I'm backkk


13.04.22 I'm backkk

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glad you’re back Lila!! I don’t know you but I hope we can be friends!! I’m Sage- btw!!♥️
Heyy! Welcome back Lila! I’m Liana! hope we can be friends!💕☺️
Hey! Welcome back Lila!!
aweee ty!!!
some users: @bloomingblossoms
Hey welcome back!!!!!! Im -pretty_little_things- hope we can be friends 💕💕💕
Welcome back :)
omg hi!! it's been so long- i can literally remember when you first joined piccollage and ur user was like @lila_tangerine or something lol. i'll give u some username ideas but what type of usernames do u want? i'm alicja btw <3
thank you:))
thanks Lila!
HI LILA!!! Welcome back hope we can be friends!!! 🤍🤍
hi Lila!! would you like to be friends? welcome backkkk!