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20 3
can we do girl x boy
sure me name is Sophia my age is 20
my bio coming out soon
okay my name is finn and i am 21
idk if i’ll make a bio but maybe
dirty or clean
okay you can start Sophia is a supermodel and is rich
okay finn is very hot, very tall and he is not super rich but owns a pretty large house
*walks into the grocery store*
* I’m looking at some fruit *
*stares at you and looks at you up and down*
* notices you *
*continues looking at you not noticing you noticing me* *looks at your a** and whispers* “d**n”
* gets a bit annoyed and moved away*
*walks closer to you to see if i can get your number*
*turns around *” what do you want “
“you~” *gets closer*
“ really” *looks annoyed *
“yep~ how bout i drive you back to my place”
“I’m sorry I don’t even know “* gives you my number on a pice of paper *
“thanks“ *picks up a couple of things and drives home*
* I’m in the car thinking of how hot you are and how annoying too*
*gets home and cant stop thinking about you so i decide to call you*
* I’m still in the car*” Sophia Maverick speaking who is this “* you know this surname form somewhere because my dad was a singer *
“hey it’s finn, you saw me at the grocery store today, Maverick? aren’t you that famous singers daughter?”
“ yes Finn” * says that in a very annoyed tone *
( I remixed my bio )
“sooo you wanna come over?”
“ dude I don’t know you can come to my place “
* whisper *” god why does he want me so badly “
“okay— what’s your address?” *hears you whisper* “cos ur hot” *smiles*
“ whatever , I’ll text you my address “* whispers * he’s so annoying *
*hears you whisper again* “what was that, cutie?”
“ nothing GOOD BYE “
* text you the address *
( did you read my bio what do you think)
“bye cutie” *hangs up*
* I’m at my house in the kitchen *
(yes and i think she’s a really good character)
*i drive to your house and knock on the door*
* I go to my bedroom and puts on some expensive sweatpants and a tank and texts you are you here yet *
*texts you back yeah*
* I go down stairs and open try front door and these two Grant Dane dogs come out *
* texts you *” I can’t see your car”
“i’m at the door can i just walk in”
* I walk to the door and crosses my arms *” ooh hi “
“hi hottie”
“ please don’t call me that “* points you to the way of the kitchen *
*walks to the kitchen and thinks i wanna f**k her so bad*
“ please just stop it “
“why am i hear then”
“ you must want to f**k me “* shakes my head *
“you guessed it” *walks close to you*
“ mmm”*puts my hands around your neck *
*leans in and kisses you a bit harder then you would have expected*
* breaks the kisses and laughs* “ omg you think that I was going to allow you to f**k me “* let’s go of you *
* thinks to myself his really good kisser *
“don’t tell me you don’t want me to” *grabs your a** pulls you close and kisses you hard*
* kisses you back *
*breaks the kiss and kisses your neck* “where is your room”
“ im not telling “
“then we could just do it over there” *points to the couch in your living room*
“ no way “* pushes you away and walks away *
“hey get back here” *walks over to you and holds your waist and kisses your neck*
* pushes you against a wall and whisper in your heat *” please stop it “
*you notice I’m quite strong *
“no” *kisses you and grabs your a**
“okay bye “ * I walk away*
“give me one reason why you don’t want me to f**k you”
* turns around to face you *” well I don’t know you and I’m tired and not in the mood “
“ I’m going to bed you can drive home or sleep on the couch “
“i’ll get you in the mood then” *pulls you down onto my lap, lifts up your shirt and starts s*cking on your t*ts*
(hey are u online)
* moans * “ stop it “
( oh sorry I fell asleep )
*doesnt stop*
(its okay i did too lol)
* moans louder and try’s to push you away *
( how was your day)
( hi if you can please remix your rp character he doesn’t have to be anime )
*pulls you closer and kisses you hard* (yes i can, give me a couple mins)
(and my day was good hbu)
( great )
* I break the kiss and whisper *” your so f**king annoying “* and starts to kiss your neck *
"thanks" *kisses you neck back*
* there loud knocking on the door *” ooh s**t”* I grad your hand and quickly rans upstairs to my bedroom *
"who was that"
“ I don’t know just stay in my bedroom “
*smiles* "okay"
“ and please stay out of my cupboard “ * slightly close the door and walks away *
*i listen and wonder what is happening*
*this tall man comes in and we go to the kitchen and we start to talk *
*thinks to myself, i want to look in that cupboard*
*my cupboard door is wide open and I’m still talking to that guy *
( btw I love your rp character
*walks over to your cupboard and looks inside* "what the f**k"
* the man and me is having a very serious conversation *
*continues looking in the cupboard and sees tons and tons of s*x toys* "d**n shes a pervert"
(are u on)
( hi was busy)
* they guys hands me a heavy black bag *
*goes through the cupboard*
the man leave sand I go to the basement and goes to the gym and hinds the bag in on of the cupboards *
*i pick up one of the toys and i think to myslef i can use these with her*
* I stay in the basement and looks in the bags and thinks to myself d**m*
*hears the man leave and wallks downstairs* "Sofia?"
* quickly hide the bags and come up *” what “
"who was that"
“ooh no one “* I lock the basement door and I walk upstairs *
*walks upstairs behind you*
* I quickly run to to bedroom and I lock myself in *
"Hey! let me in!" *knocks on the door*
“ no “* laughs I go to the bathroom*
* shouts form the bathroom *” you can sleep on the coach “* turns on the shower *
*finds a door in another room that has a door connected to your bathroom and walks in*
* quickly runs to my bedroom and Loki’s the bathroom door *
*finds a bobby pin on the bathroom counter and uses that to pick the lock on the door and runs to block you from getting out of the room*
“ get out “
* moves closer to you and puts my arms around you *
*wraps my arms around you and kisses you*
*I kiss you back and pushes you against the door *
*kisses you harder*
*grabs your a**
*stops and starts kissing your neck and while doing that I try to unlock the door *
*i hear the door unlock and i reach over and lock it again, keeping my hand on the lock so you cant get out*
"my turn" *kisses your neck and gives you a hickey*
* I roll me eyes mad I continue to kiss your neck and gives you a hickey *
*reaches under your pants and holds your a**
* i stop and I whisper *” I can’t do this”
“ I just can’t “
“ you remind me of people I know “
* I start to blush *
"like who"
(hey are you online?)
