannah has a girlfriend named rose she’s also a wolf but she has white hair and blue eyes)
text-whatever it’s fine i’ll just start it on my own and we can work together sometime this week
text Rose- hey so you wanna come to the library
(do you wanna be rose for rn?)
( sure) text- I would love too
text- i’m near the back
text- alright I’ll be there in about 10 minutes
*im waiting in the library reading a book*
*rose shows up soon after and sneaks up on upu*
*i hear footsteps and look around* oh hey *i smile and reach up to give you a kiss*
*I kiss you gently and sits down next to you. well more like on the other side of the table
do you know Ivory?
of course I do. everyone knows about her
oh… well now i dumb because i didn’t know her and i bumped into her in the hall she said “watch it pup” then she was in my English class and now we have to write a essay on the topic because she wouldn’t stop talking to me * i frown
* laughs* sounds like ivory *I bite my lip*
*i look up from my book* is something wrong?
not at all
good *i smile* well i was about to head back to my dorm *i stand up and bump into someone behind me, someone who said she was busy* i’m sorry
rose: speaking of the devil herself (I’m going back to ivory) this wasn’t supposed to happen-
*i frown* you liar *i stand on my top toes so seem taller because i barely reach past your shoulders*
awe is the pup trying to make herself look more intimating~?
no i’m not you liar i want to get this stupid essay done but you lied to me just get off your a** and get the essay done
*i frown abs get off my tip toes*
(i’ll be up pretty late tonight to rp if your not asleep)
( sorry I had to take care of my cow)
tch for your information i already did the whole essay, don’t believe me ask the teacher tomorrow. and I know see why dear Rose here says your not the brightest most the time. oh sorry I wasn’t supposed to say that around you pup *I smirk *
y-you what… *i turn and look at rose*
( he whipped my hand with his tail )
* I start to walk away smirking * rose: i-I never said that babe
i don’t want to waste your time anymore *i start to pack up my stuff*
(Bo I’ll remix a pic)
* rose turns around and says* that’s the end of us then..
(awww plz)
so you admit i was wasting your time
* rose walks away without another word *
(give me that cow now 😠 it’s adorable)
*tears start to run down my cheeks*
( maybe in 8 months if he doesn’t get sold at fair lol)
( back to being ivory lol)
sorry pup.. just though you should know the truth
you have the audacity to call me pup *i turn around still crying but super angry*
* I give a sympathetic look* sorry but you needed to know the truth of what rose was doing
s-she used m-me *my nose twitches and my ears start to fall*
* I hesitate to do what I’m about to but I still do. i come over and I give you a warm hug, my arms and wings wrapped around you as you start to breakdown*
*i melt into your embrace and sob into your arms as i notice how different it feels from all of roses past hugs. One of my ears goes up as the other stays down*
*I gently rock back and forth and rubs your back* shhh it’s okay pup I got you
*i blush and notice what your actually doing, the fact that your giving me a real hug*
(bro i can’t stop thinking about how much i want a cow)
* I slowly break the hug after a few more minutes of making sure your okay* better now..? *I look down at you *
( lmaø their sweet but psychos)
(like me 😁 lol)
y-yeah thanks *i sniff*
( Bo likes to play by kicking me so did my other cow )
anytime pup *I give a weak smile* now let’s get you home it’s late
*i give a sad smile* i gave her everything, she said she loved me we were together for 3 years
she took everything
i know pup.. *I pick up your bag and puts my hand on your back after making sure everything is picked up and you hav everything.* I’ll drive you home if you want.. just tell me if you do
(sorry got caught up in a wattpad)
y-yea please *i blush*
-(ooo what story? I’m looking for a new one)
alrighty let’s go *I lead you outside with my hand still on your back and to my car. well my mothers car with someone waiting to drive me home*
(idk i just made a new account and searched up bl)
who is that? *i ask still wiping my face*
(alrighty lol thx)
oh he’s just my driver, well my moms driver she doesn’t know I took the car *I laugh opening the door for you*
oh.. *i look down getting into the car wondering why your being nice to me but also loving it and starting to notice that i kind of like you but i’m not ready for another relationship yet*
*I set your bag in between us * what’s your address pup..?
oh it’s just in the second dorm building *i look down embarrassed*
alrighty. you heard the pup, jay second dorm building *i see your embarrassed so I gently pick up your chin and lean close to you * nothing to be embarrassed about pup
*i startle at your closeness and freeze slightly blushing* mind-why is she so close to me? oh god she’s so prefect too
(legit layed down in bed and passed out on the spot sorry)
*I pull away slowly with a smirk on my face. I’m able to read minds so I just heard what you were thinking * oh you think I’m perfect eh? *I mumble with a soft blush*
(no worries, I fell asleep a few minutes after my response)
i-i never s-said that *i bite my lip*
hm? what didn’t you say? *I play dumb*
t-that your p-perfect
aw that’s very sweet of you pup, you look pretty fine yourself *I wink *
*my eyes widen and my face turns red* DONT LIE *i shout and cover my face with my hands*
*i turn away and look out the window*
*I laugh softly * I never lie pup
*i frown* but i’m not “pretty fine myself”
you’re a pretty wolf Hannah, rose didn’t deserve you
*i blink and look at you* you think i’m pretty?
*a nod* I don’t lie to a pretty girl
*i turn completely red*
* the car stops and I get out holding the door for you*
t-thank you
anytime lol pup. I’ll see you tomorrow
*i start walking towards the building*
* I watch you go into the building before getting back inside the car and going home*
*i think of the days events and go to sleep*
( sorry I got busy and then had a massive anxiety attack so Connor was busy trying to calm me down)
*once I go home I go shower *
(oh no i’m sorry and no it’s totally fine happy christmas eve)
-time skip next day-
*i go to my classes avoiding any social interaction
(you okay today?)
( yea just I was stressed)
*I see your being anti social so I do t come over
*after classes i go to the library as usual*
*im alrighty at the library waiting for you*
oh hi *i say as i walk in and a sit at my normal table*
*I follow you * hey pup
*i smile* why are you here?
because I wanted to come see you
but why do you want to see me? i thought you hated me
and why should h ate such a pretty wolf~?
I… *i look around the room* is it just me or is it hot in here *i awkwardly laugh*
*I lean against a bookshelf * just you pup
*i try not to look at you and am looking anywhere else because i want to avoid eye contact* o-oh
( sorry Erin had an emergency at work and then went a lil crazy )
*i smirk and lean against you*
(oh is she okay?)
*i look up at you with wide eyes* i-i should p-pr-probably go heh
*i shrug* if you insist
(she’s fine, she’s had a dream taht happens every time someone bands about to happen last night soo that’ll be fun)
(oh i’m sorry)
*i stand up but you’re still standing close you so being myself practically gal on top of you* i’m s-sorry
(sorry my phone broke)
it’s alright *I move away*
(nah it’s fine i took a short break just needed space to breathe)
(is it so wrong that you’re the only person i can stand to continue a rp with?)
(not at all, it maybe because theirs 4 of us that run the account. even on Erin’s, Evelyn gets on there sometimes when Erin
(huh that’s interesting, anyways i put my rp part in already)
(can you do it again? i don’t see it lol)
a-actually do y-you maybe wanna we’ll i don’t know, get some coffee… with me? *i ask slightly flushed*
*i smirk* I would love too *I offer my hand for you*
*i look down at your hand then to you and decide to take it cautiously as we walk to the coffee shop*
*I gently hold your hand occasionally running my thumb over your hand*
*i get chills when you run your thumb over my hand and have goosebumps by the time we get to the coffee shop*