chatpage for boho-beauty and me! 


💬20/09/2023💬 chatpage for boho-beauty and me! NO PEEKING PLS

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hey ivy!
so excited for this, do you want to do bg or text?
omg thank you so much!!
ummm can I do the bg?
what theme?
ofc and sure!
well i’m kinda doing a minimalist sketch theme on my acc rn so would that be okay?
Ofc!! I might get to it tomorrow though? sorry 😞
all good take ur time
okay… I had some bad moments but I got through them!!! :) how was yours <3
I will get to the bg right now x
sorry to hear that, im always here for u 🩶
yay, looking forward to this! take ur time tho
do u wanna talk about today???
thank uuu🩷 & im good ty, hbu? 🫶
tysm!!! 🫶🫶🫶
I doing better than I was doing yesterday! wbu?? how have you been going lately?
that’s wonderful for u, im doing great too!
what have u been up to lately?
that’s awesome!!!!
I’m glad we’re both feeling better! :)
nothing much I’m going to something in the city tonight what will be fun! I guess…
yes me too
oh how was it???🩶
omg I promise I will do the bg soon!! x
I’m so sorry!! 😞
honestly ivy, it’s all good! take as much time as u need 🩶