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Hii :D
hi :)
do you wanna continue the rp we were doing?
ofc, I think it’s my turn
I’ll remix so we can see where we left off
*several cuts and bruises show on my skin* huh I- *I stay completely still*
Aurora please...
I can’t keep it up.. my knifes don’t work on it.. *I become very still again*
you can’t keep what up...?
with that thing.. I-I-
I know... you have to resist the urge...
every time I fight it.. I only hurt myself *i grab a knife and put it in position to stab my stomach*
* teleports the knife out of your hand * I know.... I really h@te having to get into peoples minds only because they suffer until they give up the fight
*I push you away surprised* D-don’t.. I can keep up
you need to fight it... I know it’s hard
*I stay quiet for a bit* I’ve been fighting for too long?
(I meant … not ? lol)
this is all part of miller’s plan...
huh what do you mean *I’m staring to lose consciousness*
* my eye goes orange and you recognize the color*
so you are working with him? no wonder you would tie me up.. *I’m walking away from you, you can see I’m very hurt, both mentally and physically*
* sighs and follows you* I’m not working for him....i share blood with him.. and I partly sold my soul to him
you sold your soul to him..? *I fall down still backing away*
I didn’t have a choice... I was young and ignorant
*I quickly stand up and walk up to you* I understand
we should get back to camp...
*im observing you carefully, then I get very close to you*
* steps back*
*I laugh maniacally, not really acting like myself* it’s fun to mess with humans
*miller creeps up behind me *
*Im still fighting the demon, but it’s kinda getting control of my body*
* he puts the bracelet you had on earlier one my wrist and I punch him *
*I end up accidentally stabbing myself when trying to kill the sprit inside me, this makes me pass out*
*miller puts a cloth over my mouth with something that makes me pass out*
*we both wake up next to each other, on what looks like an underground base*
*someone takes you out of the room *
*they sit me in a chair on a isolated room*
*they leave you there all day*
*I get a bit anxious looking at the same wall all day*
* miller Terrance tries to get me to tell information about the army*
*you tell them you don’t know anything*
* they don’t believe me*
*they proceed to torture you, expecting for you to give in*
* I don’t give in and you here the occasional Yelp from me*
*they sigh thinking of new ideas, so they decided to come up to me and torture me to see if you’ll give in* (let’s say that we’re she’s isolated she can’t see you but you can)
(good idea) * I watch them carefully *
*they come up, putting me below a shower and bringing electrical stuff*
* I get tense and mutters something making the shower turn off*
*Terrance puts another bracelet around your wrist, now making you unable to do any magic*
* he tries to turn on the water but he cant*
*he rolls his eyes choosing another way of torture. They decided to break me and then heal me to break me again*
* they try to touch you and they both get shocked*
*I’m terrified by what is happening, not sure how to act*
*they decided to torture me again *
*Miller comes to torture me and Terrance tortures you, making sure you are distracted enough*
* the spell that I put on you holds strong *
*they put me on a room were I can see you get tortured*
* you see I have multiple deep cuts and bruises *
*i gasp looking at you suffer*
* I still don’t tell them the information *
*Miller breaks the spell and blinds your window so you are unable to see me get tortured, he then starts to torture me*
* Terrance goes to help him sand u take his keys without him knowing *
*I wait a bit since there is not much I can do with the keys*
* I pass out from blood loss *
*I scream in pain as they begin to torture me, until I pass out too*
* they put us in the same room*
*you wake up to see me passed out next to you, you see various burns on my body and me half naked*
* I sigh and I struggle to take off my shirt of cover you with it because your shivering *
*I wake up after sometime*
* miller takes me to a room where you can’t see me*
*I look around the room, I’m panicking, still in shock because of what happened yesterday*
* Terrance let’s you go*
*Im fighting with him to let me see you*
* he asks miller and he agrees*
*I enter the room we’re they are keeping you*
* you see I have multiple 3rd degree burns, deep cuts, wounds and bruises *
*I go tense, breathing slowly so I don’t panic* oh no.. *I run up to you*
* you see I’m barley able to breath *
*I had been practicing some healing spells, I go up to you and act like I’m hugging you when in reality I’m healing you*
* my breath starts to become normal *
*i relax feeling relieved*
* all my injuries heal except the burns *
*I whisper* oh well our burns will heal together
* I struggle to whisper* t-they sure will... * Terrance tells you that it’s time to go and I whisper* p-please take care of Harley for me while i-I’m here...
why are you always getting captured.. *i grab your hand gently* don’t worry though, I’ll get you out
t-thank you Aurora * squeezes your hand gently *
*I squeeze it back and go out the room with Terrance*
* miller comes in and starts to torture me again *
*I hear you scream in pain, making tremble a bit* hey Terrance..
{Terrance} what do you need?,
why are you doing this? *I look into his eyes, visibly upset*
* he avoids your gaze* {Terrance} because I have to
Look at me, if your willing to do something like this then you must accept the consequences *i grab his arm*
*he takes the bracelet off of you and teleports you back to camp*
*I call after him after he teleports me, very upset due to the fact he can’t face me*
* aiden runs up and hugs you*
hey *i flinch when he hugs me because of my burns*
{aiden} what happened? where we’re you? and where’s Felix?
oh we were.. I’m not sure
{aiden} why do you have burns all over...? *you realize your wearing my shirt and aiden does the same * {aiden} and why are you wearing Felixs shirt...?
not sure.. he must have putted it on while I was passed out
and why were you passed out?
uh because I was tortured..
bu who!?
*I seem a bit uncomfortable* oh well by Terrance and Miller
* he sighs* come’on let’s get you cleaned up then... * you can tell he’s really worried *
*i follow him, unable to stop thinking if you’re okay*
* a medic checks if your okay before you go clean up*
*I just follow everything they say, staying silent the whole time*
* aiden brings you to the mess hall so you can eat*
*While I’m eating, I create a plan to get you out. Harley and John are sitting besides me*
* they ask you where I’m at*
*I tell them you went out for sometime*
* they are still really worried but they believe you*
*next morning, I’m walking on the woods we’re we got kidnapped, calling for Terrance*
* you don’t get a reply *
*I continue to yell out for him, still walking*
* you still don’t get a response *
( should we do large time skip?)
(maybe not that large, just like 1 week)
(but let’s do like Terrance does respond lol)
( good idea) * Terrance teleport to you* {Terrance} what do you need Aurora?
how is Felix doing? (let’s say like 2 days have passed)
{Terrance} he’s fine
can I go see him? please
{Terrance} I’m sorry but you can’t....
*I go tense* what why? Terrance please, please..
{Terrance} f-fine
*I smile brightly and hug him, then quickly stepping away*
* he flinches and little and teleports you to the room I’m in*
*I walk up to you, observing your physical condition*
* Miller slips a bracelet onto your wrist so you can’t heal me and I’m shocked to see you*
( sorry for the late response, I had a zoom meeting)
(no worries) don’t worry I’ll get you out *i whisper and hug you carefully so I don’t hurt you*
* smiles a little and nods when you remember you have keys from Terrance *
*I grab you hands unnoticeably giving you the keys*
* struggles and puts them in my pocket * t-thank you Aurora...
don’t let us down *i squeeze your hand*
I-I won’t * smiles and little bit at you and squeezes your hand back*
*we talk for a bit, I’m secretly telling you the plan thru Morse code*
*I agree with you and I tell you about a secret door in here that leads outside through Morse code*
*after sometime Terrance comes to take me away*
* sighs a little *
*I share a glance with you as Terrance closes the door*
* he takes off the bracelet and teleports you back to the camp*
*it’s noon, I’m at the area we planned to meet each other when you escaped*
* I don’t show up all day *
*I begin to get worried, still I wait some more days*
* I don’t show up and Harley stays with you while your waiting *
*I sigh, knowing I can’t to much to help you now. We walk back to camp*
* you hear a branch break *
*I turn around looking in the direction of the sound*
(hey I might not be online this weekend since I have no internet on my house :/)
(no worries, I understand)
* you see me stumbling and pinning towards a large rock*
*I sigh with relief and run up to you, hugging you when I reach to you*
* hugs you back and you see Terrance standing in the distance *
Did he let you go? *i whisper*
yea... he caught me escaping and he felt bad and helped me
*I look at him, making sure we make eye contact. Then I smile at him and continue to hug you*
* Harley runs up and hugs me*
*I let go, looking in the direction Terrance was just standing*
* I hug her back* hey sweetheart...
hello dad *she looks up at you* how was your trip?
it was great sweetheart... * smiles at her and kisses her head gently *
*I go back to the mess hall*
* we follow you*
*we all sit in one table*
* you notice I have a scar over my eye*
*I avoid the topic of your torture, feeling guilty for not taking you out sooner*
* we all talk for a while*
*they tell the rest of us to train, except you Aiden allows you to rest*
* Harley and I hang out in a cabin with the other kids*
*We are all training on the obstacle course*
* we watch from a distance *
*some soldiers fall most of them finish it including me*
*one of my eyes goes orange and then back to normal sometimes*
*After some hours they send us to the mess hall, I begin to gamble losing sometimes winning others*
* I join in, and a win almost every round*
*I look at you suspiciously* you aren’t using your powers right?
nope *rolls up my sleeve * I still have that darn bracelet
he didn’t take it away? *i sigh*
Miller put it on and Terrance couldn’t get it off neither could I
*I stay quiet, you can tell I’m thinking of a plan, maybe something stupid*
* my eyes go orange and then back to normal *
*We stop gambling, other soldiers go out to a bar. We go with them*
* we get a little drunk*
*we laugh for a while, talk with other soldiers, overall have a great time
*we somehow get really drunk*
*Im laughing softly then I notice your bracelet* hey I think I know how to take away your bracelet
and that is?
well I can offer some service to uh what is his name? ah yes Miller *hiccup* when I do so he can take off your bracelet, you know like a trade
I would say yes... but it’s to risky... * hiccups *
it’s not that risky, why wouldn’t he accept *i take another sip*
the answer is no
I’ll do it anyways
please don’t
then how are we supposed *hiccup* how are we supposed to take it away
well figure something out *hiccups*
I suppose we will *you can tell I’m not convinced*
* my eyes flicker orange *
maybe we can use this *i point to your eyes* as an advantage. We can still do the original plan, just now you can tell me what Miller is feeling
I’ll try....