“ no one “ *looks at the floor *
( bye 🖤🖤)
*lifts up your chin with my finger* "trust me im not like any of the guys you have met" *kisses you softly*
(bye! tty tm!)
* kisses you back*” but I’m going to hurt you “
( hii I’m back )
“what do you mean”
(sry i’m not super active today)
“ I have a history of bad relationships because of me “* looks at the floor again *
( it’s fine it’s actually great o have a day off social media ✨💕)
*lifts up you chin again* “don’t worry, i can change that”
(yeah lol i am trying to get over my phone addiction 🤪)
( hehe 🤣)
*puts my hands on your chest and kisses you gently *
“ I warned you” * and kisses you harder *
*kisses you back* “your pretty cute” (sry i just woke up i’m in eastern standard time btw)
( it’s okay )
* kisses you harder *
“can you do it this time?”
“ yeah I warned you “ * I take off my shirts and puts my arms around your neck *
“yep— your a heart breaker” *picks you up and hugs you*
* kiss you hard *” yes *”
*walks you over to the bed and puts you down and kisses you back hard*
* moans *
“would you date me?” *takes off your shirt*
“ I don’t know you “
“i don’t know you either but i’m at your house in your bedroom”
* rolls my eyes *” I’ll think “
* bites my lip*
“okay then why don’t we get to know eachother” *looks at you with my eyebrows up*
“okay “
*sits down on your bed and puts you on my lap*
“ so tomorrow my brother is having this grand party because he released his new album and you can be my date “*
* giggles *
“i’m good with that” *kisses you softly*
*kisses you back *
“are you going to let me f**k you?”
(sry i’m in school)
*starts to take of your pants and underwear and takes off my shirt*
“ f**k me” * giggles *
*takes off my pants and underwear* “i’de be happy to“
* giggles* “ come on baby”
*pulls you on my lap but doesnt put my d**k in yet* “baby?“
“ yes”
*puts you on my d**k* “mmm~ okay then“
*moans and kisses you hard *
*holds onto your waist and helps you go up and down slowly*
“mmm~ d d daddy”
“daddy?“ *makes you go faster*
“c*m for daddy“ *makes you go faster and harder*
“yes yes daddy “ *moans louder *
*starts to feel like im gonna c*m* “do i have permission to c*m inside of you?“
“yes baby”* leans my heads back *
*c*ms inside of you and goes faster* “mmmm~”
( how are you )
“f f f faster “
*goes faster and harder* “o o okay baby girl”
(i’m good hbu)
( great gales it friday )
“you like that?” *picks you up and puts you on your hands and knees and starts pounding into you*
(i’m so glad it’s friday because this week went so slow)
( agreed)
( hi how can you fix a iPhone charger quickly )
“mmm yes daddy “
“good girl” *continues slamming into you and c*ms again*
(hmmm did you try to check if it was plugged into the outlet or whatever you are using correctly)
*it’s really late and my phone starts ringing *
*keeps pounding you and doesn’t notice the ringing*
* I try to stop you *” dddady please stop”
( do you know how to fix a iPhone charger )
*i keep going*
(what’s wrong with it)
( it won’t charge and my phone is on 9% I’m stressing)
“ baby stop”* tries to push you away*
(did you check if it’s plugged into the power source all the way or if it’s plugged all the way into ur phone)
*i stop and smack your a** a bit hard*
*I reach to my phone*” sh*t”* I get up and run to my closest *
( I’ll check”
( doesn’t want to work )
“where the f**k are you going and who is that” *i stroke my d**k to keep it hard*
“ business “* I come out wearing some sweet pants and and tank top and I run down stairs *
(bye I’m about to die)
*puts my clothes back on and follows you downstairs*
(bye i hope you fix your charger)
( yeah we got a new one)
* i get a bag from a cabinet in the kitchen and I get my car keys*
“ I’m sorry I need to go somewhere “
“i’ll come with you then”
“ no it’s fine you can stay here”* I take the bag and I walk to the garage *
“fine” *walks over to the couch and sits down*
* I drive off*
*the next morning*
*i wake up on your couch*
* I’m not home yet*
*stands up and walks to your room* “oh she’s not there”
* you hear my car and my dogs start barking*
*i come downstairs and get the dog to stop barking*
* the garage opens and I drive in*
*you walk in and i come over to you* “hey where were u”
“ ooh now where “* I walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water and you see this huge scratch on my back and that I’m quite dirty*
“woah what the f**k is that and why are you so dirty”
“what”* try’s to cover it*
“that scratch on your back” *moves the thing you are covering it with*
“ ooh that’s nothing “* hides it*
“it’s not nothing— tell me what happened”
“ I will tell you when I’m ready”
“is this why people don’t like to date you? because you are a lier?”
