Collage by -wild_flower-


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Ohhi sorry I'm late are you there
Please comment on my account when you are free to start working😊
Okay hi
What should we do?
we should do quote about nature or something like that. do you like that idea 😃
the first quote is really nice 😄
ok I agree
good morning
good morning even though it’s like 6 where I live 😂
Wow you are an early bird😊
I made a collage but it’s showing on remixed😕
I’ll just post it on my account
would you like to male any changes to it ? 😃
no I think it looks great!
you know when you said I was an early bird I meant it was 6pm where I lived 😂😂
Just wanted to let you know I am going somewhere this weekend so I won't be able to work on our colab - I think it looks great and I really liked working with you-have a great weekend
Actually it turns out there is internet here so yeah