Collage by live4art


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sorry i'm so late, as i've mentioned a lot (annoying meπŸ™„) i've had band camp which was actually from 9am-9pm this last week, gosh it was exhausting
anywayssss... here's my emoji combo: πŸͺπŸ’€πŸŒŠ
so yes it's a little random but i wanted to do something different than my normal style because i was bored of it so yeah
πŸͺ: obviously there is saturn on this collage in the background and i love the planet because it gives a really out of this world vibe kind of along with the portals too
πŸ’€: the skull not only represents the skulls on the side of the collage but also the darker theme of this collage (going along with the "out of time" part of the text)
🌊: lastly the wave. the wave represents the ocean at the bottom of the collage. originally i didn't plan to have the ocean but i loved the way the ocean looked up against the skyline and the planet! i feel like it ties together the whole altered reality vibe
fun fact: i couldn't find a hand picture that i liked for the girl in the hand so that's actually my hand lol