*I tap my fingers on your hand, still very drunk*
can I help you? * takes another sip*
can you? *i continue to tap my fingers*
it depends on what you need help with
*i shrug and take another sip* can I help you though?
it depends
it does, if you think of it most things in life depend *hiccups*
good point *takes another sip and hiccups afterwards *
ah I was wondering if you wanted to come with me on a mission tomorrow
I would love to, what is the mission?
we are just going to check the surroundings around the enemy team *im nodding for some reason*
okay... * I seem unsure*
*I notice* don’t worry silly we will be cautious *i smile charmingly*
*nods* okay then...
it’s okay if you don’t wanna come, I’ll just ask other people *I lean on my chair*
I’m fine with coming
okayyy, we can meet a day or two after today. *hiccup*
* takes another sip* you said yesterday-
tomorrow***(spell correct is going to kill me one day I swear it)
hm yeah.. that was before you accepted, now that you have the plan changes slightly (lmaø)
and what’s the slightly new plan
ahaha *i look away from you* uh I’ll just get some more materials, yep some more materials
you don’t have a plan
who says I don’t? I just had to make two different plans, one with you one without you
you seem off...
*I stay quiet for a moment* you just don’t know me well enough
* raises my eyebrow *
what *i snap at you, take another sip and slump back in my chair*
nothing *someone gives us both more to drink*
*I grab the drink and quickly gobble it up*
so do you * I throw back the drink and gets another *
I’m not suspicious.. (let’s just say I didn’t delete that message)
( lmaø)
* chuckles * ya right
just come to my cabin a two days from here, I’ll be ready by then *my vision becomes a bit blurry*
okay then....
I’ll get going.. *I stand up from my chair and stumble to the door*
* i stay with the other soldiers drinking fora little longer*
*you later come to the camp, it’s like 4 am*
* I stubble my way to the cabins *
*im already asleep*
* I get to my cabin and smiles when I see Harley waiting for me*
{Harley} Daddy it’s very late.. *shes almost asleep*
I know *hiccups* you should be asleep
I was waiting for you *she smiles softly*
* sits down next to her* why thank you
*she lays her head on your shoulder and fall asleep*
* I lay down with her head still on my shoulder *
*next day*
* I wake up before sunrise *
*you hear trumpets coming from outside, it means training is about to start*
* I quickly get ready and goes outside *
*everyone has being assigned to different groups. I suddenly run out of my cabin like I feel asleep*
* aiden tells you your group *
*I join my group and follow orders*
* I do the same*
*When we are done I quickly rush to my cabin to plan somethings*
* I go into the woods with Harley *
*I go out after a while with a bow and arrow, I walk into the woods*
* I’m talking to Harley on a large rock*
*I go to another area, walking extremely silently for the prey to not run away. I hide behind a bush when I notice a group of weird creatures*
* you hear someone talking *
*I stay hidden, overhearing what they are saying but still keeping an eye on the weird creatures*
*you hear footsteps *
*I raise my bow and arrow, becoming very still but ready to shoot*
* you see it’s just a few of the soldiers *
*I look at the weird creatures again and notice some of them have come closer to me, this makes my skin crawl giving me the creeps*
* the creatures nibble on some grass *
*I shoot one of them making it fall down*
*a young girl runs up to it and heals it*
*I stay silent, very quietly changing my position*
* the creature lxcks her face*
*I climb up a tree, observing the girl*
*you notice she have the same markings as the creatures+
*I sigh feeling guilty*
*harley teleports to you*
*I jump almost falling of the tree* jeez Harley you scared me
{Harley} sorry miss Aurora
*I laugh softly* Harley you know you don’t have to call me “miss”
{Harley} oh okay
so what’s up? why are you here *I move letting Harley have space to sit*
{Harley} my dad got that strange bracelet off...
*Im surprised* he did? that’s great! how did he do it?
{Harley} Terrance helped him
that’s great. Did Miller help them too?
* she shrugs* {Harley} I don’t know
*I stare into the woods* Harley stay silent for a bit *I raise my bow and shoot something on the bush*
* something runs back to the enemy camp*
*I jump down from the tree, instructing Harley to go back to camp. I run after them*
* I teleport you back to Harley * you should know it’s a trap
how would you know? we might be able to get some information, maybe clear their brain! we don’t know how much the overheard.. *i look at you confused* you we’re here all the time?
I know it’s a trap because I served in that army for over half my life and they never change strategy. and I just got hear
ah yes of course, how dare I doubt you since you know everything *I’m annoyed at you but also a bit embarrassed*
I don’t know everythi- * one of the creatures jumps in my and starts lxcking me*
*I walk away from you, going back to camp*
* a few of the creatures follow you*
*I’m not sure what they are so I just ignore them*
* the young girl calls the them and they run to her*
*I walk back to camp, brushing my arms on some trees*
* the girl spots me and harley*
*she takes her creatures away from you guys, putting them on another place*
* one of the creatures refuse to leave me and Aurora
*she shrugs and goes with the other creatures, feeding them*
* i get up an follows her with the creature and Harley *
( I just realized Harleys name is supposed to be Harper 😂😅 )
(lmaøoo your kidding right? We’ve been using that name for about 2,500 comments lol)
*she stops when she notices you following her* Do you need anything..?
( no I’m not 😂 I was just looking through some old screenshots that Evelyn sent me when we first Introduced her )
(seriously? I also thought her name was Harley .-.)
( it was but auto correct corrected it every time, let’s just stick with Harley)
(I once thought it might have been because you watched the joker or birds of prey. I’ve never actually met a person whose name is Harley)
( really? I know about 10 people named Harley)
no miss I don’t... just bringing this little one so she doesn’t get left behind * she notices I look kinda sad but happy*
*she shakes her head in disappointment at the creature* okay thank you, you can leave her there *she points to the group of the rest of the creatures*
* I communicate with the creature the same way the girl did and the creature runs to the others*
thank you *she sits down keeping an eye on the creatures*
* she realizes I can communicate with the creatures*
*she looks at you kind of confused then realizes your probably a wizard*
(I just came back at the perfect time lol)
(yep lol)
* I recognize her * wait... is your name by chance Sage...?
(oh nvm you just changed the message 🤦‍♀️)
*she looks at you a bit confused* what do you mean? I’m i supposed to know you..?
( lol I was just going along with it 😂)
I just want to know if you name is sage...
your** (
(did you delete the messages again or is it the supposed glitch? 😐)
( probably a glitch be I didn’t touch anything)
(mhm -.- you know you can tell me when you don’t want my character to say something.) yes it is *she nods*
( I’m not lying, unless it was Connor just being mean and deleting the comments from his phone because he’s mad at me since I won’t let him stay the night at my house again)
you probably don’t remember me then... you were so young when I had to get really involved in the war...
(yeah ok, idc anyways I’ll just re-post my comments) okay *she looks at her creatures, making sure they are okay*
* Harley says some to me and she teleports to camp*
*she stand up and goes to check on one of the creatures who is whining*
* a few of the creatures run over to me*
*she shushes the creature and returns to sit down on the tree*
* the creatures fall asleep around me*
*she sighs and goes into a small hut*
* a few creatures bring her back outside *
{Sage} So what is your name? *she sits down next to you*
I’m Felix * Harley comes back and sits down next to me*
Nice to meet- I mean to see you again *she smiles at you*
* smiles a little and Harley falls asleep *
*she looks at your uniform* so you said you went to the army..? how’s that?
well I didn’t exactly have a choice, my fathers a general and I was under his Authority at the time
oh okay, were we friends?
* pulls a picture of Harleys mom and a bunch of the creatures out of my pocket * do you remember this person...?
*she shakes her head* not really
I figured that... you were so young when she died
*she nods* that’s sad *loud sound come from the forest*
can you please watch my daughter for me while I go make sure that wasn’t what I think it was?
*she shrugs* sure *she stand up and grabs Harleys hand and takes her inside the forest*
* I teleport to where I heard the sound*
*you see a bunch of soldiers laying around dęad, then you hear agonized breathing and the loud sound again*
* I teleport to that spot *
*some soldiers are running away some are fighting. There is about 7 soldiers including me, I’m shooting from a bush.*
* I sigh and everything goes dark*
(let’s say it’s the Wendigo again) *You hear a small gasp then desperate running*
* teleports a scythe to hand and something jumps on me* (great idea!)
*It turns out it’s me* Not time, I swear Felix there is something wrong about this Wendigo.. it’s way too powerful *I bring you to the bush I was hiding, it’s bloodied*
* whispers * get back to camp, and yes I’m about to do something stupid
*i wrap my arms and legs around you shaking my head* please don’t, we have to get out of here.
