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Hey if if u read my text on the other one but let's make tonight count❤ today's been shxxt it's my fault I'm sorry I hope u forgive me cause honestly babe I do care if I didn't care then why would I want to have a baby with u❤ y would I been with u for this love and ik the way I acted was not the way I should have act but babe I'm truly sorry and let's just make this night count
I'm playing suck up sorry
U umm alive?
it’s okay baby it’s okay ❤️ ik today kinda sucked it’s okay you’re not playing suck up baby
sorry I was talking to my mom
It's fine
are you okay?
Wish today had a reset button
my mom and I were talking about Austin a little sorry baby
I wish 😔
I have a headache and my hip hurts but that's about it y babe??
just making sure you’re okay
It's fine u thinking??
not rly we were just bxtching about shamie and about Austin right before he died and how my mom isn’t gonna let Rylan know so he’s not gonna be apart of anything I doubt I’ll ever like see him again
just rly tired and kinda want today to end already... supposed to be our anniversary but Idk it just didn’t turn out
How about tomorrow we like push are anniversary to tomorrow? I mean today was Dalton's birthday 😒❤
well hopefully tomorrow will be better 😩❤️
just mew baby I’m like falling asleep on you 😩 you okay if me and nugget get sleep?😩❤️
U want that plan??
yea that’s a better plan than how today went 😩❤️
Yea we can go to bed❤
okay ❤️ baaaby I’ll txt you when I wake up I loves you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ok tomorrow is anniversary day❤
I love u to baby❤❤
Babe I'm sorry today just last night I didn't get all my thoughts put and u was tired so we want to bed and today I just kinda blew up and got mad at u over nothing babe I'm sorry I really am and u saying that I don't act like I care hurt like a bxtch but I deserved it ok I'm sorry today wasn't good I'm sorry😔❤
Babe rn I try and pee it hurt I have the erage to pee and I pee and it hurt I just babe it hurt😔❤
The pain is slowly going away but I woke up to pee and I peed layed down and my dxck just hurt real bad
I'ma take a shower love u❤❤
okay baby❤️
loves you too❤️
I'm out
hey❤️ you okay??❤️
Yea I'm ok y babe?❤
making sure ❤️
Oh ok babe❤
I has toast ❤️
shhh I’m hungry ❤️ you should bring food today btw if you can ❤️
I'll try to find food❤
yay ❤️❤️❤️
hey I feel even better than yesterday ❤️ no nausea pill ❤️
That's good ❤
hey baby bus is coming okay I loves you ❤️❤️❤️
Love u to❤