02.01.20 「t a p」
happy new year! I’m sorry I couldn’t send a greeting to everyone. I’d still like to wish all of you a happy and successful 2020!
QOTD: what's your last google search?
AOTD: aesthetic journal ideas


02.01.20 「t a p」 happy new year! I’m sorry I couldn’t send a greeting to everyone. I’d still like to wish all of you a happy and successful 2020! QOTD: what's your last google search? AOTD: aesthetic journal ideas

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the inspiring vloggrr or the conspiracy theorist😂😂or whichever is more unattractive is me mxkdmdjd
honestly I’d alliance with the shady stoner
awe ty I appreciate you too!! we are pretty similar lmaooo I love talking to you THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NICE ASF COMMENTS you are such a supportive friend✊😤have a great 2020!!
^that was a god awful run on sentence Im the worst at punctuation lol
ill be the conspiracy theorist and alliance with kpop stan
same! I hope our friendship will continue over the years too! I love reading your comments!! oh and I’d be the conspiracy theorist or the inspiring vlogger:)☺️
thank you so much for all your support, it's really great to have your prayers 💗 you are an awesome friend, thank you for all your support :)
the conspiracy theorist hehe
ooo probably the conspiracy theorist
and aotd: “who is orpheus” lol
brandy melville employee 🤙🏼
thank you ❤️
aww omg you’re too sweet🥺 you’re literally the nicest / best person to talk to, and i know i can count on you to always build me up. ily♥️
aw wow thank you
happy new yearrr
hmm brandy employee
thank u hon! i wish you all the best in 2020 and i’m looking forward to building our friendship through the year!!
i will keep you updated, luckily i live in the suburbs so am quite safe, unfortunately some of my friends live further out so.. i'm sorry to hear about smoke getting to you over in nz! we should keep our pollution to ourself! hope you're doing good :)
conspiracy theorist 😂😂 also aotd: “vinyl stickers” from amazon lol
Thank you soo so much for your really sweet and kind comment! it really means a lot. I love this collage, I’d probs be the brandy Melville employee. hope you have a very happy new year 💓
💓 aww Lia your amazing tysm for everything. Your amazing comments that always brings a smile to my face and for being such a supportive friend. Thank you for doing the interview it means the world to me!! The newest quote I have on my page is a quote about you. When I wrote it I thought of you. We may live a million miles away from each other and our conversations maybe be through a screen, but I know you always have my back and when I need a little positivity or just someone to talk to you'll always be there. I hope you know the same goes to you ily and I hope you have an amazing day💗
I’m 100% the shady stoner
i’m kinda the brandy melville employee and the aspiring vlogger😎
Hey Lia It's SYD I made this account to post my Talk show!! Would love for you to check it out!!
i cant explain all you do for everyone 💖
ahhhhhh ahah thank you soo much!! 💕 I absolutely LOVE your essays lol they don’t bore me at all. and I did try to make that collage feel a bit nostalgic so thank you for noticing!!
eheheh thanks
you are notttt clogging my comments section >:( 💕
my “>:(“ face was separated >:(
hehe no worries I šūćk at responding to comments
aw np
honestly emotional support is everything! tysm 💗:)
nope 💕
Tysm Lia Your amazing I've probably said that a million times and I'll keep saying it a million times😂 My PC experience would not be the same if I hadn't met you. So really I'm the one who has been blessed by you💓
thank you!! I was going for the technology kinda vibe so I’m glad someone picked up on that. I was also inspired by like a dystopian kinda world idk lol but thank you so much for your kind words!! 🥰
A: productive things to do when you’re bored LMÂO
aww thank youu❤️❤️❤️
hahaha sAme
ily too🥰 i could honestly never give back all the love you give me!! and nah dood ur descriptions were good and i loveee seeing your comments😂♥️
THANK U SM🥰 i love when u comment a whole essay girl the amount of time u spend on these is amazing. ur comment means so much to me bc hearing that my collage seems really personal to me is exactly the feedback i needed🥺that collage was one that i made in a rlly vulnerable time and just the fact that it comes off as my own is SO GREAT. ily
omggg thanks so much! im so glad you liked it 😍😍
you're amazing you know that
you leave eve speechless all the time. i appreciate everything you commented for me. thank you 🥺🥰
awe ❤️❤️❤️
hey, hey not just sLap “hard core kpop stan” right on my forehead
ahah! but actually I love your posts
Hey My first interview is up come check it out!!
you're too sweet !! :))
shoutout in my recent. xx
a o t d : beautiful in different languages
join my game
shady stoner or brandy employee😌
hey what’s up😄
the stony shader
the aspiring vlogger is so me🤩😂💚