* the wendigo gets closer to the bush* trust me on this
*i murmur* it better be good, for some reason the wendigo won’t stop chasing me.. *I let you go, becoming extremely silent*
* I teleport out of the bush and whistles* over here idiot! * the wendigo runs after me*
*I crawl out of the bush going slowly since my leg has been stabbed. I crawl up to some soldiers seeing if I can heal them*
* there already dead amd the few that are still alive are going back to camp** I run faster amd the wending o still chases me*
*I crawl to a random direction, yelping quietly. I try to cover my injuries but there are to many*
* one of the soldiers that isn’t hurt finds you and and helps you get back to camp
*we walk to camp, I’m looking around for you.*
*harley and the girls king with the creatures are into the camp*
*I feel like passing out but I try to stay awake to be able to go after you*
* I lead the wendigo to the enemy bass*
*I wrap bandages and a stick to my leg, getting up and teleporting to you*
* you get teleported back to camp*
*I frown and begin to run to the enemy camp, gasping for air but still continuing*
* you get teleported back and I teleport to camp*
*The stick breaks and I fall down to the floor, my bandages become red and I gasp in pain*
* helps you to the medic*
*We are walking to the medic* why did you just leave me there like that? I had no idea if you were going to die, you should have told me something… *under my breath I say* I was worried
because you were hurt * you notice the back of my shirt is ripped and there’s a lot of blood*
*I stop walking with you, staying perfectly still* Felix.. yo-you didn’t get cut my the w-Wendigo right?
no... I got snagged by a trap
*I sigh in relief then continue to crawl with you, having a conversation with you*
* the medic treats our wounds *
(oof I just noticed it said crawl instead of walk, it was the auto correct 🙈)
( lol it happens all the time to me)
*after our wounds are treated we are moved to some stretchers, we are next to each other*
* we talk for a while and sage brings Harley over*
*Harley runs up to us and hugs us both, she says she’s happy we are alright*
* she laying down next to me and we all talk*
*I feel like sleeping so I close my eyes and fall asleep, after a bit I begin to snore a bit
* we hear a loud blast and we see flames form the enemy camp*
*I abruptly wake up, gasping and looking around* w-what happened?
the enemy camp blew up just as I planned
*I stay quiet, not sure how I feel about it*
but when I got there everyone was fine except the general so I left the wendigo with him and he’s the only one along with the wendigo that died I hope
*I look at you confused and surprised* you want your father dead?
my father was ten times crazier than my mother
And even more abusive
*I nod trying to seem as understanding as I can* okay then *I feel upset for some reason*
* a few of the strange creatures lay around the stretcher im on*
*I notice that but just ignore it knowing it must be one of your hidden powers*
* the lxck my hand*
*I wonder what you are doing, but then just shrug and lay down*
* I say something in a strange language to them*
*It gives me the creeps, so I stand up and stubble to the door*
* Harley falls asleep and one of the medics tells you that you can’t leave yet*
*The medic blocks the door but I still get past them, walking away from the clinic*
* one of them teleports you back*
*I rage and tell them to let me out*
* someone sedates you*
*I feel dizzy and I pass out*
* she brings you back to the stretcher *
*I wake up after a while, sit up and looking around*
* it’s completely empty except for a few medics*
*I silently crawl out of the stretcher and out the door*
* the rest of us are in the mess hall*
*I’m not sure what I’m doing but I see some smoke so I decide to go investigate*
* it’s from the enemy bass*
*I sit down watching how everyone is running around trying to put out the fire*
* you see the burnt skull of the wendigo*
*I sigh in relief, still having an uneasy feeling but shoving it way*
* aiden gets worried about you*
*I walk silently into enemy camp, finding a dead soldier and changing into their clothes*
* aiden asks the medics to when you left amd they have no idea
*I act like I’m a enemy soldier, getting informed of what’s happening*
* you find out that since the general is dead the war will probably end*
(let’s say a battle ends, not the complete war) *I sigh kind of feeling upset or relieved*
* you decide to come back to camp*
*I walk thru the forest and back to the camp, forgetting to change from the enemies clothes*
*someone from the camp shoots at you*
*I’m surprised by the shot, still falling to the ground with the impact.*
* another soldier recognizes you and brings you back to medics*
*I’m about to pass out since the bullet has entered deeply and has hit my stomach*
* aiden starts yell at the soldier who shot you*
*I stick my thumb on my stomach for me not to loss to much blood* (I learned this is a good way to slow down bleeding, even if it sounds disgusting)
( I know it helps because we sometimes have to do this where I work if a surgery goes wrong ) * you finally get to the medics*
(Aren’t you like 13? How are you working with a surgeon?) *They put me in a stretcher and begin to try and extract the bullet from my body*
( I work at a veterinarian clinic and yes I am 13 )( tbh I have no idea how I have a job, maybe it’s the fact that I’ve known the veterinarian for years ) * they get the bullet out after a while*
(that’s so cool! Do you like attend pets or wild animals?) *They begin to try to heal my stomach, they spend a while doing it but are unable to heal it completely so they bandage it up and let my body do the rest of the work*
( mainly pets but we do get ALOT of raccoons and a few coyotes sometimes I always get let off my shift early when someone brings in coyotes since I’ve gotten attacked by every single one ) * aiden tells me what happened*
(ooo I honestly love raccoons for some reason) *you come into the room we’re they have putted me in and see me laying on a stretcher sedated*
( raccoons are extremely sweet except when their mad) * sighs*
*you sit down in a chair nearby look at me for a moment then begin to do some kind of puzzle*
* Alex comes in and sits next to me*
{Alex} Aurora has been getting into a lot of trouble lately *he sighs*
she sure has...
{Alex} why though?
* sighs and hesitantly says* my brother did something to her mind...
*Alex looks at you confused* I that why she’s making terrible decisions? *he frowns, placing his legs to his chest and laying on them*
most likely...
I would feel bad for her but she told me she preferred pain than pity..
and that’s the bad part about messing with someone’s mind
what bad part? getting pitted? *he looks at you confused*
I’ll explain another time...
okay.. *he lays down next to me, squeezing my arm gently*
* he falls asleep *
*after a while I wake up and find him curled up in my arms*
* I’m talk to sage quietly *
*I look around confused, until I meet your eyes*
* smiles a little when I see your awake *
*I smile softly, trying to sit up*
* you can’t sit up*
*I groan, rubbing my stomach*
* sage leaves us alone and apricot comes in*
*she jumps to the bed, stepping all over Alex to reach to me. She makes me laugh which ends up with me making a face*
* Alex wakes up startled and smiles when he sees your awake*
*I smile back at him, messing with his hair*
*he hugs you gently *
*I try to hug him back but moving my body hurts me so I just pat his back*
how you feeling..?
I’m feeling alright, even though I’m not sure what happened..
you got shot....
*I look a bit confused* Did it touch my stomach? Is that why I’m almost unable to move?
yes it is...
*I sigh* Should’ve changed my clothes
I know the feeling
*you make me smile* you do? How come?
I’ve been shot multiple times
Ah yes, I believe in the army it’s a bit common.. I thought you were talking about the clothes, how you’ve changed into enemy clothes and forgot to change back..
I’ve done that way to many times to count
okay *I begin trying to heal my wound with my hands*
* you get a sharp knife pain*
*I stop and stay completely still* At least we know our soldiers know how to shoot deeply*
(forget the little star* at the end)
(lol o didn’t even see it)
yes they do
*i sigh and turn my back to you, trying to fall asleep*
* Alex and I leave you alone and apricot cuddles you*
(hey can we do like a kinda big time skip*
( sure)
*a some weeks pass by, I’m recovering but still not aloud to leave. It’s begins to get very depressing*
* the kids come visit you every day and stay for hours on end*
*Some days pass and now I’m able to walk even if a bit like stumbling*
(I’m pretty sure soldiers don’t just go home after war, I mean men who actually train each day don’t do just leave. They go to other training camps, I think)
( sorry about that, that was my cousin being a jerk to bad Erin isn’t here to rp while I babysit)
(sorry about what though?)
( my cousin commented what I didn’t want him too)
* the soldiers train but not as much)
(ah ok, don’t worry though it’s fine) *now I spend more time at the office with my brother*
* I help sage look after the creatures most of the time*
*I’m sitting on a bench, looking at some papers I have in my hands*
* apricot curls up on the papers in your hands*
*You pass running with Sage, it looks like you’re having fun*
* you see I’m running from Lucifer *
*i sigh wishing I could run*
* Lucifer catch’s me and jumps on me*
*i laugh, petting Aricot*
* you hear me says* I get your mad at me for leaving you Lucifer!
*I walk up to you* Hey Lucifer, why is he mad at you *chuckles*
* Lucifer puts his head on him so I can’t talk since my head in in the dirt* * mumbles * just don’t ask
*I shrug and pet Lucifer* jeez Lucifer let him breathe
* Lucifer lxcks your hand in protest *
*i smile and shack my head* whatever he did cant be that bad
* calls but it’s mumbled * he’s fat!
*i giggle* don’t you dear say that about dear Lucifer
* calls again and it’s still mumbled * he’s 50 lbs over weight! he’s only supposed to be 250! not 300!
*I lay down next to Lucifer* I think he’s perfect as he is. Still Lucifer you should let Felix breath
* he shakes his head and apricot climbs around in his rack *
see even apricot agrees with me.
* apricot hits my head*
*I sigh and grab your hand and begin to pull you out*
* Lucifer completely lays on me but my head is out* at least I can sorta breath now
*I laugh and lay down next to Lucifer and you* I wonder when I’ll be able to run, I wanna be able to go on missions
you’ll be able to run soon
I hope, but I’m still wondering why I can’t heal it..
they use a mix of metals so who knows
It’s weird, I haven’t been able to heal anything with my powers.
*I try to heal it again, you can see I’m trying my best*
* feels bad for you*
*I notice your the face your making* please don’t feel bad for me.. *im dead serious*
I can’t help it
*I frown* Lucifer you don’t have to move *I stand up and walk away*
* Lucifer puts my face back down into the dirt*
*I walk into the office and away from you*
* Harley tells Lucifer to get off of me and he listens to het* thank you
*I’m discussing with my brother, looking at how other generals are handling their battles*
* a few of the creatures jump on me before I get up*
*Sage walks up to you laughing, she takes the creatures away from you*
* they jump on me again *
*I’m talking to my brother of doing a mission, convincing him with every word I say*
* I give up and just let’s the creatures lay and sit on me*
*he says it’s fine by him so I go out to start packing*
* sage and I are talking when the general comes up to us *
*You both stand up straight and stop talking*
* Lucifer stands behind me*
*the general clears his throat and greets you*
*he’s a little annoyed that im here because we don’t really get along*
*he ignores the feeling and tells you what he need to*
* he walks away*
*You continue talking with Sage*
* I talk with sage for a little longer before going to my cabin*
(Sage is like the same age as them right?)