“ I haven’t lied to you once “* I walk go down stairs to the gym*
“okay then”
*i follow you down* “wow this is cool“
* I put on some Boxing gloves*” you know you don’t know anything about me “
“yes i know and you dont know anything about me either-- why dont we get to know eachother“
“well okay , I’m not a f**king lair okay, and I have 2 older brothers and a younger and you might know them for their music and sport and I have many secrets “* starts to punch a punching bag*
“okay uh i have abusive parents, i moved out of my house when i was 16, i dont have a job and i have a brother and a sister that are younger then me“
* I stop boxing *” you don’t have a job”
“nope— i sing at the mall sometimes and i do modeling on occasion”
“ well my brothers and I started when we were 12”* sits down on the floor *
“ so you can sing “
“i guess”
“ follow me”* I get up and I walk to the main level and leases you into a recording studio *
“oh my god you have a recording studio” *looks around and smiles*
“ yeah ... do you remember that we have to go my brothers party “
“yeah.. what about it”
“ it’s tonight so I’m. going to get ready “
“okay but why did you bring me here”
“ just to show you so you can work on music tomorrow “
“um okay then- do you have any nice boy clothes that i could wear to that party because i don’t have any nice clothes”
“ ooh yeah * knocking on the door *” your clothes is here”
* open the door seven different people come in with clothes, makeup and hair things they start setting up the hair and make up in the kitchen *
“oh thanks— who the f**k are those people”
“ they do my make up , hair and they dress me “
“ they will be doing your hair and dressing you “
“wow i’m spoiled” *goes over to a chair and sits down*
* I go to sit and people start doing my hair and makeup *
*people start putting a tux on me and doing my hair*
* people are busy doing my hair and makeup and I’m on my phone *
*i look over at you getting your makeup done and think to myself d**n shes hot*
* I get up and I walk to the bathroom and this lady comes with me holding my dress*
*i finish with hair and i get up and go the the living room*
* come out wearing a back dress with a open back*
*i stand up from the couch and look at you* “wow, you look beautiful”
(what time is it where you are)
( I don’t want to tell if that’s fine )
(okay that’s fine)
*i walk over to you and kiss you softly* “your welcome”
*kisses you back*
“are we ready to go?”
“ yes” *takes your hand and walks to the door*
*walks to the car and opens the door for you* “would you like me to drive?”
“ okay”
*i get in the driver seat and pull out of the driveway* “what’s the address?”
*looks on my phone*” it’s this fancy wine farm “* shows you the address *
“oooo okay” *drives to the place and hears my phone ring* *gets out of the car* “i gotta take this”
(sry for late reply i was on a hike lol)
(we can do that idea with the rp btw idk if you saw my comment)
“ okay “ * go onto my phone *
( I love hiking )
“ don’t take to long”
“i wont” *i answer the phone* “it’s all going as plan” *im talking to the man on the phone in a quiet voice*
(same and this time we took my dog so it was more fun)
( I love nature and how many dogs do you have )
* I notice your talking in a quote voice and I start to listen *
*the man on the phone tells me a plan and i agree and hang up*
(i only have one dog)
* I get out and I go to seat in the driver seat * “ I’m driving “
( me to)
“ just because “
“uh okay” *i get in the passenger seat*
(drive off and I’m driving quite fast*” who was that “
“it was just my friend he was calling to see how i was doing”
(sry for late reply)
“ okay”* I drive to the wine farm and I park *
( it’s fine)
*i get out of the car and open your door and help you out of the car* “well, we’re here”
“ yeah I’m glad that I here with you “* I take your hand and we walk to the red carpet *
*i kiss you on the cheek gently* “i’m glad i’m here with you too”
“remember to smile “ * we walk onto the red carpet and people start taking photos *
*i pose and smile as people take pictures*
* my brother Jakob comes towards us*
*i shake his hand* “hi, my name is finn, i am sophias date”
Jakob~ hi I’m Jakob * I give Sophia a hug*
“i really like your music”
* my phone rings and I whisper in your ear *” I’ll be back “ * I walk away and I answer *
“ thanks I try “
“your welcome”
* this man starts to talk on the phone *
Jakob ~ Sophia says that you can sing
“uh yeah i guess”
Jakob ~ we should sing sometime together
“maybe— i’m not as good as you”
Jakob ~ sure you are I’ll come over tomorrow
* I’m still talking on the phone and I’m looking at you nodding my head *
“uh okay sounds good” *i look over at you and notice you nodding your head and look at you confused*
Jakob ~ I have to go see you tomorrow * walks away
* I notice you saw me I turned around and I loose kinda upset *
“bye jakob” *i walk over to you and put my arm around you* “you okay baby?”
* I put done the phone *” ooh nothing “* hugs you tightly *
*i kiss you on your head while you are hugging me*
“ I love you”
“I love you too”
“ do you want to get something to eat “
“yes please i’m starving”
* takes you hand and walks to the car when you walk past the back of the car you notice something that looks like a gun *
*points to the thing that looks like a gun* “w what is that”
* I hide *” nothing “ * smiles *
“oh really?” *comes to you and picks you up by the waist and tickles you*
* giggles *
“mmk” *when i’m carrying you i make you put your legs around my waist and i walk you to the car*
* giggles and kisses you hard every one starts taking photos *
( are we still doing the spy thing about trying to kill each other )
*kisses you back and notices people taking pictures but doesn’t care*
(yeah but i think we should gradually get to that part like slowly ease into it)
* continues to kiss*
*pulls away and smiles* “they are watching us” *kisses you hard again*
“who cares “* kisses you back*
“not me” *rubs your back while kissing you*
* breaks the kiss *” lest leave “
“sounds good to me— are we just going to go back to your house?”
