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i move into college today :)

august 15 , 2020


• t a p • i move into college today :) august 15 , 2020

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wow, stunning
whoa I am just about to go into 2nd grade I have such a long time until then lol
this is gorgeous!!
^ woah second grade
ugh I love this!! @caption: omg congrats on moving in!
this is so beautiful 💕💕
and @caption congrats ✨👏
of course !
oh hi lol that was my sis she is in second I am in 6th lol
she doesn't have a phone yet but when she comes over I let her make some collages tho lol
thank you!! and this is stunning!!
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woah beautiful 🤩🤩💕
omg this is literally soo stunning🤩😍and ooo good luck moving into college! Wow that’s such a huge step🥺💗
woah this is gorgeous!
incredible as always!
hope your move goes well and good luck at uni!
@caption: that sounds like so much fun !!💙
this is GORGEOUS
so so gorgeous
@caption oooo funn
ah yeah but that’s still good you can visit !!
ahh fun!
how’s the dorm situation??
@caption— that’s so exciting yay!
hey Emily, can i call you Em? your name’s adorable too :)
@caption yay that sounds exciting!!
I’m really digging that ombré blue sky ✨✨
how do you find these pictures?
yeah it looks great!👍
same bro it’s annoying when people think they know what it’s like to have those struggles when they actually hV no idea
@caption good luck!!☺️
I’m in love w this collage btw😍 I love the contrast between the realistic mountains and the ombré sky
simple but so so beautiful💗🌸🌺
re from my main: thank you sm🥺🤍🤍
oh my god these are stunning 🤩 i love your account and the theme you’ve got going on x
yay haha! how are you then?
that’s exciting—happy very belated birthday then lol! my bday is 25th august so if we’re including the new sign then i’m a leo if not i’m a virgo. lol that’s kinda confusing :)
^^ i feel like i fit a leo a lot better tho ahah
heyyy :)
ahh school! i don’t start until september but i think i’m looking forward to it. good luck for tomorrow though❤️
ahh thank u💞☺️
thank you so much 💓
this is incredible 😱💜
ahhh thank you🥺🥺
Sed ego sum aut disciplina
my metronome is nowhere to be found
😂 I don’t speak Latin either but I’m learning*
bahahaha exactly 😂
Check out my rp!
no you’re dumb
woahhh omg🤩🤩
sign up sheet is out for my games!! come enter 💞
This is beautiful! ❤️ Have fun at collage!
you’re mean
why you leaving mean comments on jojoseaweed
hey Emily, I know you think I got ha ord but it’s still me, Colleen ❤️
bReaTh oF aIr rEaLeAseS
ikr 👀 I’m still in pain
it’s cramps 🤡 from a certain friend who came along to feck with me
will do 🙆🏻‍♀️
so prettyyy🤩🤩
@caption oo good luck!! i hope everything goes well :D
please enter my contest!! also loveeee this
love thissssss!!!♥️♥️♥️🤩
woah this is stunninggg😍
thank you✨
yesssss 👏💞
hey em hru?
ankle - kinda ded
thanks !! i’m pretty good, have you started school yet?
oh that’s cool. how’s it going? are you online?
silent ankle
my school is going back full time
thank you emily, that means sm <3
how do u do that!
everything it’s so good!
Em, it's been so long, I've been pretty good hbu, how's college
how many different classes are you taking
school has been a bit different for with all the new rules we’ve had, but it’s been good we just started last week so haven’t really gotten much work yet so it’s been nice
thank you🥰
thank you Emily! 💞✨ I miss warm weather.. TAKE ME TO UR HOMETOWN
haha I can imagine 😌 I’ve always wanted to go to ny though, if covid gets better maybe I’ll come and visit you 🥴💕
I would have to say my criminal justice class and physiology, what about you
hehe 😇
hey em, hru? :)
sorry i never got around to saying thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. i really appreciate it, you and caroline were the only ones who said anything :,)
i’m pretty good. i started school on tuesday, and i have to be remote until the 21st
but my school is back full time
yeah. because that’s 14 days since i’ve been exposed
yeah i’m really excited. i don’t like staying home, especially when the teacher often forget that they’re online people that need to learn too lol. my chem teacher just taught a whole class and didn’t even acknowledge me smh
yeah for sure lol. and i’m doing honors😭
eek i’m nervous and my teacher flat out said that if we’re online the class is going to be way harder
why are you so mean to me
mmm I too am lazy 💪
ty Emily!! No pineapple on pizza. 🤛
Minoring in criminal justice, that's awesome!! how are you liking it so far
yep 😎✌️
time to revisit #hindie 😳
That's awesome! freshman year of college do you get a lot of choices in your courses
That stinks, but I guess that's something to look forward to
thank you emmm <3
and how’s college life :))
well that sounds promising. I just started hs and I already don’t like it😂
what are you majoring in?
dang that’s cool
ohhh tysm 💕
this is absolutely stunning!! 💗☺️
oh no oh heck I’ve been busted 😥😥
my favorite season 👻
this is actually soo pretty 🥺💞
aww thank you, em.
ohh this is absolutely stunning
wobble wobble indeed
new post :)🌟
@cap: I’m late but HOW IS COLLEGEEE
how’re ya doing, Emily?
pretty good! whatcha been up to lately? :)
oml smorty pants🤧🧍‍♀️
and this is amazinggg
awww congrats like uni right?
I’m in uni too, I just joined this year too😺
hey em!! hru?
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hey! i am new here and was wondering if you wanted to be mutuals or if you wanted to be friends!! tysm, ily! <3
hey… u stole my name 😢😢(emily lol) 🤣🤣
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hey em! I miss youuuu hope uni is treating you well ❤️