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So I uhh made this, but idk how I feel about it. 🧡🧡 hope you all are doing fine. Question: what is your favorite snack? 🌻🌻 mines is probably avocados and tortilla chips. 🥰🥰


Tap 🌻 So I uhh made this, but idk how I feel about it. 🧡🧡 hope you all are doing fine. Question: what is your favorite snack? 🌻🌻 mines is probably avocados and tortilla chips. 🥰🥰

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do u want me to call u something else then? also tysm!
this is so cool!
no problem so I can call u Nessa?
can we be friends?
ok tell me if u want to be called anything else! but how r u Nessa?
skl........ 😭 at least no more quarantine
what’s ur name? I’m Joanna but just call me jo :)
oh oof do u have skl? like online?
Love this so much ❤
ugh 😫 I just want to eat all day 😂
ummmm this is INCREDIBLE😍😍
my favorite snack is probably coffee ice cream if that even counts as a snack😅
no problem!! wanna be friends?
oh ur name is soooo soooo cute!
I’m Joanna but just call me jo
how are u?
your so amazing at your work
yayyyy Whats your name?
oOoh me too
I was just watching a documentary for my project...
what were u watching?
ok sorry I am not that same.... sorry... I am not a big fan of dogs 😂 sry
how do you make such perfect edits though🥺🥺
whats your name?? i don’t think we’ve met🤠 im camila or cami
beautiful account!!!
awwww no problem and thank you so much i really appreciate it🤧💓
aw thank you😭🥰😘💙
Thank you 💕 and I love this wow beautiful 😍
yeah i know your name and btw you are GORGEOUS I STG🥺🥺
becca:) nessa is such a cool name omg
yayyyy ahahah I see that in your bio you like marvel😎
hey Nessa!
how r u today?
ur life sounds aesthetic ✨ 😂
just had lunch and FINISHED ALOT IF HOMEWORK
actually my group is working on a project and something happened That I thought would like never
we hot in touch with companies to help us like UN Women
oh we’ll be careful!
well UN Women is to like give womens same rights as any other gender
we also got to get OXFam to answer us and they help like people in poverty I guess
but I don’t know much yet 😢 I am only in 5 grade
oh cool!
yeah UN Women is a Company I am pretty sure
yeah ikr when tony died I cried and I wanted to look away so I didn’t get even more sad but I didn’t want to miss anything😂
and Natasha too I cried a little
ooh it does?
I was planning to watch black widow on my bday coz it’s supposed to come out around how to May and now I can’t I’m so bummed out tho😔😔😔
ohhh yeah I like lost in space, friends, Gilmore girls andddd idek🤷‍♀️
yeah:(( there was also another movie that got postponed and I was so excited😪oh well
hahahaha omg yesss phoebe is like a mood though
my fav character is chandler coz he’s so sarcastic like me😂😂
Oh lol I'm binge watching marvel movies too yayyy
this is gorgeouss
wow i love this!🧡🧡
oh yeah wonder womannnn
exactly like is it even possible to h@te chandler?
ahahahah same the only thing I can relate with to Ross is being socially awkward but I don’t really like him that much
no problem
we can relate to spiritual levels my fren👑
thank you!!!✨💫
a: oo that sounds goooodddd
mine is probs choc chip cookies 🍪🍪i'm so basic wow
thank you so much!!🥰🥰
ahhh thank you
lol dya prefer dc or marvel
i love marvell
i prefer the dc series like the flash thats amazinggg
gah thanks sm😩💗💗
Thanks, but your account is also amazing
I’m Brady btw, I don’t think I know your name
I love how some of the episodes of dc series run into other dc series 😂
thank you!
don’t know if you saw my comment on your remix but I’d love the be friends :)
Nessa that’s such a cool name, it’s nice to meet you Nessa
love ur account ♡
cool! my name is Michelle btw!
this is soooo pretty