“okay” *carries you to the car and puts you in the passenger seat and get ready to drive us home*
* at my house *
*we get out of the car and walk in to the house*
* I walk into the living room and I take off my dress*
“wow baby you are just taking that off right there” *smirks*
* walks towards you and I put my arms around you *
*kisses you and puts my hands on your waist*
*kisses you back harder *
* and I take off your jacket*
*i continue kissing you and unbutton my shirt*
* I help take off your shirt *
*i reach behind you and unhook your bra*
* undoes your pants *
*takes off your bra and slides your underwear down*
* kisss you harder
*slides my hands down onto your a** and continues kissing you hard*
(hey i’m so sry i fell asleep)
( mr to)
“moves closer to you *
*kisses you very hard and pulls you up against my body*
* I put my hands on your chest *
“i love you” *i pick you up and bring you to your bedroom*
“ love you more”
*i put you on the bed and sit next to you*
* smiles at you*
*puts you on my lap*
* moves closer*” hey baby”
“hi love” *kisses you*
* kisses you back *
“can i f**k you baby”
“ okay “
*starts to take off my pants*
* I bite my lip *
*i take off my boxers* “you h*rny baby?”
“ I don’t know “
“what do you mean you don’t know”
“maybe “
“come here”
*i wave my hand to get you to come to me*
* I walk to you *
* blushing *
“why are you blushing baby?” *i hug you tightly*
“ because your hot”
“awww thanks” *i kiss you softly*
* kisses you back *
“ don’t act surprised “
*giggles and kisses you harder*
* puts my hands on your chest and kisses you *
*picks you up*
* starts to kiss your neck *
*leans my neck to the side so you can reach it better*
* kisses your neck harder and whisper *” do you love me “
*whispers back* “of course i do”
“do you love me?”
* stops kissing you *” yes” * smiles *
“good” *smiles and kisses you*
* kisses you back and start to gently scratch your abs*
“mm~ that feels good baby”
“ leans my head on your chest and carry’s on*
*wraps my arms around you and rubs your back*
“ mm~ that’s feels amazing “
“i’ve been told i give good back massages” *smiles and grunts because you are turning me on*
“really... who told you that “
“you and a couple other people i have dated but you are the only person i care about” *kisses you*
*kisses you quickly *” exes?”
“how many “
“like 1 or 2” *sighs* “why?”
“what’s their names “
“i don’t remember baby this was a long time ago”
“ I’m just asking “* scratches a little harder *” please tell me there names “
*grunts* “i think one was amanda and i don’t remember her last name but she’s a stupida** b***h and the other one is emily and i don’t remember her last name either and she was another toxic and rude person so yeah”
* scratches softly again*” so you only dated two girls “
“yeah and i had to date them secretly because my friends parents, i lived at their house, wouldn’t let me date”
“ really for how long did you date Emily “
“like 2 months”
“ okay how long did you date Amanda “
“same amount”
“ I’m interested l
“ I just want to know how you dated”
“oh okay” *i rub your back more*
“ when last did you hook up with someone “
“like 2 years ago before i met you”
“ ooh okay”* smiles*
“your so cute” *i pull you on the bed and kiss you*
* kisses you back *” who did your like the most “
“you” *smiles*
“besides me”
“oh no one they were both horrible and they forced me to stay with them”
“ okay know ask some questions about me “* I get comfortable in your arms *
“how many people have you dated”
* I get a bit uncomfortable *” well I’ve dated a lot “
“okay.... like long term?”
“ some of them”
“okay— who have you dated”
“ okay... my fist boyfriend was Jason we dated for 2 months , Mathew 3 years , kade 2 years and the Cole 4 years
* I start to play with your hair *
“oh okay.. who do you like the best?” *i run my fingers through your hair*
“ you”* kisses you*” I love you the most and hopefully this is forever”
“i’ll accept that answer” *kisses you back* “i love you”
*smiles and gives a longer kiss*
*smiles while kissing you*
* puts my head on your chest and falls asleep *
*notices you are asleep and smiles*
*the next morning *
*i wake up with you still on my chest*
* I’m still sleeping (
*i notice you are still asleep and i stay there with you*
*you get a text form Jakob *” I’m coming over “
*i text back* “okay” *i run my fingers through your hair* “baby wake up jakob is coming over apparently”
“mm”* I roll to the other side of the bed *
*i get up and put on my clothes* “come on baby” *i pick you up and carry you around*
“ put me back to bed”
“fine but give me a kiss first”
* I quickly kiss you *” put me in bed “
*i put you in bed and kiss you one more time* “i love you”
“ I love you “* I put the sheet over my head *
*i finish getting ready and jakob arrives*
*Jakob knocks on the door *
*i walk to the door* “hey jakob!”
“ hey “
“sophia is still sleeping” *i walk him into the house*
“ ooh that’s great “* walks to the studio *
“why is it great” *follows him into the studio*
*i sit down on a chair in the studio*
“ she can be annoyingly “* I turn on the lights and goes to sit next to you *
“well good thing i’m her boyfriend and not her brother”
(sry for late reply i was doing schoolwork)
“ha”* I turn on a button *
( it’s fine )
(sorry i just woke up)
( it’s fine )
* Sophia goes onto her phone *
* Jakob walks into the booth and turns on the mic *” so any song ideas “
“not really sorry i wasn’t prepared for this”
(i like this part because i actually love singing lol)
( omg really )
“ what type of music to you like to listen to “
(yeah it’s like my extra curricular activity instead of doing sports)
“i listen to general pop music mostly and i like contemporary pop”
“ okay that’s great so just Wright something you would like to listen to “
( I like sports)
“uhh okay” *i start writing random words and hand the paper to you*
(what sports do you play)
( I really enjoy running)
*looks at the paper and adds a few parts *
(oh nice, i’m not very sporty lol)
*watches u add things*
* hands the paper back to you *
“what do you think”
“ it’s great but I just add some words and I think that I should do a rap part”
* Sophia gets up and goes to the shower *
“that sounds good” *i hear sophia walking around but ignore it*
(congrats on 200 followers)
(thanks )
“ okay now just sing the words and I’ll tell you off it sounds good “
* Sophia is getting dressed *
*i sing the words*
“ well done are you ready to start recoding “
* Sophia’s walks to the kitchen *
“are you sure i don’t need more practice?”