( she’s about 17 )
(ah okay) *I walk to Bens cabin*
* I tell Harley, John and alex to behave for sage *
*Ben opens the door, I greet him and go inside*
* I get a few things before leaving the camp*
*I exit Bens cabin, take a few pills and grab my backpack to go into the woods and leave camp*
* I go to another enemy camp*
*I’m parting my journey to a magical island that would let me find myself again*
* I shoot someone from the enemy camp and changes into their uniform*
*in comparison with the other camp this camp is far more protected. One of the soldiers sees you and shoots you a couple of times. You are able to teleport away before all the bullets hit you*
* I teleport into a broom closet of the enemy camp*
*I’m starting my journey, using a map to guide myself*
* night quickly begins to fall and I teleport back outside the camp *
*the soldiers try to shoot you but you are able to flee successfully. Meanwhile I notice I’m it’s getting dark, still I’m out of the forest so I continue walking*
* somehow I shipshape into the soldier I killed before going back to the end camp*
*they yell at you harshly for being out when you’re not supposed to, you are sent to the other soldiers after you get your punishment*
* they shoot me in the leg a few times and send me to my cabin *
*You are sharing cabin with various men, when you enter they greet you. See your leg and call a medic*
* the medic comes and takes care of my wound*
*you stay there for a couple of days. I’m still working my way to some kind of magical jungle, I’ve almost lost my map*
* the general calls me to his office and you get to the magical island *
*You walk to his office and he greets you sourly. I’m looking around the island amazed*
* he tells me I had a mission to go to another enemy camp*
(wait what does he mean? like the person who Felix killed had a mission or is he assigning a mission to him?
( he’s assigning a mission thinking he’s the soldier Felix killed)
(ah okay) *you accept the mission, meanwhile I’m now exploring the island looking for the place the map leads me to.
*you hear whispers all around you*
*i look around, trying to for them to not get in my head*
* something runs behind you into a bush*
*my skin crawls but I ignore the sounds and continue to walk deeper into the jungle*
* you finally get to where you need to be*
*I satisfied search the place, making sure I see every bit of it. I then begin to meditate to be able to find my power back*
*you stay at the island for several days*
*A necklace appears in front of me, I examine it and it seems like it has some bones inside*
* you hear rustling in a bush near you*
*I ignore the rustle again and but the necklace on.* (hey sorry if I take time to answer, I’m kinda busy right now)
( no worries, Erin and I are kinda busy ourselves) * something comes out of the bush*
*I gasp and back away*
* you see it’s just apricot and a few weird creatures *
*I pet Apricot and the other creatures, I see one of them is hurt. I sigh and begin trying to heal it*
* it snaps at you because it thinks your going to hurt it*
*I bite my lip, trying to communicate to him I’m not trying to hurt him. Still I decide to try my power on something else forst*
* apricot curls up on your lap *
*I try my magic on a plant but instead of helping it, I kill it* what..?
* apricot try’s the pull the necklace off you*
Apricot stop, I’m trying to figure this out *I put her paw down*
* she bites the neck and pulls on it *
*I frown as taking the necklace off makes me feel like I need it back* stop! *I push her away from me*
* she hisses at you and tries to take it off*
*I pull her away from me* what’s up with you?!
* she hisses at you*
*I put her down and roll my eyes, walking away from here*
* she seems sad and one of the creatures comfort her*
*I sigh and walk away from her. Trying to figure out what’s happening*
* you go to a river*
*I sit down at the edge. It reminds me when we were sitting together on the river close to Tara*
*Taras house
* it gently starts to rain *
*I flinch as the rain touches my skin, starting to shake*
* you see a small cave*
*I enter inside it, shaking*
*apricot and the creatures are already in there*
*I sit down, feeling exhausted but being unable to sleep*
* apricot rubs against you*
*I pet her, just wanting to be back at camp, with you, Ben and my brother*
* you decide to go back tomorrow *
*I come to the conclusion that the meditation probably gave me my power back but slightly different*
* apricot starts messing with the necklace and tries to get it off
*I stop her* Don’t play with my necklace you silly raccoon *I hug her tightly*
*she hugs you back and chews in the necklace with the stone that’s in her forehead **
*I grab a branch and give it to her instead* don’t chew on this
*she looks at you like your crazy *
*I shrug* I don’t know, just don’t chew on it
* she keeps chewing until she falls asleep *
*I groan, some feeling doesn’t let me sleep. Hours pass by and the sun begins to rise*
* you get ready to leave*
*I grab my things and begin following the map back home*
* the creatures and apricot follow you*
*I spend a day walking back to camp. It’s nighttime when I’m finally back*
* aiden greats you*
*I smile at him but not make any physical contact. Since on the way I touched various plants and they all died*
* he asks if your okay*
*I nod, slowly walking back to my cabin*
*the next day I come back to the camp*
*I run up to you happily, I’m wearing gloves* Hey, I looked for you yesterday but you weren’t here
I was on a mission at an enemy camp, and then I got sent on a mission from that camp and completed two missions...
What do you mean? You work for the enemy? *I seem confused, still knowing it’s probably not true*
I shipshaped into one of the enemy soldiers
that makes more sense, where did they send you though.
they thought I was someone else
okay.. where did the send you?
to another enemy camp
ah, that’s cool I guess?
not really, the defenses are getting better with every other camp
*I sigh, putting my gloved hands to my face, analyzing the situation*
* I notice the gloves * what’s with the gloves?
*I shrug* Just making sure I don’t hurt anyone
Uh, just a precaution. *I make sure they have no holes*
a precaution from what?
*You can see I’m holding it to myself* Well because uh I don’t wanna touch anyone and hurt them..
I see the bone necklace...
okay..? *I move away from you, trying to read your expression*
*I sigh and goes to the generals cabin*
*the general comes up to you* {General} Hello Felix, good to have you back
thank you sir, it’s good to be back
{general} so what have you discover?
the enemy camps are heavily protected 24/7
{General} With what happened with the other enemy camp, it was expected. Anything else?
all of the soldiers are vampires
*this obviously troubles him but he just nods, keeping a serious face* {General} Thank you soldier, you are dismissed
* I walk away*
*Harley and me are talking, she’s telling me what happened when I wasn’t here*
* Ben and I walk and talk*
*I tell Harley of what I did in my journey, she asks to see what I can do and I accept to show her. I carefully take away my gloves and touch a little plant, it instantly crumbles.*
* she’s amazed *
*I’m very careful about this, telling her im trying to control it but it’ll take time*
*ben and I come up to you*
*I stop touching it hiding my hands, slowly putting on the gloves* hey what’s up..?
{Ben}oh nothing... what happened you two?
* about****
nothing much.. *Im hiding my hand behind me, forgetting to cover the flower*
*I sigh when I see the flower*
*I follow your gaze and notice your starring at the flower. I quickly cover it*
* Ben and Harley go the mess hall and I sit wear Harley was* I see you went to the island....
*I nod, looking into your eyes*
we just need to hope for the best than...
huh? What do you mean.. *I’m observing my hands*
everyone who goes to the island gets a cursed necklace...
*You see me get tense* wh-what? *my voice breaking, looking deep into your eyes trying to find hope*
everything will be okay...
*Im upset, but my sadness turns to anger.* How could I be so stupid..
your not stupid Aurora...
yeah sure, putting a curse on myself is definitely not stupid..
at least your not the idiot who made a manticore, siren, dragon, and hydra extremely mad
*you make me smile* did you really do that?
no, my dumbaxx brother did, I was to bust laughing, but I was the one who set a whole camp on fire-
*i giggle a bit* I guess we all have our flaws..
we sure do... it’s one of the only things that make us human like...
*I smile* still how is there a possible way to reverse or control the curse?
I have to think.... I mean the last time this was to someone I know was over a hundred years ago * you figure out in a lot older than I look*
*I nod, not saying anything trying not to be rude* Meh I guess I can live with it..
you sure...? * apricot try’s to get the necklace off*
*I look into your eyes, you can see I’m just trying to be hopeful* huh.. oh um I guess
okay then... * apricot gets the necklace off of you and rubs away with it*
*I suddenly feel the overwhelming need to have the necklace with me.* Apricot, please give it back..
* she hisses and runs back*
*I take the necklace from her and put it back on*
* he hisses again *
*I roll my eyes and lean against a tree*
* Alex comes up and sits down next to us*
*You begin to talk with him, I listen to the conversation quietly*
* Alex waves at you*
*I wave back at him* Hey, how have you been?
{Alex} boredddd * I chuckle * {Alex} who about you miss Aurora?
*I raise my eyebrow* Since when are you and Harley so formal? You know you don’t have to call me miss
{Alex} oh okay
Anddd about your question, yes I’ve been great *I put on a fake smile, but you can still se thru the act*
{Alex} good to hear!
{Alex} how have you been mr. Felix?
I’ve been good * jokingly says to alex* are you feeling alright bud?
*he’s surprised and becomes stiff* hehe y-yes I’m g-good
* I sense he’s lying and I become clearly concerned * you sure....?
*I share a concerning look with you* Alex you can tell us..
* he gets nervous * {Alex}. I-I really am g-good
*I grab his hand, thankfully having my gloves on* Darling.. what happened?
{alex} n-nothing mi- * he stops himself *
*I’m looking at him straight in the eyes, completely serious* Did someone hurt you? I’ll make sure they regret that..
{Alex} no one hurt us... * he’s not lying but he regrets saying “us”*
us? what do you mean..? *I squeeze his hand*
{Alex} n-nothing!
*I stay silent, looking at you for help*
Alex please tell us...
*We look at him expecting to talk, he sighs* okay, okay I’ll tell you..
okay so what happened....?
Well it all started when.. *he squeezes back my hand* (what happens?)
(idk) * he looks at me for a few seconds before continuing *
{Alex} well, John and me where running in the forest.. when this thing appears and-and..
want did the thing look like...?
