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hey... I’m really sorry to say this but, bye. You can find me on socials though!! ^

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[ ☁️ ] tap hey... I’m really sorry to say this but, bye. You can find me on socials though!! ^ ❤️💓🙏

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:( I'll follow you on Instagram tho. hopefully we can talk on there 💗
yayaya ok
ohh okay,I understand ❤️ good luck!
^with the rest of life lol
stay healthy, happy and safe boo ~ 💕 I’ll miss you 😭 do you have Pinterest? I never really got to know you that well...
aww I’ll miss youuu. I don’t have Instagram though ;-;
just wanted to let you know that i appreciate you!
awww I’ll miss you x I’ll try to find u on insta
awww um ok 😞 hope you have fun with whatever you like to do 😁 ❤️💞
aw :( ik we haven’t talked in a while, but i’m gonna miss you sm 😔😔 i have ig but i wanna make an acc for my edits and kpop stuff (i don’t wanna post it on my personal acc),, i’ll create an acc and i’ll dm you~~ if the username is not taken probably it will be @oofsehun_ :) we haven’t talked much and i’m really sorry about that bc ur so kind, sweet and supportive, i hope we can talk more in the future <333 ~ love, mei
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooOoO😭😭😭 I understand and I hope we can continue to chat. you have been honestly so supportive and one of my closest friends on here. you’ve been an angle and you’ve always been thier for me. you are literally the cutest thing ever and your personality gives me nothing but good vibes. I honestly can’t express enough on how much I love you and how much you have helped me. I hope you stay happy and healthy for the rest of your life and we can continue to be close friends💜💜💜💜💜💜🤧💕😭😣👋🏻much love-amy
I have an ig but I’m never active on there, my insta keeps glitching so my DM feature doesn’t work so I’ve contacted ig, I’ll try to find your account and see how’ll reach you
I just tried to find you and I can’t find you on ethier account
you won third place in my icon contest!
yeah just let me know when you’re ready to collab