It’s winter 😭😭🥶🥶
Whyyyy I miss summer too much xx


Summer😭💙🌊 It’s winter 😭😭🥶🥶 Whyyyy I miss summer too much xx

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beautiful 🤩 it’s the beginning of summer here
I miss summer too it’s spring for me and it’s beginnings to be summer now
so hot tho
so beautiful!!💕💕💕💓💓💓💓
love this
I love this so much!
love this!!!💜💜
Wow stunning!
Wow!! this is really pretty!
maddieee this is so pretty!!
heyo! just a lil' notification that round 1 of the games is up 🍂☁️
hi this is a nice collage and I would love if you entered my guess me challenge
hey!! I am having a contest and would love it if you would come enter!!❤️😱There are prizes too! But come enter soo. because all entries are due on June 15th!!ty!😊 btw, amazing account!😍
it’s winter where I live as well and the wind gives me all sorts of issues lol
Hey there! Are you still working on our collab? (No rush, just curious:)
hi I was wondering if you would like to collab with me one day..... I know that you are probably doing one right now, but when you get the chance just let me know!🌊🏝☀️♥️
hey Maddie, how’s it going? 💗😊🌸 I love this new style btw 🤩
thank u so much!
nice choice😊♥️
Of course! The images are in the remixes. You don’t have to use them both, just pick which one you would like to use.
Aladdin was amazing I really think the actors match the characters! And the songs are beautiful especially Jasmines new song Speechless Love it! 😘
thank u so much❤️
Hey Maddie! I read you Bio and I would love to be friends! Also I was wondering if you would like to join my Icon contest and do a collab?
✰ hello beautiful! I just wanted to tell you that I have wanderlust themed contest going on, and I would love it if you entered! ✰
hello! I am having a pastel themed contest right now and I would love it if you entered! tysm ✰
hi gorgeous ! 💓🥰 for 5 HUNDRED! I’m doing a contest! 🌷🌈 come check out my page for all the details 🌸💘❄️ thankyouu! xo 😚
hai maddieeee I MISSED U SM
aw thank youu
this is an amazing style, you have an eye for art ;D
oml so sorryyyyyy!! I’ll get it done rn
thanks maddieeee
So cute!❤️ You are definitely one of my fav collagers!😘😁😜🤪
hey! I heard u make amazing icons, and I was wondering if you could enter my icon contest?tysm💝
❁C O N T E S T: I'm holding a flower themed contest, and I would love if you could enter. There are so many amazing prizes you could win AND I'm extending the due date to June 21st. Thank you!❁ -Sarah
Thank you 😊
thank you :)
your review is up sorry it took so long. ✨♥️💗💕🥰⭐️
wow love this💓
ofc you can join, you’re on team sun☀️
hey wanna be friends? 💖
tysm for your support ⚡️
absolutely stunning!!! i love your work!
gorgeous xx
haha😂 and if I haven’t said already this is beeautifuuuulllll
come enter ROUND 1 of the 🌻☀️SUMMER GAMES☀️🌻before it’s too late!! due July 1st 2019!🌿🌸
wow love your account! x
omg! can I use this for my screensaver?