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Oliver and Andrew are walking around the neighborhood together, holding hands and singing duets quietly. Nyx and Ash are home bingeing a show.
wait Halloween night or around Halloween time?
just around halloween
like the 25
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(Imma apply the changes to Liam and Jasper and Jake, so Liam is blonde now and Jasper has big circle glasses and Jake has caramel brownish blonde hair)
Andrew and Oliver dance while they are singing, not having a care in the world
like my crush has circle glasses
(i changed andrew to look more like my new crush oop)
(aw muffins I gotta goo soon)
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ill be on a lot bc im on fall break
also Liam is a bit taller like- up to Jasper shoulder height
wottt you get a fall break???
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Liam sips his pumpkin spice latte “Ah I love the smell of dead leaves.” He was heading to meet Jasper at the aquarium (I dunno f i s h)
hello 👋🏻
(blub blub)
Ash looks out the window and sees Oliver and Andrew . He grins. “So glad they are together.”
Jasper is standing outside with a scarf on “Took you long enough it’s freezing!” “... i really?”
*no i
(awe cute we love a supportive brother)
Nyx leans on Ash’s shoulder, sighing contently. Suddenly, though, he is on the floor holding his head, screaming
(what) the muffin?!)
(i just switch to light while im typing and then switch back
my eyes hslavaoahsjdhscsgajabevhdjs
I have all my devices on dark mode this is very bright
Ash immediately rushes to Nyx’s side. “H-hey what’s happening?” Nyx, grimacing but stopping screaming, replies. “I really don’t know...this usually happens when my dad is angry...” Nyx doesn’t speak much of his dad Lucifer, but when he does, it’s never a good sign
ruh roh
Liam and Jasper wander through the aquarium (Is invested in your part of the story so let’s just ignore my characters for now...)
Ash sends Oliver a quick text. They receive it, tell Andrew, and the two of them go home. Oliver pulls out a small crimson leather bound book no one has seen before (except Ash). “I might can help.”
Oliver opens the book and reads a page before placing a hand on Nyx’s forehead. Oli mutters a phrase in Latin and the pain subsides. Nonchalantly, Oliver stands up and puts the book away in a secure spot. Nyx trusted them with this book. Oliver was a good vessel for darker magic, so they were able to help Nyx when needed
(just a casual bombshell)
Andrew gets a little freaked out, but he goes over and hugs on Oliver anyway. He reeeeeeallllly likes Oli, so he ain’t letting them go that easily. Nyx suddenly hugs Ash, crying a bit.
(remember these? :>)
ah yes
(oh from earlier Liam’s sisters are also blonde now I don’t really like the rainbow hair colors now)
(okie dokie)
Ash wipes the tears from Nyx’s eyes. “’s alright.” He smiles.”I’m here.”
Oliver is kind of distracted. They stare out the window and mutter in Latin under their breath. Nothing obvious happens, but they calm down a little more
what have I created...
Liam watches a sea turtle swim by “Did you know sea turtles find jelly fish delicious?”
oh shi-
Eventually, they say something. “Yeah...i know some magic...can we move on?” “ They are very temse and stressed in this situation
(I like that word... temse.)
i cant heccin type
we all do it 🤷‍♀️ except for the people who have grammarly
Ash looks at the ground. There is so much tension in the room. Everyone can tell Oliver is really uncomfortable with the topic, but they just can’t seem to let it go. Oliver eventually stomps upstairs to her room. When they get there, they punch the wall. Hard. Her fist goes through the wall, shattering bones in their fingers. “HOLY SHI-“ They yell. Andrew comes booking it upstairs.
(i use grammarly on every paper i type for school)
(poor Oli. I put them through a lot)
(I get annoyed by it sometimes like I don’t fricking care if that your is correct right now)
(by grammarly not by the stuff you put them through oofta that wasn’t a good time to type that)
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Liam give Jasper a kiss “Love you!” Jasper turns bright red (he a shy boi)
nopity nope ;-;
a little boy nearby says to his mom “Look the boy kissed another boy! Can I do that too?” “Well honey-“ (insert something a Karen would say I dunno)
Andrew nearly breaks down Oliver’s door. “ARE YOU OKAY?” He sees their beat up hand. “Nope! ASH START THE FOOKING CAR.” He picks up Oliver bridal style and carries then downstairs. Meanwhile, Oliver is in a daze, not quite aware of what’s happening.