“ okay ... you can practic”* I go to the booth and starts to practice my rap part *
* I walk into the studio *
“oh hi baby”
“ hi”* I listen to what my brother is singing *
* I sit on your lap *
“you wanna listen to me practice?”
*i kiss you softly
* kisses you back *” I wish I could but I need to go somewhere “
“oh that’s okay” *sighs* “where are you going?”
(i’m so sorry i just woke up)
“ shopping ?”
“why did you say that like it was a question?”
* I get up and I walk to the door *” because I’m going shopping?”* walks away *
“uhh okay” *talks a little louder* “love you have fun”
*my phone rings*
* doesn’t hear you and I walk upstairs *
* and I pack a suit case *
*i answer the phone and a man talks to me*
* I walk down stairs and I put the bag in the back of my car and I walk to you again *
*i get off the phone* “your back”
“ yeah I wanted to say bye “
*i stand up and come over to kiss you* “are you going somewhere far away?”
“no “* kisses you back and moves away form you *
“okay love you”
“ I love you “*I walk to the car and a drive away *
*i continue practicing the song*
Jakob ~ I need to go home so see you tomorrow
“okay see ya”
* Jakob goes home *
*i go back to the living room*
*i sit down on the couch and put on a tv show*
* I go to the airport *
* after i watch tv for a while i get up and get a snack from the kitchen*
* I buy a ticket and I board the airplane *
*i sit back down and i get a phone call*
*i answer the call*
*the same man who was on the phon with me before tells me i need to fly somewhere*
* I land in Tokyo *
*i pack up my bags and fly to the same place you went, not knowing you are there*
* these people fetch me in a limo and they drive off to this location old warehouse *
*people put me in a limo and we end up in the same one*
* you don’t recognize me I have short black hair with green eyes and I looked really different *
*i look over at you for a second and then look away*
* someone passes me a gun*
* I look at you and looks away quickly and thinks to myself what’s he doing here *
*i look over at you and the person passing you the gun with a confused face*
* put the gun on my back pocket and and the car pulls over *
*we both get out and start walking in the same direction*
“ who are you “
“my name is finn who are you”
“ why are you following me “* I walk into this fancy hotel *
“i’m not following you i’m just trying to get to where i need to go” *i follow you in and think to myself why are we going to the exact same place*
*I walk up to you and i whisper *” who do you work for “
*i tell you this secret organization that i work for and whisper back* “what about you”
“who’s your boss “
*i tell you my boss*
“where will I find him “
“on floor 3”
“why do you need to see him”
* I walk away and turn around to look at you and I point my middle finger and I get into the elevator *
*i follow you into the elevator because i need to get to my boss as well*
* I don’t look ate you and you notice the scratch on my back *
*i notice the scratch looks exactly like the one sophia has* “s-sophia?”
* I ignore you *
“sophia i know that’s you” *i turn you around so i can look at you* “how could i not realize— you sound just like her”
* I turn my face *
“you said you were going shopping and you end up in Tokyo?”
* I don’t say anything *
“why aren’t you saying anything baby?”
“ why are you here “
“i can’t tell you”
“why are you here”
“ can’t tell you “
“it seems like we are going to the same place”
“ I’m not I’m leaving “* the elevator opens and I walk out *” bye Finn”
*i stay in the elevator but at the next floor i press the button to go back down and i follow you without you noticing*
* I walk to your bosses room and I knock on the door *” room service “
*i want to say something but i also want to see what is going to happen*
*i stay hidden behind you and look what’s happening*
* your boss let’s me in and a hour later your boss and I come out I’m holding my gun behind his back and we start to walk to the stairs *
*i follow close behind you and i don’t really care if something happens to my boss because he’s rude and controlling*
* I put your boss in the limo and I put the gun in my pocket and I turn to face you *
“what are you doing? i mean i don’t care if u kill my boss but why”
“ his your boss “
“yeah he’s my boss”
(sorry i just woke up)
“ you must care “
“i do a little but what are you doing”
“ what are you doing “
“i can’t tell you baby just tell me why you are doing this”
“ because I love it “* I get in to the limo *” go home “
*and the limo drives away *
*i call my boss who is with you*
*he answers and i tell him to defend himself and try to get back to me*
* I grab is phone and throws it out of the window
*i call an uber and i tell them to take me back to your house*
* two days later I come home *
* I look like myself again *
“you are finally home”
“ yes’
“come here”
*i wave my hand in a motion signaling for you to come over to me*
“ what “* I walk over to you *
*i hug you gently*
*i pull the gun out of your back pocket*
* I hug you back and I try to take the gun back *
*i pull it away* “you can have it back when you tell me what u did to my boss”
“ nothing “* I try to get it back *
“if you didn’t do anything then where did you take him” *i put the gun behind my back*
“I gave it to the people who hired me “* I grab the gun *
“okay i don’t need to here anything else from you let’s just forget anything happened” *kisses you softly and goes to the kitchen to get a snack*
* I walk out side and I light a cigarette *
“i didn’t know you smoked”
“ ooh I do sometimes “
“okay i’m not against it i just didn’t know” *comes to you and stands outside with you*
“ that’s great to know “
“you look very pretty today”
*walks over behind you and rubs your back*
* ignores you and puts this cigarette in my mouth *
“u mad?”
“ yes”
“ you won’t want to tell me what you did in Tokyo “
“you won’t tell me what u did either so shouldn’t i be mad too?”
