Collage by Brooke757


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hi girl! I’m sorry if it took a while to answer... I’m on vacation and I had bad WIFI... but I’m back now! what’s the theme gonna be?
idk. what do u want it to b?
Ariana grande and star wars?
ok, we could maybe link some quotes from both these themes and make one new quote! but you might have to educate me on Star Wars...
kk. u need to educate me on Ari
what quotes does ari use?
I know ‘thank u, next.’
but dats all
we could do like a scene form Star Wars and someone feels like they gonna cry but they move on... (if you can find a scene like that) we can add the quote ‘I got no tears left to cry’
or maybe someone breaks out of some kind of prison and we add the quote ‘this is, the part when I break free’
oh ya! I know some scenes like dat. lots of jail breakouts
you can do the background and I could do the text
can u just use the background I used in the og?
yeah, but can u please give me the pictures of the scenes from Star Wars?
helloooooooo my friend! we haven’t been chatting here for like, ever! can u remix the Star Wars pics?
kk. l8tr