I don’t know.. like some shadow, a ghost or something.. *he looks at the floor*
sounds like you found a spirit...
what’s that?
typically a ghost
hm, what damages can a ghost make?
it depends on what kind of ghost same way with a spirit
*I look back at Alex* so what did that ghost do?
*he doesn’t respond *
*I look at him in the eyes* honey.. what did he do?
* he avoids your gaze*
please Alex.. please
* he shakes his head and I sigh*
*I lay back again, knowing it’s probably hopeless*
* he leans against me*
*I look at the time in my watch* I should get going. Alex sweetie please don’t hesitate to come and tell us.. *I stand up and leave*
* he nods*
*he looks at the ground, feeling bad for not telling us*
* ruffles his hair* it’s okay bud... there’s no need to feel guilty for not telling us
*he nods and stand up* I should also get going..
okay, I’ll be here if you need anything
*he smiles a bit and goes with the other kids*
*I go to my cabin *
*I go out of my cabin talking with Ben, showing him some plans*
* I teleport a spell book to me and I sit in the bed*
*we sit outside the cabin, still talking*
*I skip through to books until a find a page that shows a shadow looking thing and I get up with the book and goes to find Alex*
*You end up finding him a few feet away from me and Ben*
is this what you saw in the forest...? * shows him the sketch of the creature*
* he seems a bit scared. So he stays quiet*
Alex please tell me if this is what you saw... it’s really important * I cover up what it says about the creature with my hand*
*I notice you two, but I believe it’s better to not interfere so I stay on my place* {Alex} y-yes.. that’s what I saw
okay thank you for telling me * the book slams itself shut on my hand*
*I look back at Ben and continue what I am doing. Deciding I’ll ask you later*
* the book growls at me and I growl back, the book opens back up and I go back to my cabin*
*a while passes by. I walk up to your cabin and I knock on the door*
come in * I’m reading through a really old spell book*
hey *I walk next to you* hm what’s that?
I’m just doing a little research... * you she the book at had earlier is clamped around my hand like it’s an animal and the book occasionally growls*
*I sit next to you and lean in to see the page* hm what is the creature?
some sort of spirit, wizard/witch hybrid....
do you have a clue about what it did to Alex and John?
not yet.... but it can’t be good
*I sigh* They’ll be alright.. they’ll be alright *I’m murmuring to myself*
* I look into your eyes* they will be alright
*I gently grab your hand a give it a small squeeze* He said it didn’t hurt them.. what do you think might have happened?
the creature is kinda like a reaper but not as bad but they can do heat a reaper does
(oops forgot she had a curse, let’s say she had gloves.) *I nod* Can’t you like stop it? *I look back into your eyes*
I would... but I’m not willing to possibly make it worse..: * I avoid your gaze* (lol )
*I sigh* b-but.. we first need to get the information, if Alex can tell it then we should ask John *I let go of your hand and stand up*
I already did... he said the same as Alex, I even asked Harley she said after they come back they were acting weird and then she doesn’t remember anything until we got back to the camp...
*I’m starting to get worried* uh.. I’m sure spirit isn’t trying to kill kids. Maybe it wants something else, right?
probably... if I need to get into the kids heads I’ll have to consult the counsel...
*I shake my head* Don’t please, we don’t know what it might do to them.. *I sit on a stool sitting around the cabin*
I won’t unless there’s no other choice...
*I’m slightly relieved, hoping that’s not the case* Are there any consequences to.. the people that enter others mind?
it’s depends on how long someone is in your mind... I mean for my job I sometimes have to been in someone’s mind for a few days to possibly a few years...
*I frown* I hope we don’t get to those measures.. *i then murmur* wouldn’t want to loose you from years..
* all the students my scythe that’s leaning on the wall teleports to us and all most hits you, but I catch it just before it does*
*Before you catch it I quickly drop to the ground, covering my head*
sorry about that.... the council must need me for something...
*I stand up, a little stunned* that’s alright.. *I walked out of the cabin, consumed in my thoughts*
* I teleport to the middle of the forest *
( can you be someone form the council?)
(yeah sure) {council man} greeting Felix, we have encountered here because we have serious topics to discuss
yes sir... what must we discuss...? *leans on my scythe*
(what should it be? I always have no idea what to say :/)
( make something stupid up ) ( that’s what I have to do a lot)
(lmaø ok ok) *he claps his hands and some type of creature/ghost appears* he is gonna be around camp protecting, some of the people we got a report that might be in danger, because of the enemy.
yes sir.... * it’s clear that somethings is troubling me*
hm? What’s on your mind? *he looks at you directly in the eye*
well ummm it’s kinda hard to explain but *prys the book of my hand on shows him the sketch of the creature/spirit * I believe this has gotten into my daughter and her friends mind... and I don’t know what to do...
*They examine the creature* hm, yes this was expected.. We are still not sure why they are here, but we do know they are here for some kind of power
we figured that much out... but the problem is why did they go for the children..
*he stays quiet, thinking of something* Well.. this might be just a random thought but.. the children might be very close to that power.. which means they might be looking for you.
*sighs* I don’t think they are looking for me sir...
hm..? *he stays quiet again* who do you think it’ll be?
a witch... she is far more powerful than she looks... I can feel it *I’m talking about Aurora *
*they nod* we’ll look at the problem.. in a bit, you are dismissed
yes sir, thank you for your time * teleports away*
*I’m sitting with some kids including John and Alex. We are making campfires*
* the creature/ghost things follow me and I go to the general s cabin*
*He greets you and sits down on his chair*
* I tell him gets e council told me about why the creature/ghost things are here*
*you explain him and he thinks about it and allows it*
* I thank him before leaving with one the creatures and I bring it to the rest of them*
*You come up to us, the creature behind you begins to hiss, I look around and instruct the children to go to one of the cabins*
* I glare it the creature and sends it to the other creatures*
*I stand up and walk up to you* what is that about?
ya know the creature that the kids saw...?
mhm *I nod looking over at John and Alex, who are now directly staring at me* um..
it’s because the creature they saw is looking for something.... or someone
*The kids stand up and begin to walk up to us, making me feel uneasy* ah Felix.. what’s wrong with the kids..? *I push you behind me in a protective way*
I have no idea... * one of the creatures I brought with me comes up behind us and hisses *
*they quickly back away and run with the others to the cabin* huh.? *i look at you confused*
* I say something in a strange language to the creature * stay with him until I get back *teleports to the council*
wait fel- *i sigh and walk back to the mess hall*
*the creature stays close to you and more of its kind follow you *
*I’m getting kinda annoyed, trying to be at peace*
{aiden} what are those-?
*I shrug* like I know *I’m now very annoyed*
* he sighs* *** meanwhile with felix***
what happened now Felix? *the council looks at you*
well uhhh the children are now possessed...
*he meets your gaze.* have they done anything?
no but I believe they will soon
that’s expected, please report if anything happens
yes sir..:
*you go back to camp, thinking about what you discussed*
* I’m a bit frustrated *
*I’m sitting at the table on the mess hall, the creature isn’t with me anymore*
* I sigh and sits next to you*
*I smile softly at you* Hey, what’s up?
the council
What about them? *I look at you genuinely curious*
their idiots
*I chuckle* what why?
they need to always debate everything
hm what type of things?
the whole thing with the creatures and the kids...
*I sigh, the worry overwhelmed me again* but why can’t they leave the kids alone and take what they need..?
the council is trying to figure that out...
Then we should focus on the positive things *I smile brightly* I may seem childish but I was bored.. I made this *I give you a bracelet made of leaves*
* smiles a little * why thank you Aurora, and I don’t think your childish at all
I used to do this with.. my father, we would sit by a lake and hunt some fish *I grab the bracelet and begin to tie it around your wrist*
sounds fun... * I can tell you miss him *
it was *I smile at the memories of him, still trying to tie it to your wrist*
* I say something and the bracelet ties itself to my wrist *
*I let go of it* you know it’s always a lot more fun without magic *I shake my head playfully*
I know, you were just struggling
*I shrug* I guess so
* one of the creatures I brought to camp watches us*
*It makes my skin crawl* I’ve been trying for them to leave me alone.. I don’t know what’s wrong with those things, but I just want them to go *I whisper to you*
their just doing their job...
*I sigh* I know but I can’t help but feel like being invaded.
I’ll try to get them to not be as watchful but they may not listen
*I smile a bit and meet your gaze* thank you, I feel like I’m exaggerating.. but I can’t help feeling like this
I know the feeling...
I guess you do. *I sit back in my chair, looking at the roof*
*Harley’s come sip make hugs me, I hear one-of the creatures hiss*
*I look at Harley closely, wondering why the creatures are hissing*
* the creature moves closer and Harley gets tense*
*I have no idea of what is going on, but I sense Harley might be in trouble. I quickly get ready to fight if anything happens*
*i mouth to you “he’s just doing his job....”*
*You can see I’m upset, maybe it runs deeper than just feeling uncomfortable* aha..
* Harley runs to the other kids*
*I stand up, walking out of the mess hall*
* sighs*
*one of the creatures tries to follow me, with a snap of my fingers I place a spell on them, making them unable to follow me*
* it hisses*
*I ignore it and walk away, making my way to my cabin*
* two other of the creatures stand near your cabin*
*I bury my head in my pillow, not understanding why they are always following me, and not other people*
* the kids keep their distance from you for a while *
*I grab a world map and some pencil, then I go lay down bellow a tree. Checking where I’ll want to go when I get out of the army*
* apricot plays with your hair and Lucifer lays down next to you*
*I sigh, gently squeeze Apricot in my arms and pat Lucifer on the back*
* Lucifer rubs against you*
*I slowly fall asleep, curled up with Lucifer and Apricot*
* Ben sees you and smilez*
*Apricot squeezes herself into my arms, while Lucifer snorts at Ben*
* Ben scowls *
*Lucifer ignores him and lays his head back*
* he nibbles on some of the tree bark*
*A few hours pass by, I’m dreaming deeply*
*apricot is fast asleep in your arms*
*I wake up, staying still so I don’t wake Apricot and Lucifer up*
* you see your in your cabin*
*I walk out the cabin, confused about everything*
* you see it’s raining extremely hard*
*I look around, noticing I must have been sleeping heavily to not notice me getting carried to my bed*
* I come out of the generals office *
*I’m sitting at the stairs to go up my cabin. Barefoot and with rain pouring down on me*
* I come over *
*I haven’t noticed you yet, I’m looking at my hands as the rain pours down*
* sits down next to to you*
*I look at you and smile* hey
hey, how’d you sleep?