“ yeah but please tell me “
“i needed to tell my boss something about my work”
wanna rp*
( yes )
“ what do you do “* I’m getting upset *
“well i’m a spy so”
“ what when were you going to tell me “
“i don’t know i didn’t know how you would react if i told you so soon”
“and clearly we have similar jobs”
“ I’m a assassin”
“well i am an assassin spy so glad we cleared that up”
* I walk away *
*i follow you* “why are u still mad”
“we are both assassins so isn’t that a good thing that we work in the same type of area”
“ no “
“who do you work for”
(sry for late reply)
“ people hire me “
“ohh okay... why are you mad still though”
“ because I’m mad “
* I get a text from Jakob *” Jakob is coming over to practice your song “
“okay but tell me why you are mad baby”
“ I’m just thinking “ * I come over to hug you *” I’m sorry “
*i hug you back* “it’s okay love— this is a heavy topic”
“i’m sorry too” *i break the hug and kiss you*
* kisses you back and Jakob knocks on the door *
“that must be jakob” *i walk to the door and open it*
“ hi “* Jakob walks in *
*walks with jakob to the recording studio* “baby u wanna come listen?”
“ no I’m okay “* I go outside *
“okay” *we walk into the studio*
* I go sit on a chair *
*i tell jakob that i think i am ready to record the song*
* I light another cigarette *
*i walk into the room to record and start singing*
* I start to cry softly *
*i finish recording and walk out of the studio*
* I stop crying *
* I get up I and I walk towards Jakob and you *” how was it “
“pretty good”
(i’m on christmas break 😁😁)
“ are you guys done with the sing “
“yeah i think so i think we just have to add the backing track”
“ooh great “
“are you okay? you look like you have been crying” *i come over to hug you*
(merry christmas eve 😄)
“ no I’m fine” * I push you away *
( hope you have a merry Christmas Eve too)
“why did you push me”
(merry christmas!)
merry Christmas)
“ because “
*walks away*
* I go and hug Jakob *
*i go to get a snack and sit down at an island chair*
( sorry I’ve been busy )
* I start to talk to Jakob *
(your fine) *i finish eating and go to the bedroom*
(i just woke up lol)
* Jakob goes home and I walk to the basement *
*i fall asleep* (so sry)
* I start working out *
( sorry I’m. super bisy )
*i wake up about 30 mins later*
(your fine i understand)
* I’m not home and I’m driving to your old apartment *
*i get up and walk downstairs into the basement to work out*
* I meet your friend and we start to talk *
*i come back upstairs and walk around the house to try to find you and i call u*
* I don’t answer and your friend opens your apartment for me *
*i track your location with an app i have on my phone and realize you are at my apartment but decide to check security cams*
* I start digging threw your stuff *
*as i watch the footage i think: what is she doing*
* I light a cigarette and I find a gun in one of your cupboards
*i see you holding the gun and i decide to come to my apartment*
* I point the gun to a picture on the wall and i shoot the picture three times *
*i walk in quickly* “sophia.. what are u doing at my apartment”
*I quickly put down the gun *” nothing !”
*i walk over to you and pick up the gun and put it back in the cupboard* “sophia”
“what “* I take out the cigarette of my mouth *
“why are u here and how did u get in”
“ I have my f**king ways”* I grab the gun back*
“okay okay just put the gun down” *i pick up another gun and put it in my jacket*
“ no “* I drop the cigarette on the floor and I walk to my car *
*i quickly follow u to the car and shoot something that is very close to u with the gun* “try leaving and see what happens”
“you love me you won’t shoot me”* I get into the car and I start it *
“if you love me u will tell me what u are doing”
“ nothing “* I’d five away *
*i decide to let it go this time* *i get in my car and go back to ur house*
* I drive to a old restaurant *
*i go into ur bedroom and look through your cupboard*
* I start to cry *
*i walk out of your bedroom and call you after realizing how rude i have been* “i’m so sorry baby i shouldn’t have been so rude”
* I don’t answer the phone and I throw the phone out of my car window and I a taxi drove over it and I get out of my car and I go to the old restaurant *
* i leave a voicemail and my eyes get watery*
* I stay at the restaurant for 2 hours and then I go to this party near my friends house *
*i lay down on the couch and cry myself to sleep*
* I get drunk and I’m making out with a famous football player *
*i wake up wondering why you aren’t home*
* he takes me to a bedroom and we are having s**x
*i walk into the kitchen to make dinner while still crying*
* the next day I’m still not home and I at a fancy restaurant *
*i decide to try to find you*
* I go to this vey high class apartment and I go to sit in the balcony and I start to cry *
*i try to track u on my phone but it’s not working so i just drive around trying to find you*
* I start to cry *
*i get out of my car near the apartment you are at and i look up and see you sitting on the balcony* *i walk into the apartment and out to the balcony* “are you okay” *my eyes get a little teary*
* I don’t answer you *
“listen, i’m really sorry. i get mood swings and it just throws my mind out of wack. i love you so much baby i should have never said or did anything to you. it’s not a loyal boyfriend thing to do. i’m so sorry baby”
*i start crying*
* I get up and I walk to the door*” your aren’t my f**king boyfriend”* i start to cry*
“sophia please” *i cry harder*
“no “* I shake my head and I cry even harder *
* I quickly stop crying and I wipe off my tears *
“why did you just stop crying suddenly”
“ because strong people don’t car”* I walk to my car *
*i talk a bit louder so u can hear me* “and that’s why i love you”
* I ignore you and I walk away *
*i wipe away my tears and say* “why does she have to be so complicated”
* I I get into my car and I drive to a shop and I buy myself a new phone and I go to the air port *
*i drive back to my apartment and pack up all of my stuff*
* I fly to Mexico *
*i fly back to my hometown*
* I bunch of people come and meet me at the airport *
*i arrive at the airport in new mexico and i sit in the lobby, crying*
* I get into this limo and we drive to this beach view mansion*
*i get on another plane and fly to Hawaii where one of my houses is*
* I meet a bunch of people *
*i walk into my house and it’s huge*
* I walk into the house and I go to my room*
( happy new year )
*a girl is waiting for me in the kitchen*
( thanks you too 🎆 )
* I open my curtains and I walk onto a balcony *
* she comes up to me and kisses me *
*I phone you *
*i answer* “hello?”
