Hey!hope y’all are doing good! Love y’all!


✨🦋💕6-12-21💕🦋✨ Hey!hope y’all are doing good! Love y’all!

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gorgeous!! love the colors!
ofc! 💕
thx. you’re account is incredibly beautiful
love ur collages
thank you I love this it reminds me of mean girls or legally blonde 😊💕
this is beautiful!!✨
love ittt!
hey beautiful!! 🧡i just posted details about my name changing contest!!🧡(((i forgot to mention that whoever gives me the best idea wins a shout-out!)))✨ i’d love your opinions and suggestions on my new name!!✨love-bryson_lee_(((sry 4 copy n paste, feel free to delete)))
yaaayyy thx
hey I’m super sry if ur busy but do u know when u can work on the collab?
re from my extra: I’ll add u in my bio once I log into my extra
she was being annoying and obsessive and I didn’t like it. I told her multiple times to stop. Then I called her annoying. my mom always teaches me about setting boundaries for myself and it’s really too bad that she feels bad but I did what I had to do for myself. sometimes if you’re dealing with your own mental health you have to disregard other people’s feelings to stand up for yourself.
I never blocked you huh
you can’t unblock someone on pc my sister told me that
yea probably
it is ok
omg gorgeee!!!
I know iam doing it rn iam rly sryyy🙄🤚🤧😣❤️❤️❤️❤️
yeah I know😬😬 iam rly sry it’s just that my school is ending this week and yeah it’s really busy🤧
yeah I know
🐻hi! it’s luna, or @-kalopsia, and the topic of this comment is about the dog contest you signed up for! if you didn’t know, I have transferred the contest from my extras to my main. so, anyways, 1st round is out! with love, luna
hi how are you ?
AWW OMG THAT’S SO SWEET WHATT byee i’m tearing up that’s so sweet <3
k I’m looking for them
I looked up her name and she didn’t come up
I did it❤️
Hopefully she stops
💿*disclaimer:copy/paste* *feel free to delete* new song on my main! pls rate it & be honest! it’d be an honor! 💞love, luna💿
hello!! thanks for the comment on my shoto edit I never did get back to u!
hey bestie iam alosmt done with the tutorial!
I remixed the tutorial hope it help!!
hey can you help team dragon on our round 2 for @you_r_loved’s fantasy contest?
yeah I can remix some!
new post
do you want to try to guess?
thank you 💞
YES!!! You guessed it 👍🏻👍🏻💞💞
aww thank you so much
of course 💕