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•Tap• •5k Contest! Woot Woot•

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how many times can we entre?
3 is the most!
mine is in the remixes
this might be wired but what is your hair color for the challenge
congrats on 5k!!!! will enter later 👍
do you like it??
ty 😘
do you do a sport/hobby?
Thanks for the likes
aw tysm!! 💞✨💖🌟
aw you too! you’re so sweet! 💞✨🤗💖😆
Hey 😇 wanna be friends??? 💞💞
re:// Thanks
Thanks for supporting/following me! Stay tuned for games, backgrounds, jokes, png’s, quotes,etc. @-bubblebliss-EXTRAS-, and don’t forget about my original account -bubblebliss-😊🌿
can you plz join my icon contest too
haiiiii 💞💞💞 wanna be fwends
re:// tell me about urself ❤️
thanks so much I'll try my best but since you like kpop I'll do a kpop singer (⌒▽⌒)
sorry mine looks bad😢
Closed- I will post the icon winners soon! I've been sick with the flu, so I haven't been really in the mood to make it.