#OrangeGalaxy (Tap)

Orange is my fav colour! What’s yours? 🧡🧡🧡

750x750 LifeAsFelice

#OrangeGalaxy (Tap) Orange is my fav colour! What’s yours? 🧡🧡🧡

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Thank you🧡
can i pick the background and you choose the quote an d you do the text?
ok I will remix it now!:)
is that ok?
oh yeah sorry ahha
all good!
no worries xx
wow this is beautiful and aw thank you
Beautiful💕! I love pink, green and orange 🙏
aw thank youu and I love absolutely lovee to but I’m already doing some collabs with other people, is it ok if we do it later?
HI!! so my phone hasn't been working lately so i'm trying to create icons for you but it glitches when i try and cut out the icon photos you wanted into a circle so i'm sorry if it's kinda small. But i finished one and if you go to the flower girl background you remixed then click remixes it will be in there! sorry for the inconvenience!
AOTD- yellowwwwwww
love this