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I have 1% left so if I disappear this is my early Goodeth night
aww rip well i’ll try to move the plot along quickly
(I stole that technique from a fanfic ÙwÚ I call it the homophobic Karen technique)
Rest in pepperoni
Nyx is laying on the couch with his eyes closed. He hears what’s happening but makes no action towards getting up. His entire body aches from earlier’s episode. Ash Andrew and Oliver all leave, letting Nyx rest
(ewwww homophobic karens...)
Liam and Jasper head on to the next room whilst Liam keeps naming off facts about everything
(so wholesome i cant-[gtg])
(My phone died 😑)
*rEaLIzEs THat Is fROm YEstEryEar*
Ava goes for a walk whilst BAsil deals with his autumn allergies. Ava goes around notices things like the dead leaves and dry grass.
dude last night all i did was think of depressing stories for when ava and basil got married i-
*has concern for self*
*at basils brothers kale dorm* "Dang lil' bro you really did it-" Basil sneezes,lil' image: Hair is all messy,red nose and cheeks,and runny nose,with tiny puffed up eyes,and had to take out his earring lol *sniff* "Yeah Kale,autumn hates me heh-"
also forget all the depressing backstory crud for ava-she was just adopted and her parents get to choose who she dates *like no choice for her if her parents find out she liked somebody cough they would emotionally murder them lol*
When they leave the aquarium they head to Jasper’s place to watch TV
Oliver, Andrew, and Ash sit in the ER waiting room, people-watching. Nyx gets up to get something to drink and gets another excruciating pain in his head. He crumples to the floor, sobbing. “Father what have I done to anger you..?” He chokes out, clawing at the floor. (omg im like about to cry why do i do this to my characters?)
I do not know
that makes me sad too ;w;
Basil sneezes-wait-OH MAH GOD I GAVE HIM CORONA-jkjk-
(bruhhhhh i am so sorry nyxy we still love you your dad just dont like that ur gay)
(yup thats right im making lucifer homophobic)
Liam watches cartoons and Jasper bakes bread in the kitchen
Ava goes back to the dorm and collaspes on the bed and watched youtube.
Ava thinks,"Might as well get started on my costume-" *pRocAtsINaTE*
She goes on amazon and gets thigh high red boots,black sleeveless dress with a checkered fluffy jacket and gets white and black hair dye for cruella divelle costume :>
*i gave up on the clown i-*
Eventually, the three are out of there, Oliver’s entire arm in a cast as a safety precaution. On the way home, Andrew takes the liberty of drawing cute little doodles all over it and encouraging words (AS EVERY BOYFRIEND SHOULD). Oliver smiles and sighs happily. Ash is a little tense. He feels like something is wrong. His boyfriend senses are tingling
(Me trying to decide weather Liam should be Patton or Roman)
they’re making a shrek 5
Nyx stands up and stumbles to where Oliver keeps the book. He takes it out and, stuttering a little, recites the latin from a specific page. the pain goes away and he passes out
ruh roh
The three arrive home and walks in to see Nyx out cold. Oliver notices the book out and quickly snatches it up. They are very protective of the book. “Lucifer must be mad...” They run upstairs and fill a bowl with water. Taking the bowl into their room, Oliver sits on the bed with it in front of them, closes their eyes, and recites an incantation. A flurry of visions floods their mind, and they realize why Lucifer is mad. Meanwhile, Nyx is waking up and clinging to Ash, scared.
Oliver sends a quick text to the rest of the group (filled with a bunch of typos) just to make sure everyone is okay.
(gimme something to work with ppl 😂)
Jasper picks up his phone “Yep all good here something wrong?)
“A bunch but it’s calmed down now.” Nyx’s dad’s pxssxd off at him and I have a full arm cast so all fine and dandy.”
“Holy shi-“
“yeah really. we do be vibing tho. Nyx is asleep and i am sorta typing successfully.”
Jasper takes a picture of Liam being mesmerized by the cartoon (trying to decide between Owl House and Steven Universe)
oh and it’s me waffle 🧇
cool beans
found the best thing on Pinterest
Oliver puts their phone away and sighs before heading back downstairs. Nyx is crashed out on the couch, a worried Ash keeping a watchful eye on him. Andrew is looking out the window, seemingly a little sad, until he sees Oliver’s reflection, at which point he perks up and turns around, grinning sheepishly
Oli walks over to Andrew and rests their head on his shoulder, looking at the sky outside.