I slept fine.. what happened when I was sleeping? How did I even get to my bed?
your brother brought you to your bed, and you were sleeping for almost 10 hours
*I nod a bit surprised* I haven’t slept that much in years..
sometimes all we need to do is rest...
*I look at you a bit worried* Have you slept? Felix sleep is important
I know it is, and yes I did sleep
*I look at you then a giant droplet lands near your eye, you make some sort of flinch that makes me laugh*
* chuckles softly and wipes the rain drops off my eye *
*I look back down again, become extremely happy* It’s been long since I’ve seen rain like this, I’m not sure why I love it some much
it’s peaceful
mhm, I guess it just reminds me of.. well everything
yea... it does the same to me
*I place my head on your shoulder, hoping you don’t move away* Tell me something about you that nobody knows
well ummm I am over three hundred years old- * laughs a little *
*I smile, knowing that you trust me enough to say that* Well at least you don’t look 300 years old
why thank you, whats something about you that no one knows?
*I chuckle* Well I guess nobody knows that I have a gift with bows and arrows
impressive, your the first person I’ve met with that gift
*I grin* well it’s not that hard, I don’t know why you haven’t meet anybody like who knows how to
it is a little hard
*I shrug* I can teach you
let’s wait till the rain stops * chuckles *
It would be a bit more challenge.. but that’s fine with me
* lighting strikes a few hundred feet from us*
*I makes me jump and grab your arm, I’m shocked*
we should get inside....
mhm.. I’ve never seen lighting this close… *I realize I grabbed your arm, I let go. Then we walk inside my cabin*
* it starts to hail* perfect timing
*I grunt* I guess I can’t go hunting now
it’ll stop soon
I guess it will, meanwhile I can show you what I’ve been working on *I smile, since I believe it’s very important*
* smiles*
*I get out some plans, then place them on my bed* See! I thought that maybe I could build a hospital here! It’s close to camp so they can bring soldiers to it *I smile brightly at you*what do you think?
* smiles and cheerfully says * I think it’s a great idea!
*I let out a relieved sigh* oh that good, I just have to ask my brother
I’m sure he will agree
I still would be working for the army though.. I’ll have to use my whole schedule! *I chuckle* I guess that’s fine, has long as I’m helping someone
you really love to help people...
*I nod* I guess I do, I’m not sure why.. just makes me feel good
and that makes you a very special person
*I chuckle* You’re sweet Felix, but it’s not special
it really is, most people here are only in the army because they were forced into it
oh.. *I look into your eyes* you really think it’s special?
yes I do * smiles at you and looks into your eyes*
*I blush a bit, but still I don’t break the eye contact*
* I see the creatures outside guarding your door*
*sighs and grabs some of the plans in my bed, takes them to the desk and begins sketching*
I’ll be right back... * steps outside and the creatures hiss at me*
mhm.. *I’m still annoyed with their presence but stays quiet*
* I get the creatures to leave before coming back inside your cabin*
*looks up at you* what did they want?
to do their job
*I raise my eyebrow* How did you get them to leave?
I guess the council ordered them to listen to me and me only.... also Gary doesn’t appreciate that you puts a spell on him so that he can’t do his job
*I sigh* I’m sorry, it’s nothing personal.. I was just a bit angry
* you see my eyes are a shade of red * no worries
*I stare at them. wondering whats happening inside your head* Felix..?
yes I know my eyes are red....
*I frown* how come?
the general and the council made an agreement…
hm about what? *i turn back to my plans*
the children…
*I look at you, shocked* w-what about them? *im wishing it’s not what I’m thinking*
I’m not aloud to say...
*I instantly frown and you can see I’m starting to get angry* why did you even bring it up if you weren’t gonna say what it was!
I’m not the one who brought it up-
Besides, what gives you and the council the right to choose for the kids!
the council are our superiors, I’ve tried to change their minds before but it’s no use
they are your superiors not mine… If you’re gonna hurt the children then I have no other choice but defend them with my life
Aurora you know I will not let you do that and no one is going to hurt the children
*I sigh with relief, then I look at you in the eyes* I don’t mind risking my life for those who I love
I know you don’t, and no one will be risking their lif
*I raise my eyebrows, being actually curious* is that a promise?
for now it is a promise
*I relax, then realize I was a lot more rude than I intended too* I’m sorry, shouldn’t have talked that way..
it’s fine, we all do that every once and a while
Have you ever gotten angry with me?
if I have you would know
(yayyyy we reached a thousand!) I don’t remember.. how come? I’ve been rude to you multiple times, you never fight back..
(we sure did!) I’m don’t really do conflict... my par- * I stop myself and mumbles * nevermind...
you’re what? You can trust me…
* sighs* my parents argued every single day for almost a hundred years...
*I lower my head* I guess that would affect the children… I’m sorry…
* I gently lift your head up and looks into your eyes* there’s no need to be sorry
*I smile and stand up* there is no need to worry, they’ll be alright *it’s more like Im reassuring myself*
they sure will * smiles down at you*
*hugs you gently* thank you for… everything
* hugs you back* your welcome
Please Felix.. make sure the children don’t get hurt *K rest my head on your shoulder*
* gently rubs your back* I will...
I don’t want to see more suffering.. there must be a way we can get those spirits away from them
and there is....
*I look at you a bit surprised* There is? What’s that?
well ummm *explains what it is*
So you say that people have to give some power to save them? Is it dangerous?
not really...
*my eyes light up with hope* then we should help them! I can give some of my power.. I’ll also find another person or maybe I can help them with all..
I think I know someone who would like to help his daughter... * you see my eye turn the same color as Terrances*
His daughter..? Who?
Terrances daughter... * sighs* it’s about time you found out...
*I look at you with obvious confusion* about what?
Harley is Terrence’s biological daughter...
wait.. what? then why isn’t he taking care of her…
he is no longer her legal Guardian...
i hope it’s not rude for me to ask but… why?
he became toxic to Harleys mother when she was pregnant so they broke up
*i nod deciding I shouldn’t ask for more information*
* I sigh softly *
*we have a good time for a while, until the rain stops and we go outside*
* we go to the mess hall*
*you sit down with other soldiers, while I get some food.*
* the soldiers and I talk*
*I come by and sit besides some other soldiers, laughing at their jokes and stories*
* we all talk and have a good time *
*Later on, I walk up to Terrance and ask him if we can talk outside. We go outside and I begin to explain how we can save the kids*
* he agrees to the plan *
*the next day, I meet with him again. We make our way to the children*
* I’m sitting and talking with the children waiting for you and Terrance *
*I come and sit besides you. The children begin to stare at me which makes me nervous*
* the creatures watch us from afar+*
*I grab your hand for support. Slowly begin the process with Terrance*
*As we begin to work oh the spell, I can feel my energy draining. The kids are also fighting back, we had to use power to keep them form attacking*
( I can’t see your comment for some reason)
(oh, well it says that I grab your hand for support, and slowly begin the process with Terrance. How the energy is drawing her and the kids are fighting back)
( thank you for telling me)
* I gently squeeze your hand as we do the spell*
*you can see as I slowly become more and more drained/ exhausted*
* I use my powers to help the kids and holds you up*
*even if I want to keep going my body won’t allow it, I’m about to pass out but I stop myself. Feeling guilty for not continuing*
* Terrance and I finish the spell and the kids go back to normal *
*I weakly hug the kids, smiling brightly*
* smiles weakly and Harley hugs me tightly *
*I give Alex and John some kisses in the forehead then we walk outside*
* I pick Aurora up *
*we are sitting on a picnic table outside*
*I tell them I’ll quickly go for some berries in the woods*
* Harley offers to come with you*,
*I smile, grab her hand as we both walk into the woods*
* you both find quite a bit of berries *
*I have forgotten completely about the spirits, since I’m so concentrated in my own thoughts*
* Harley stays close to you as you both go back to camp*
( I’m so so sorry for not responding! I’ve been so busy lately and so has Connor )
(lmaø that’s fine, I was also offline myself. Btw what’s happening on the rp?)
( Harley and Aurora went out to pick berries and their heading back to the camp*
(okay) *Harley grabs my hand then we meet back with you.*
how’d it go?
It went great! *you can tell I’m very happy* It was cold tough, Kids you should get your jackets*
{the kids} we’re not cold though
I’ll get a jacket for myself then *I go to get my jacket*
* apricot follows behind you*
*Sighs, feeling relived that the whole spirit thing is over. I get a jacket then sit down in my cabin and reflect the things that have happened in the last few days*
* a few of the younger kids go to bed and I stay with the older ones*
*I come back, zoned out again* hey I’m back
hey * I notice your zoned out* everything okay
hm? ah uh yes *smiles and sits down*
ok then
*I eat some of the berries, as I watch the kids play*
* apricot climbs onto my lap* I see we’ve made piece apricot…?
