Collab with -OceanBreeze-! Go follow her she did an amazing job!💗


❤️Tap!❤️ Collab with -OceanBreeze-! Go follow her she did an amazing job!💗

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so beautiful
This is wonderful 💗😁❤️
loved collabing with you ❤️❤️
Me too😄💗
you’re both so talented 💙
RyleeTheHorseGirl has a giveaway and you would go join it!
Contest results are posted so come check out my page!
contest results are out💫🌸🌿thanks for entering💞💓💕
ur welcome❤️😄
no problem😊👌❤️
sure! what would you like?💙
It doesn't matter to me😊Just do the same style you usually do to make your icons!🌈❤️As long as it has my name "PicCandyPop". Thanks!❤️🌈💖💗
contest results are out! did you win? check it out!❤️Becca
hey! please go on Razz_Follow and like my collage! it is for a contest and the 3 people with the most likes win! Sorry for the copy-and-paste message,thanks!
love this
congratulations! you came in third in the contest. please pick prizes as soon as possible.
follow for follow 😘
results to my contest are up! 🌸
hi PicCandyPop I think ur talented and it would mean the world to me if u could plzzzz join my icon contest
like rrrrrlllllyyyyyy talented