Ava and Basil and Luka (My ELAR side went bye bye-) Text back "Nope-Sumthing happen," "Nothing-" "Pft-WeLL iM stIll alIVe"
Nyx wakes up suddenly, panicked. Ash immediately hugs him. Oliver turns around, a little startled
Nyx reluctantly explains what is happening. “So...Lucifer doesn’t like the fact that I’m gay, I guess.” Ash glares at the floor. “Well that’s stupid.” Nyx nods in agreement. “I’ll gladly stick out the pain though.” He kisses Ash on the forehead, something that has never happened before between the two. Oliver and Andrew are squealing happily. Ash is blushing furiously and stares at the ground again, secretly ecstatic
A different show turns on and Liam gets up
(boom UwU)
Oli sends a text to the group relaying what went down. They are clearly excited about the whole deal
Liam gets the notification but his phone dies “Aw muffin- did you get it Jasper?” “Yeah” Jasper hands Liam his phone quickly
Ash finally comes back to reality and moves to sit next to Nyx, leaning his head on his shoulder. “I-I really really really like you, Nyx,” he stammers “and I never want anything bad to happen to you.”
Liam texts : “Good for them! (btw this is Liam)
I gotta go
(aww farewell compadre)
and I’m gone as quick as I appeared woooshhhity woosh woosh woosh woo whoosh ✨🧇👁👄👁✨🧇🐸👌🏻
Ava replies by saying,"WOooOooOOOYEEeEEez"
“and now they’re ciddling.” Oliver sends, looking at the two curled ups asleep
(help I’m on a video chat with my friend and her relatives)
oH gOd-iM dIEinG
Ava buys stuff for Basil *candy my lord* and drops it off with a note saying,"Hope you're allergies get better! :D Ava :3" Kale picks it up and yells,"Your girlfriend brought candy!" "Just bring that candy kale-"
Basil munches candy whilst watching netflix UwU
cause priorities-
(too lazy to switch accounts) Andrew takes Oliver by the hand and puts one of his airpods in their ear. He plays Michael Buble’s “Sway” and pulls Oli close, swaying to the beat (i wanted to add some cute stuff bc why not)
Oliver is surprised by the action but embraces it.
Liam gets up and stretches “Aight imma go! Today was fun let’s hang out again tomorrow!” Liam grabs his book bag and goes home
good evening
Ava gets bored and sees Luka for the first time in October. "Luka!" she squeals,"You're now my entertainment!" Luka just looks confe
Jasper glances out the window and watches a bird eat from his bird feeders and he smiles a bit
(tried to be bit wholesome :>)
alll awoneee byyyy mah sewlffff
UwU OwO I wove bwead
I’m awfully bored
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I don’t have a life
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eEek Is a mUTanT
it’s just spider Lenny they are bootiful
Liam dunno what to do with my characters ;-;
Same i-
oh hi-
I just checked in rn
Liam gets home and eats an apple
(I don’t know)
didja see the new sanders side video uwu it's my life now
I’ve watched it like 12 times now
Ava breaks down Liams door. (That one friend-)
Liam jumps and stares at her
AVa just goes like :>
Luna peeks out of her room “What the duck?”
"It's called being random-"
Liam heads to the living room ignoring the broken door
Ava crashes on the couch and goesssss *brain dead rn i-* "Anything up with Juiceper?"
“Nope, not that I know of if you want to see what he’s up to except you might wanna knock .”
*oofta that’s incorrect spelling and grammar*
Ava goes,"Sir-yOu kNOw THat's nOt whAt i mEanT." *le wiggles eyebrows*
confused innocent Liam noises
*i can relate dont worry xD*
im dieing lIAm-
“I mean- he like baking?”
Ava le smacks her face. Over and over. "hOW LIAm-"
Liam gives a confused blank stare
"i MEan dO yOU sTilL-wEll-dO YOu sTIlL lIKE-aRgH-"
•-• <—- Liam
Ava takes a deep breath."Y'all together? Still crushing on eachother?" fRusTRaTEd aVA :>
“... have you been living in a hole?”
"...Were you high on beer one night and kissed Jasper?" she said back with a smirk
“uh-“ Luna stares at Ava and then looks at Liam
Luna goes back into her room
Ava just be smirking-
I gtg ;v; friggin hecc
awh-bai :D have a good whatever you doing!