*chuckles then smiles* yes, I can tell she likes you
* she bites my hand gently * that’s debatable sometimes * chuckles *
*Lucifer snorts then comes sit besides us*
ohhh is someone jealous * gently pats his back*
*I smile, open my arms and Apricot jumps into them. Making me laugh and hug her*
* she hugs you back in a raccoon-ish way*
(my bosses raccoons hugs are so adorable )
*We talk for a while as the kids play, then it begins to get late*
* I get up and somehow convinces the kids to go to sleep after they eat*
(aw I would love to be hugged by a raccoon ☺️)
*they go, being quiet because other people are sleeping*
( you say that until it doesn’t want to let you go do your job lol, and the sky we’re in at is purple 😰)
* I decided to show you something in the forest * come’on, I wanna show you something
( and I think there’s a robber or smth in the house I’m in lol)
(huh, wait wait to mucho information for me 💀🖐 robber in your house? lol but honestly I’ve never hugged a raccoon, I would love to.)
okay *I walk next to you, wondering where you’re taking me*
( I heard a gunshot or smth like 3 hours ago and now I don’t want to go to sleep bc I might get murdered lol. and raccoons are the sweetest things ever)
* I lead you into the forest to a clearing full of something that’s glowing *
(oof, yesterday at was at the cinema, it suddenly just turned off and when it did it sounded like a gunshot. Besides the scene that was on was action like, so when it turned off I literally jumped from my seat lol)
*I look at you, visibly confused. Not knowing what you’re planning or what that is)
( lol but for real I think some ones in the house)
* I put my finger to my lip telling you to be quiet and I go behind a bush motioning you to follow me*
(lmaø lock your door) *I follow you but get a weird vibe*
( it doesn’t have a lock 🥲)
* after a few minutes some creature wanders into the clearing*
( rip 🥲) *I widen my eyes at you, silently asking you to explain*
( thanks, if I don’t respond for like a month or two you know why)
* I motion you to be quiet and the creature stirs up the grass and alot of fireflies fly up and around the creature *
( lmaø)
*I look at the creature, still being confused*
* the creature nibbles on the grass and another one comes out of the forest *
*I raise my eyebrow at you, then turn my attention to the creatures*
* one of the creatures babies come out of the forest and runs around the clearing *
*smiles softly giving me nostalgia, of the old times when I used to play with my dog and family*
(oh btw I never got to ask if this was a clean or dirty rp)
* the frogs croak and the crickets chirp while we watch the creatures *
( it’s up to you)
* after a while they leave the setting, I look at you. I’m smiling, remembering all the old moments*
( eh I don’t mind, let’s just see how the rp goes, but I’m honestly fine with anything)
( me too) * I get up *
*I lay down, looking at the stars between the branches* thank you Felix, it has been a while since I’ve felt genuinely happy
well I’m happy that I made you happy * smiles down at you*
*chuckles* did you see the babies? oh weren’t they so cute..? *I sit down against a tree trunk*
they were adorable * sits down next to you*
when did you discover them?
a few days ago
no way! you didn’t tell me, how come? *I shake my head playfully*
they don’t come back here every single night * chuckles * that’s why I didn’t tell you
*Smiles* That makes sense *I grab your hand and begin to tap my fingers on your palm*
* smiles *
Did you ever have any pets? *lays my head against the tree trunk, looking at the stars*
besides Lucifer, I never have
how about you * leans against the tree trunk*
*turns my head at you* oh yes, I used to have a dog.. Her name was Luna *smiles meeting your eyes*
she sounds like a wonderful dog * smiles looking down into your eyes*
she was.. *I frown trying to remember what happened to her* I’m not sure where she is…
I’m sure she’s fine… * knows what happened to her since you told me*
I just don’t remember.. When my I left, my brother stayed with her. I’ll ask him *this makes me relax a bit*
that’s a good idea… * I get a little tense *
*frowns again* what? what is it?
nothing * brush’s some hair out of your face*
*tilts my head a little, raising my eyebrow* really?
yep * smiles down at you*
*Is still suspicious but just brushes it off.* (ah forgot about the curse she’s supposed to have. Let’s just say she’s wearing gloves and their skin hasn’t touched*
( we got rid of the curse lmaø) * looks up at the stars*
(huh when, we did?) *I look down at my hands opening and closing them*
( not to long ago lol it was right before we disappeared for a while)
you okay…?
yeah I’m fine, just thinking *I’m still looking down at my hand*
(oh when they did the spell to get the spirits off Harley?)
( yep) whatcha thing about…?
eh nothing important *I look at you then back at my hands*
okay…* looks back at the stars*
*we talk for a while, until we decide we should also go to sleep*
* I teleport us to our cabins*
*I go to sleep, covering myself with blankets because it’s freezing cold for me*
* I see Harley is waiting up for me* you should be alseep by now sweetheart
* she sighs* I was worried, I couldn’t sleep
* sits down next to you* what’s on your mind hun?
[Harley} I don’t know dad, something is just different. I have a bad feeling about something but I’m not sure what
I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about * kisses her forehead *
*you can tell she’s still uneasy, but she just nods and goes to sleep*
* I gently rub her back until she’s sound asleep before going to sleep myself
( sorry for not responding right away, Connor and I were at cross country)
(that’s alright! I was also at swimming class) *the next day* *I’m at the mess hall playing with a small knife)
* I’m reading a spell book*
( oooo sounds funnier than running 2 miles lol)
*Is talking to some friends, they’re annoyed at me by playing with a knife. But I just ignore them and listen to the conversation *
(not sure if it’s funner but I like it a lot)
* I come to the Mess hall and sits with the kids*
( lol I think I saw my old best friend that I haven’t seen in four years today)
*some other soldiers criticize you for always being with the kids*
(oo cool!)
* I whisper something and shadows mess with them making the kids giggle *
( I’m not sure if it is him or not… if it is he had a huge glow up)
( if he is in my grade I know it it probably him)
*I make eye contact with you. Shake my head then turn away*
* I hide a smirk and the shadows leave the soldiers alone*
(talk to him then, the worst thing that can happen is him not being him)
*I get distracted and make a tiny cut on my finger. I let the knife down, as someone tells me “I told you so”*
( all I need to find out is if he used to be called Nathan)
* I make the kids laugh*
(then ask him, say like “hey are you Nathan?” :) *We continue to chat until it’s time to do the daily trainings*
( I’m not sure if that’s a good idea… the Last time I say him he had just changed his name to Eric and the guy I think is the Eric I used to know his name is Eric so that’s why I think it’s the old Eric I used to know)
( that was very cringy :^)
* we start to train*
(oh then um don’t mention his name, maybe say “hey you seem familiar” or idk) *the swimming training is a bit harder for me, it becomes harder and harder each time*
( I’ll try that or maybe I can just figure it out through my friend whose friends with him) * I go to the generals office after training ^
*He greets you and asks why you’re here
* I tell him because he asked for me*
( I’m in love with the painting raccoon)
{General} ah yes.. I apologize
(I knowwww it’s so cute ☺️)
so what do you need sir… ? (indeed it is. and I forgot taht the general is Felix ls father lol)
( ah yes, I forgot too) {general} well the truth is son.. I don’t know much about you now. How has your life been going?
* I’m surprised that he called me son* it’s been extremely chaotic… after Aurora, Terrance and I escaped from an army camp twice we went to mothers place in Ireland…
*He raises his eyebrows* how is she?
… she kinda wants me dead, she made some sort of deal with Miller and the whole village is sorta destroyed because lost completely lost it-
*he shakes his head* you have to learn to control it. Get help from someone, at least. About your mother… you don’t have to worry about her, I’m sure you’ll be fine
I know I’ll be fine.. but she’s the one who triggered me on purpose
what did she say?
(not me actually forgeting what she said lmaø) ** after telling him**
(lmaø, same. Wait nvm I think I remember. She said something about Terrance being better..? yeah i think)
*he nods* Have you been assigned any new missions?
( lmaø that’s probably it) no sir I haven’t…
mmm.. you’ll be assigned one soon. Start thinking about your crew
* I look a bit confused * umm okay..?
*He raises his eyebrow* If you don’t want the mission you better say it now.
I do want to mission, I’m just confused why I need a crew
*he sighs with disappointment* this new mission is not for one person. It will require the help of various people. The details will be shared with you later.
okay then…
*he waves his hand, point to the door* dismissed
* nods and leaves the cabin*
*I’m sitting next to the training are. I’m wrapping my hands with bandages*
* I work on my target practice *
*After I finish bandaging my hands I begin to try again*
* I make multiple bullseyes*
*I climb the wall, my hands hurt but I also want to climb a much bigger wall*
* I finish my training before everyone else*
*my hands have started to bleed under my bandages, I still have to go down the wall. My hands hurt like hêll but I still move*
* Aiden watch’s concerned *
*I finish lowering myself, proud at myself for beating it*
* aiden comes up to you and tells you to go rest*
*I frown, telling him I have to train.*
* he walks out out of the training area*
*bandages my hands again and stands beside you*
* I’m lost in my thoughts*
*I wave my hand in your face, calling your name*
* I snap out of it* sorry about that…
no problem, it’s better you pay attention though
it probably is…
*we finish training. I go seat on the mess hall*
* I go to the forest with John *
*Is having my meal, I see you thru a window go into the forest with John*
* I continue to help John learn how to use his magic safely
*Tries to heal my hands with magic, but it’s painful so I stop*
* John and I come back about an hour later*
*I come up to you and ask you to close my wounds, ignoring the question of why I don’t do it myself*
* I help you heal your wounds not even asking why don’t you do it yourself *
thank you *i smile quickly then walk away*
your welcome * I get a bit concerned *
*goes to my cabin, grabs a book then sits down and reads*
* I go to the mess hall and sits with the kids*
*I’m not around, instead I go into the forest, climb a tree and read on one of the branches*
* sage comes in and sits next to me*
{Sage} Hello! How have you been? *smiles softly*
I’ve been good sage, how about you? * smiles at her *
{Sage} I’ve been alright, not much has been happening though
I know the feeling
mhm *she eats a little*
if you need any help with the creatures you know where to find me
I do, but I can handle them *chuckles looking into your eyes*
what’s o you need help with
not much, just making sure they stay put
give them a spotted mushroom twice a week, they love them
and they’ll stay put in hopes you’ll give them some
*she nods and thanks you, you have a small conversation*
* after a while she falls asleep with her head on my lap*
*comes in the mess hall, looks at you then quickly turns away*
*ben hugs you from behind *
*smiles then bus him back*
{Ben} I haven’t seen you in what feels like months
*chuckles* I know, we should spend more time together *smiles softly*
* he smiles* we really should
*We sit together at a table, laughing incredibly hard*
* Harley falls asleep next to sage*
*Ben and I leave the mess hall, both of us very concentrated in our conversation*
* I teleport both sage and Harley to my cabin*
*Ben and me go to the woods, not sure where we are going*
* Terrance somehow manages to sneak into our camp and but he quickly gets caught and taken to a holding cell*
*I get notified his presence and I’m required to go meet outside his cell with other soldiers*
* I walk with the general to the cell*
*I talking with Terrance, I shake my head and answer something to him*
{general} excuse us Aurora, but I would like to talk to Terrance alone with Felix
*I raise my eyebrow, give Terrance a small smile and leave*
*I lean against the wall while the general talks to Terrance *
*I on the other room, sitting on a chair waiting for you guys to finish*
* we come out with Terrance *
*Quickly stands up does a small bow and asks for information*
* the general stops to talk to you and Terrance and I teleport away*
May I help you general? *stand up straight*
{general} didn’t you just ask for information-?
ah yes yes, um so will you give it to me?
