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Please 🙏 Laura did nothing
If it means you stop hating on her, then do it idc
hi! so apparently you’re my friend but if you make this hàtepage and then bother my other real friends, then you’re not my friend. like at all. I don’t care what your main is but I just want you to stop. ok? I’m going to block you and ask you to stop. I’m sorry if you’re starved for attention or whatever, but this isn’t the right way to get it. instead, why don’t you focus on collages more? thanks
Btw I like how you like ur own posts!!
idk what the goal is here
like… it’s obvious you just want attention. the way you’re trying to get it is just genuinely disgusting
everyone look in the remix’s of this post!
you have 0 followers, nobody agrees with you! I’m sorry that you need to h@te on other people to feel good. we’re all just going to report and block you, so what’s the point? I’d stop if I were you.
honestly, do you have anything better to do rather than h@te on amazing accounts ? like, at this point you people are just jealous.
and we don’t care if your “main has more followers” your a bad person who h@tes on her for attention of because your jealous, just stop your already reported.
people like her because she’s nice. It makes perfect sense of why people like her
it’s not the truth tho
the only truth is that you’re an attention seeker who will do anything it takes to get the attention that you want. including putting other people down and treating them like trash and garbage. idk if you’ve even read everyone’s comments but it sure as heck looks like you’re not getting any love by putting Laura down. plus idk how you even handle the embarrassment
it’s disgusting that you would be have the audacity to come on here and say whatever you want abt Laura (who, again, didn’t do anything wrong) I mean, when you see hatepages like this you just got to wonder who’s behind the screen
in conclusion, I hope you turn this acc around
it’s not fair to Laura or to anyone else
you have two…
like I said, your a pick me. by doing this it proves my point, even if you are a nice person
you are kinda mean
bro ur like 11
you’re not allowed on the app unfortunately 🥺🤓🥺
well how about you actually say it to her face, and solve any issues you have with her
if you've got problems with @simple-bliss, tell her, not the whole world.