I am back
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tried to make a Jasper one but I forgot something and I’m gonna redo it
hewo uwu
Luna heads to the door “I’m gonna go play some basketball!” “Oki doki!”
allll aloneeeee no where to goooooo or call my homeeeeee
imma shrink my viola and play a sad song
Ayeeee it’s the middle of the night and I don’t know what to do so I’ll just read the whole page cause cackadoodledoo there goes the rooster and I just went to bed
don’t ask what that’s was I don’t know either I’m tired and I can’t rhyme rn
ayeee not alone anymore:D
I’m always an hour late =~=
Ya know what I introduced a new character for this page and I haven’t even used him.
time for Waffles long lonely roleplay by themself
PicCollage is being a muffin head and not letting me comment it and it took me 7 minutes to type gosh dang it Piccollage
Jake heads to the library, he doesn’t know why, he’s just bored and thought he might read a book or something
it won’t let me post the next paragraph I don’t know what the muffin to do
*inhale* flippin heck
he sees a guy struggling to put books on a tall shelf
“oh- do you need any help?” “oh- uh- yes please and thank you..” Jake puts the book on the shelf “No problem! If you need anymore help I have no where to be!”
“You REALLY don’t have to do that!” He reveals a big cart of books “I have a lot of books to put away.. I usually have a stool but some uh- stuff happened and now I don’t like standing on high places eheh..”
Jake and the guy who’s name is Jamie spend the rest of the day putting away books and chatting and after they get a coffee
“That was fun! It was nice to meet you. If you ever wanna chat again you can probably find me in the library on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays!” Jamie heads home and they exchange phone numbers
boom one story all in one night with 15% battery and a lot of struggles with PicCollage censorship
As Jamie leaves Jake notices a pin on his bag; a pride pin
finally know how to properly us this think ; I think
good night x
yEs HEck YEs mHMMmmMkAy
hello :>
i may or may nove gotten the pin idea from sander Sides
:> totally not~
*when you have a idea for your ocs but then forget it`*
Ava goes to downtown-where-ever-they-are and (cough intense schulyer sisters forshadowings) looks around (lOoK arounD) at all the cool people and places.
(Oh gosh-)
Jake munches on a bagel
300th comment
Jake texts Jamie and they just chat a bit
A sickly drunk Basil (somehow) (sOMEhOW) gets out of his room,with a lil' cold (Which affects him way more than it should) and goes downtown (soMeHow) and (sOMehOw) sees Ava and smacks her against a building wall thing. (grammer am i right-) "Basil what the fu-DuUUdE whY aRE YoU oUT of YoUr doRm yOu loOOk so siCK!!" she says. Basil just sickly laughs and swallows bits of sir,
my god better tha you is such a ava vs luka song i-
oh hi!
Jasper is heading down to the animal shelter to help out and sees what’s happening and all he can think is “What the fwah?”
oH gOd jAspEr
sORry i MeanT jUicepEr
Ava waves to Juiceper and Basil just looks like a drunk teen even though he's just sick ;w;
Jasper goes around them avoiding eye contact and heading to the animal shelter a block away
Ava does a >:o face and yells,"jUIcEpEr"
"juiceper-" said basil groggily
He turns his head while walking “What?”
She just goes and hands Basil saying,"This stupid child is now your problem." and runs off like sanic
“uh- do you need an Uber or something? I’m kinda busy...”
Basil just looks at Jasper like .o. "fatHEr?"
Jasper calls an Uber
“What’s your address?”
"I eat dinosaurs for breakfast."
O-O <— Jasper
This is what ava does to make them suffer. :. she gives them sick/drunk basil *cLAps*
The Uber pulls up and Jasper gives an address he found on Basil’s phone
And then Jasper heads where he intended to go 15 minutes ago
Oh God
"Bye Felicia!!!" Basil yells out the window
Oh yes i did :>
Jake looks up and sees Ava run by
yes you did
Ava pauses running. She turns around and looks at Jake like -o-
Jake’s phone give a little *bing*
Ava being Ava just looks over his shoulder at the text. (Cause ofc-)
Jake ignores her and puts his head down the text says “So library tomorrow?” and he texts back “Yep”
"oOOooh who's that!" she says
“None of your business...”
r u d e Jake
Ava goes >:o
"WeLL iM sORry fOr wasTIng MY tiME. aND fOR abOUT to gET YOu icE cReam BEcAusE i was Rude hMph."