(i’m on my extras account btw)
“hi it’s Sophia “* I say it in a nervous voice *
“hi why are you calling me”
(hey are u online)
“ I’m just checking on you “
( sorry I was eating )
“but why— you broke up w me” ( it’s okay)
“ just checking if your fine*
“okay well i am fine are you?”
“ sure “
“sure? what do u mean”
“yeah I’m fine ... my brother will call you later today about the sing “
“okay... i’m rlly sorry about everything even if you don’t want to get back together i just want to make sure we are on good terms”
(are they going to get back together eventually)
“ yeah... I’m just very busy right now “
“ so where are you “
( idk)
“i’m in hawaii in one of my houses”
( okay)
“where are you”
“ Mexico .. why are you in Hawaii “
“because i have an assignment”
“what are u doing in mexico”
“ f**k you I’m in Mexico for a music video “
“wow you didn’t have to be so rude”
(sry for replying late i was eating)
“ whatever so enjoy “* and I hung up *
*i walk back over to the girl and she tells me my assignment*
* I walk to my car and I drive to a studio *
( hi sorry so can we please do that rp with three o
(hey i’m so sorry i forgot to ask her but i think she’s on rn so i’ll ask her)
*i walk to my room and grab a gun*
( okay )
i drive to a studio *
*i leave and drive to a fancy hotel*
* people start doing my makeup *
*i get to the hotel and i book a room for a night*
( did you block @eth3real- ? she can’t see your account)
* I walk onto the sate*
(i’ll let u know when she responds and i’ll tell u what she says)
*i unpack my bags and grab my phone and a gun out of the bag and leave*
(she actually had to go to bed btw)
* people start recording *
( it’s fine )
( can you see my profile )
*i meet a co worker at an abandoned housing development*
* I’m stilling recording my music video *
*the person gives me something*
* I’m finally done recording my music video *
*i go somewhere and come back to my house with blood on my hands*
* I go home and I lay on my bed *
*i take a shower and get something to eat*
(sooo sry)
*. I start to cry *
*i get out of the shower and get dressed and i decide to call you*
* I stop carrying and I answer the phone *” hello”
“are you doing okay”
“ yeah why are you calling “
“i just wanted to check on you and ask how your music video shoot went”
“ ooh great I’m releasing it tomorrow “
“i’ll be sure to watch it”
“ thanks when are you releasing your song with Jakob “
“i think we are going to release it either tomorrow or the day after”
“ooh can’t wait to hear it “
“thanks i’m excited” *thinks why is she being so nice*
“well bye “
*I hung up and I go to your instagram *
*i go on my phone*
* I check your Instagram *
*i check your instagram and snapchat*
* I check your Twitter *
*i stare at one of your pics on your instagram*
* I start to cry and I fall asleep *
*i lay down on my bed and stare up at the ceiling before falling asleep*
* the next day *
*i wake up*
*I wake up and I lay in my bed for awhile *
*i lay in bed and check my phone*
* I get up and I go and shower *
* i get up and go to the gym in my basement *
* I get dressed and I go to a tattoo parlor *
*after i workout i go back upstairs and take a shower *
* I get a tattoo just underneath my bra saying nightmare *
*after my shower i get dressed and start packing my stuff*
* when I was done getting my tattoo my new song released *
* i get a notification on my phone that the music video was released and i watch it*
* I go to a fancy restaurant with a bunch of friends to celebrate my new song *
*i call you to congratulate you *
*I answer *” hello “
“hi your song is rly good”
“ ooh thanks .., can’t wait to hear yours “
“ohh yeah it’s coming out later today i’ll let you know when it is released”
“ okay... I’m going back to la tomorrow “
“i was thinking about going back as well...”
“ so yeah so you “
“do you want to maybe hang out when we get back?”
“ sure but now I have to go “
“okay.. see you”
*i hang up*
*the next day I f,y back to la *
* i fly back to la as well and i go to my apartment and text you* *texts* “are you back in la yet”
“ yeah “
* I walk into my bedroom and I start unpacking *
*texts you* “can i come over some time today”
*i start unpacking all of my bags *
“ maybe “
“okay just let me know “
“ okay “
* an hour later *” you can come over “
“okay ill be over in 20 mins”
“ see you “
*20 mins later i arrive at your house and knock on the door*
* Myles opens the door *
“um hi is sophia here?”
“ yeah she’s in the living room “
“okay” *walks in and walks to you nervously* “hi sophia”
* James is sitting next to me with his girlfriend *”ooh hi”
“how are you”
“ fine “
* Jakob is sitting on a island chair with his girlfriend *
*i stand there and look around for a second* “congratulations on releasing your new song” *breathes deep* “i just released mine earlier if you didn’t listen to it yet”
“ thanks and I have with Jakob “
“what do you think of it”
“ it’s good “
“thanks i guess”
*i come to sit down*
“so are you guys going to make a music video “
*i look over at jakob* “maybe?”
(i’m so sorry i just woke up)
* Jakob smiles back at you *
( it’s fine )
*i talk to jakob* “do you think we should?”
Jakob ~ sure
“okay” *i smile at jakob*
* I walk to the fridge *
*i stay in the living room and talk to jakob for a while*
* I take out a beer and there’s someone knocking on the door *
“do you want me to get it? “ *i stand up*
“no”* I walk to the door and I man walk in that you haven’t seen before *
*i sit back down and look at the man*
* the man gives me a hug *
*i look over at you and the man thinking: who is he*
* we worst talking *
*i continue talking to jakob and your other brothers*
*the man and I walk into the room *” hey everyone this is Zander “
* Zander waves and goes to sit next to me*
“are you guys dating or smtg?”
