🌊Hi (tap)🌊
Hey guys! I’m new of pic collage. My name is Kendall.


🌊Hi (tap)🌊 Hey guys! I’m new of pic collage. My name is Kendall.

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okay sorry
the style wording and everything looked exactly like someone else's
thank you!! wanna collab
cool!! love this
I see that now that I read your bio😅 My name’s Faith
Thank you! It’s actually my middle name. I’m thinking about releasing my real name when I hit 1k
hey Kendall I'm Jess wanna b friends? ❤️
this is adorable!
hey! love your account!
hey kendall! looooove your style! wanna be friends?
OHMYGOD i would be honored to collab! wanna do background/quote or text?
(but i rly rly love the way you do text so...)
just a question—as you can see, i’m kinda experimenting with styles rn. which one of mine do you think i should use for the collab?
thanks Kendall! I sure will! btw welcome to Pic Collage!! I’m Mel!😊🌿
OMIGOSH this is soooo good
how long did this take 😵🤭🤯🤪👌
you’re new??? but... this is so amazing!! it would take me a year to do this tbh 😂 (or maybe less idrk)
You’re new? This is sooo amazing! This would have taken me forever 😂
This is a million times better than my first collage
super cute!
this is lovelyy 🌼
you have a lovely acc. you make amazing collages. would you like to be friends
omg perfect