Jake gives a look at her that says “What”
Ava gives a look that goes "yEs icE cReam YoU-" and then Luka Walks by just like .-.
Jake gets a kissy emoji text and he almost dropped his phone
Ava picks up the phone like sAnIc and says loudly readling the name,"OOO WHO'S JAMIE."
Luka be like and i oop and slowly starts filming-
“My friend-“ he takes his phone back
Ava looks confuzzled and says,"Then why'd he send you a kissy emoji..?"
“I dunno! Can friends do that?”
Luka whispers,"This is greater than when she broke up with me lol-"
Jake stuffs his phone in his pocket
She shrugs and says,"Does it look like I know?'
i have to eat soon ;w;
oh nu ;-;
Jake gets up and starts walking away
k baii
baiii :<
I’ve been watching too much TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot
(With Jamie) Jamie’s had just did something he kinda regretted it. He sent someone he just met that day a kissy face emoji and they left him on red. His head was racing “Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh what have I done!!!! I don’t even know if he’s into me what if he just wants to be friends!!!” After a bit Jamie texts back “Sorry mistyped hehe..”
*read not red
Jake looks at it and give a little sigh of relief
(but also a little disappointed)
Liam just be vibing at home to be honest I have no idea what to do with him
Basil just smirks at the Uver driver like :>
Uber driver be liek ._O
Ava texts Liam,yez Liam,"wanna get froyo!? :D"
Liam texts back “Sure!”
"Yay! Meet at the blah blah place! Who gets there first gets more sprinkles >:3"
Ava smirks and runs to the b
Liam takes his sweet time, cause he doesn’t want sprinkles
He’s a no sproonkle man
Ava waits and goes,"wHEre OS THat poTatO"
Liam texts Ava "heh i dont want sprinkles."
"just get here >:3 or you're paying"
Liam jumps at this and starts hurrying up
tHEre We go
Ava gives a proud sniff and wonders what flavor to get *i loaf white chocolate strawberry is so good uwu*
Liam arrives trying to catch his breath
Ava says,"That close Liam...that close.."
Liam goes inside with a T^T face
Ava just starts wheezing. *heh moi*
Ava sits down with her froyo and goes uwu
hellow ;-;
idk if anybody is seeing this but
hellow. ;-;
Liam gets a strawberry cheesecake favor and sits down
hello :>
Z:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D YEy yoUr BAckKKk
Ava get a iNtenSe brain freeze and groans holding her forehead
Liam laughs at her but way too soon he gets one too
Jasper goes home and lays down and his cat joins him
Ava laughs harder at Liam and then her's *intensifies* *this is a brainfreeze battle aint it*
the nearby employee just stares at them in confusion
Ava's brains stops and she keep wheezing at Liam
brain just stops
When it finally ends Liam puts his head on the table
Ava pats his head
he just lets out a little “meh.” (I have no idea what to do)
(Me neither tbh I came up with a story that like ava was going to a new boarding school so I could rp more with basil but I'm like urhehehheudarwx)
*hesitate i cannot*
*ima do it cause idk*
Ava takes a deep breathe from laughing so hard and says,"So I kinda wanna tell you something big...I'm going to a different school." Ava goes ;-; *mehhh what am i doing with my life*
Liam’s eyes glare up with his chin still on the table “What.”
If I had drawing skills I would’ve drawn Liam but sadly I can not draw 😞
*oh lord im scared of liam now*
ava has a oh sh- face and goes,"my mom transferred me to a new boarding school! ugh and it has uniforms-"
(im not mentally crying you are)
Liam goes on a quiet rant like “ ok that little how dare they what are uniforms even what”
Ava just listens like this child is not okay
(happy new years! )
(happy New Years:>)
Liam takes a monch of a strawberry on top of his fro yo in rage
he starts to call Jasper to rant more
Ava's trying not to laugh like
w h e e z e
Jasper wakes up from his nap “What....” “Jasper- ( insert ranting)”
Ava just says to the phone,"hI jUicEpEr"
Jasper just falls back to sleep while Liam keeps ranting
Ava just waits the whole time Liam is ranting.
Liam hangs up and goes back to eating
it’s meeee Eva
what happened to the village
I’m so confused
I missed so much on this page
I got rid of the village cause I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore tbh
this place is very dead
in the grave already
woot woot
oh gawsh
we just left this