Zander ~ I’m a singer
“oh okay”
Zander ~ who are you
“i’m finn, i recently recorded a song with jakob and me and sophia are... exes”
* my brothers looks at you with shocked faces *
*i look at them* “why do you all look so shocked”
Myles ~ why did you black up with her * Sophia looks at you to *
*i don’t answer and look down*
*everyone is quite for a few minute *
*i text you and ask what we should say*
* I text you back *” just say we are “dating “
“we are just dating “
“ it was a prank “
* everyone starts talking again *
* Zander and I start to have a serious conversation *
*i just sit there having no one to talk to*
* I come to sit next to you and Zander leaves *
*i look at you for a sec and then look away*
(are u on)
* I put my arms around you *
*i slightly smile and put my arms around you as well*
* I start talking to my brothers *
*i set my hand gently on your thigh*
* I quietly push your thigh off *
* i look down at my phone , not talking*
* everyone leaves and I walk to the kitchen *
*i walk to you* “why do we have to lie about us not dating”
“ because my brothers think I’m a player “
“ohhh yeah so you want to prove them wrong? “
“ no”
“then why can’t we tell them”
“ they like you okay “
“well that’s good” *smirks and walks closer to you*
“ it’s not good”
“ why not .... why can’t your brothers and i be friends even if we aren’t dating”
“ I don’t know “* moves closer to you “
*looks down at the floor*
“ why were guy so quite “
“ what do you mean”
“ you weren’t talking you were just in your phone “* I move a bit closer *
“well i didnt know what to say” *reaches for your hand but doesn’t grab it*
* I grab your hand *
*i look at you with shocked eyes and i squeeze your hand gently*
* aI move closer to you *
*i lean down and kiss you on the cheek gently*
(i like your new profile pic)
*I let go off your hand *
(Thanks )
“why did you hold my hand”
“ I didn’t “* I walk away *
"yes you did" *follows you and grabs you hand and pulls you rlly close to me and doesnt let you get away*
*I look away *
*i put my hand on the side of your face and rub your cheek gently with my thumb and i whisper in your ear* "i love you" *kisses your neck*
*I stay silent and I try to push you away *
*i dont let you get away and i give you a dark hickey on your neck*
* I try to push you away *” let me go “
"fine" *i let you go and grab my phone and keys*
* I walk away form you *
*i am about to leave but i stop right before i walk out the door* “i’m sorry i don’t know why i did that”
*I don’t answer you *
*puts my phone and keys down and sits back on the couchh*
“ why aren’t you leaving “
“i don’t know” *i get up and walk out*
*when you leave I start to cry and I walk up stairs *
*when i get home i grab a knife and i decide to text you* “i just wanted to say goodbye because you won’t be seeing me anymore.....” *i bring the knife close to my stomach*
* your room mate walk in *
*adrien my roommate* “finn.. what are you doing” *he slowly walks over to me and tries taking the knife from my hand*
* I read the text and I drive to your house*
*i let adrien have the knife and i sit down and start crying*
* I’m speeding threw traffic and then I stop at your house and I knock on the door really loudly *
*adrien walks to the door and opens it*
* I walk in *” why the f**k is this “
*adrien shrugs his shoulders and i don’t answer*
“ answers me “* I’m shouting really loud *
“i just don’t feel like i should be here anymore”
“and stop shouting”
“ no and why because I don’t want to have sêx with you “
"thats not why... i just dont think i deserve to live anymore"
“ why “* I shout even louder and I walk to my car and I take out a gun and I walk to your house and again *”Why
"just stop and why do you have a gun"
“ why Finn are f**king amazing “* i shoot next to you *
"what the f**k are you doing" *i grab a gun from the cupboard*
“ooh now your going to shoot me *”* I point the gun to you *
"its instinct" *i point the gun at you*
“ then shoot me “
"i wont"
“ because you love me “
*points the gun down* "yeah"
“yes I know I’m your whole world “* I point the gun to you *
*looks down to the floor*
"stop pretending that you are going to shoot me"
*I don’t answer you *
"i know we wouldnt do that to eachother"
“ why “
"just because"
“ give me a reason “
"because i still care about you and i dont think you would shoot someone you said 'i love you' to" *i point the gun back up at you*
“ well I don’t know if I love you “* i move closer to you *
"its up to you if you wanna love me or not but all i know is that i love you" *walks closer to you and looks at the gun*
“ I drop the gun”
*i put my gun back in the cupboard*
* I walk away *
"where are you going" *i pick up the knife and hide it behind my back*
* I whisper to your roommate *” look after him”* I walk to the car *
*he nods his head and i sit down on the chair in the corner*
* I walk to my car *
*i stab the knife into the arm of the chair*
* I drive away *
*i stand up and start pacing around the room*
* I go to a tattoo\bar*
*i decide to leave and go to a club*
* I get a tattoo *
*i get quite drunk*
* I go to the same club as you *
*i walk over to the bar area and sit at one of the barstools*
* I see you and I walk out of the bar*
*i see you walking out and walk away*
* I go home *
*i am very hungover and i call a friend to drive me home*
* I at home crying *
*i pass out on the bed when i get back to my apartment*
(i am the same person i just changed my username)
(and this is still my extras account so my accounts are @thatswack- and @almondmilk-
( I like your username )
* I call you *
*i answer* “hi”
( thank you )
“where are you “
“at my apartment”
“are you okay “
(fav Netflix show )
“yes i’m fine” (hm?)
“ you sure “(Lucifer)
“yeah i’m just bored and hungover right now”
(that’s your fav netflix show?)
(yes I’m watching it right now )
“ must I come over “
“you can but it’s up to you”
(ohh fun)
“ never mind...bye”
*I get in my car and I go to your house *