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Caption cuz pc said fy and your captions: Feels a bit unfinished, but idk what else to do with it so 🤷🏻‍♀️
this is so cool! love it 🫶🏻
thank you so much <33
whoa this is so cool anouk!!
there are a few dutch families here where I live hehe. it’s a very international city lol
how are you doing??
this is amazing!!
thank you! yes, exactly - it's so tasty, you should definitely try it one day hehe ;)) & THANK YOU SO MUCH, you're the sweetest ever.. same here, i didn't even look but it still happened :// but i'm doing better now! how are you doing btw? & this is absolutely BREATH TAKING💓💓
Anouk is such a beautiful name!! I'm Lucia but you can call me Lulu, Lu or Lucy :) THIS IS GORGEOUS BTW, you're so talented omg ❤️ how are you today?
yeah pc is like a low stakes version of insta in a way? this is my teenage secret and no one else gets to know about these sporadic thoughts except your guys haha
also what the heck?? what new features?? like the things locked behind a pay wall? 💀💀 isn’t the whole point of art to be for the masses??
which speaking of, THIS. THIS is a masterpiece. I love the bits of patchwork motif and in a way the incomplete look kind of completes it??
I’m totally feeling a “I took a fragment of every person to ever cross pathed with me” and I so look forward to the poem 👀
how have you been? 💗
ofc, your very welcome :D
of course!
Thank you so much!! I’m doing well. I’m getting back into my learning-Dutch phase hehe.. there’s so many dutch people here and I kinda want to learn while I have the opportunity to practice 👀 do you know any languages beside Dutch and English?