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lastest post?
hey Elsie wanna rp??
what instrument is this?
it couldn't be a cello bc it's got a chin rest
or it could be viola
is it a violin
it's really confusing bc a viola is just a little bigger
the violin (which I play) is smaller then a viola and has a higher sound, the viola (which I don't play) is a little bigger and has a lower sound
did you sleep well?
I fell asleep at 3 am and it's 8:26 am right now so..kinda
it's ok
at least one of us slept well
lol 😂😂
anything new?
aww you poor things, i hope you both feel better
lol! I wish you the same too
np 😌
if ur one of my siblings can you comment and heart on the bio collage? pwease, trying to know how many sibling I have
the 2nd collage