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at least ur not leaving
ya i will be back on sunday
ok. I’ll be back Sunday evening
Round 1 of my color games is out!
Thank you for entering my contest! Come see if you won! 💜
go check out my latest posts
you should come and enter my summer contest
want to rp?
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hiii, I noticed that you changed your name, what was your previous username?
🦋come check out my recents💕
hey! it’s Rosie (milky_bear) and Sarah (-shiningsky-)! we are having a happiness contest and we would love it if you joined!! thank you for reading this!! (sorry for the copy and paste)
Hi I am trying a fun game pls check it out.
we can’t be ibfs anymore u haven’t texted me in a month.....
aw pretty!!
enter my icon contest
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are you back yet?
did u leave?
Sydney I’m back!!