{general} I guess it wouldn’t hurt… let’s go to my quarters to speak in private
okay sir *When he turns around I smile a little. I follow him to his office*
* he gives you a little bit of information and then dismisses you*
*leaves, unpleased with the information but making the best out of it*
* the general told you that the council will decide what to do with Terrance *
*sighs, my curiosity winning over me. So I decide to follow the general to the council meeting*
* the general slips into the forest with barley enough time for you to follow*
*I’m completely silent, making almost no sounds. Still I hurry because he’s very fast*
* he gets to a clearing and stands near the edge of the clearing *
*I quickly climb a tree, not making sounds and staying on a branch pretty high up*
* Terrance I’d standing in the middle of the clearing in front of a group of old men who are the council*
*I look at the scene quietly, hoping nothing bad happens*
* Terrance occasionally looks over at me asking for back up*
*sighs quietly, observing everything carefully*
( idk what should be said lmaø) * the general just shakes his head at the whole situation *
(lmaø same, that’s why I’m just commenting like. “she watches silently” idk invent something crazy random) *I bite my nails, since one of the council members is going to talk* (should she get caught?)
( up to you and my brains not working correctly after Connor leaving today :( he wanted me to thank you for being there for me and I also want to thank you, it means a lot) * Terrance looks over at me again asking for help*
( aw 🥺 thank you, but tbh I mean it <3 okay I’ll think of something) *Suddenly a arrow brushes my skin, leaving a small cut. I become still, knowing I have been caught*
*I sigh and turns towards the tree your in*
( your welcome and I’m really thankful)
*My face goes red, I lay low. Almost falling down*
( Aw Erin honestly I’m so glad you think that way. I would love to get to know each other better and become great friends)
( I would that a lot tbh) * i mutter something and everything goes dark from a shadow giving you enough time to get down and get away from the clearing*
*I climb down the tree, embarrassed but a lot more noisier since I’m in a rush now. They are shooting arrows at me, most of them barely missing me*
* after a few minutes of you being gone I let the shadow disappear *
( okay, so random question. Are you watching any random series, I need a new series since I almost finish mine 😭)
*An arrow ends up hitting me, I yelp a little then rush to my cabin, locking the door*
( ooo where should I start lol. if you haven’t seen the series of unfortunate events I suggest it)
* aiden sees the arrows flying and runs to your cabin *
( how would I not see it?! It’s like one of my fav series, I was honestly very surprised at the end. Kinda felt bed :/
*I’ve locked the door. My hands are shaking, I’m panicking but I have to get myself together or I’ll bleed to death*
( me too! my dad literally cried at the end )
* aiden climbs though your open window and helps you calm down*
( no me going though my old Netflix profile to see what I used to watch lmaø)
(I mean like almost everyone died 😪 I was upset cause I loved the series and the way it ended it doesn’t seem there will be a 2nd season)
*I’m looking at the injury, not wanting to pull the arrow out because if I do I’ll bleed a lot*
( it was sad but also exiting and it still is even though I know the ending )
( what do you watch now? I just finished Riverdale, like a week ago. It’s honestly not my fav series, it was meh)
* aiden goes to the infirmary and gets medical supplies and helps you with the wound*
( omg I just realized how obsessed I used to be with “ how to train your dragon” all the movies and the tv series)
*he asks me why I can’t just use my magic, I ignore the question. Still it affects me a lot*
( I’ve been watching the live action winx series, it’s pretty good and the twilight series, also Harry Potter lol)
( Honestly Hugo was always pretty cool, it was also cool to see all the different types of dragons hehe. I love Harry Potter obviously. I’ve only watched 3 twilight movies, they were fun*
* he ask you how this happened *
*I shrug saying it just randomly came. I shrug which that makes me wince *
( and then I’ve been watching the marvel series they just let out)
* he stays with you for a while * *** meanwhile ***
( which one? I haven’t heard about that one)
*the council is discussing about the recent event*
( the black widow, Loki, and I forgot the rest lol)
* Terrance and I are having a conversation in Morse code *
(oh yeah the other day I want to the movies, I watched Black Widow. Pretty entertaining tbh) *you hear a scream that sounds like me, it’s probably me taking the arrows out*
* Terrance and I give each other concerned looks* ( you should watch the the Loki series, I’ve only watch 4 episodes but it is great!)
(oh yeah I’ve seen some posts about it, is it about Loki’s life?) *you continue the conversation by morse code*
( not exactly, I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE SPOILERS! someone spoiled and episode and they got pushed off a roof)
* the council gets back to talking to Terrance about hey he snuck into the camp*
( yeah um don’t spoil, wouldn’t want you to get pushed off a roof 😐 did they seriously get pushed off a roof?)
*he focuses on them, waiting for their answer*
( onto a trampoline, it wasn’t a good day for him)
(oh okay, still kinda messed up lol)
( he also was being a perv so he deserved it)
* waits for there answer * ( idk gets to say )
what **
*they make him be their spy at least for some months*
( yeah but maybe pushing someone of a roof is not the best option to teach them their lesson lol)
( lol their Connors and my toxic ex also soooo umm yea 😐)
* he’s not happy with it but he’s relieved that it isn’t something else *
(okay maybe he deserved it 😏 at least it was onto a trampoline)
*He makes a promise and how they’ll kill him if he breaks it. The meeting then ends and you’re dismissed*
he almost missed the trampoline 😶))
* the general Terrance and I teleport back to camp*
( ima head to bet since I have crops country practice three times tomorrow lol )
(oof, I would honestly would have gotten pretty scared) *I tell my brother I just wanna sleep, so he leaves*
(I’ll be going too, see ya tomorrow. It’s pretty late here)
( night 🌚)
( night 🌚)
* the general goes to his cabin and Terrance sighs with relief once again*
*he gets assigned Felix cabin so he doesn’t escape*
( good morning) * we go to the cabin*
( hey good morning 🌞) *Aiden is leaving my cabin*
* I tell Terrance to wait in the cabin with Harley if she’s still asleep and I walk over to aiden* is she okay….?
{Aiden} She said she wants to sleep, but I think she’s just a bit frustrated and doesn’t want me there
she’s really lucky to even have gotten back here
*he looks at you directly in the eyes* why was she injured
she must’ve follows the general to where the council is to hear what they were going to do with my brother and she got caught
*he sighs* She’s always getting into trouble..
she’ll be okay
now, I must go before my brother try’s to do something stupid
*he nods and you leave, I unbandage my waist and notice a have tiny wood pieces left from the arrow*
(what are you doing today?)
* I go to my cabin to find Terrance sitting on the extra bed*
( well I WAS going to cross country tonight BUt my mom is insisting that I go to the chiropractor to get my nose checked to see if it’s broken or fractured lol)
( how about you?)
( eh I said I was going to be proactive today, I think I will. So maybe I’ll go to swimming class, but I dunno cause my throat is a bit itchy)
{Terrance} How is she? *he seems a bit concerned*
she’s okay…according to her brother *I sit down next to harley and sage*
*he sighs then begins to organize his things*
* sage wakes up and yawns*
* she looks around a bit confused*
* I tell her that I had to do something so I teleported her and Harley in here to sleep*
*she nods then looks at Terrance*
* Terrance avoids eye contact *
*meanwhile I’m trying to get the little wood pieces out of my wound, I grab some tweezers and slowly take one out. It suppress a scream, but it hurts a lot*
*sage gets up and leaves the camp with the creatures *
*I look in the mirror at my wound, slowly taking out the piece. Some drops of blood fall to the floor but I don’t notice*
* I gently wake Harley up so she can eat and then go back to sleep*
*Some of the wood chunks have gone to deep into the wound, I decide I’ll go get a nurse to take them out*
* Terrance Harley and I go to the mess hall*
*Walk over to the nurses office, covering the wound with my hand, having some bloody tweezers on the other*
(I’m going to the doctor at 4pm 😪)
( have fun, at least you dont have to possibly get your nose adjusted at the chiropractor tonight 🥲)
* I see you and I sigh*
(oof why though, how did you break it?) *Goes inside the office, quickly requests for help*
( I’m not sure if it’s broken but my friends little brother kicked it ) * they help you with your wound*
*I go to the bathrooms and wash my hands and wound* (oof good luck 🙈)
( glad my nose is blue/green/purple lol )* Terrance Harley and I sit down with the kids*
*I finish cleaning, bandage my wound and put on the military shirt. It doesn’t look like I’m hurt* (green!? wow i think it will have to get adjusted 🥲)
( it might be better to get it adjusted since I have to be able to BREATH out of my nose for running lol) * A few soldiers laugh at us and I feelTerrance to ignore them and that they do this all the time *
*I slap one of them then go sit with you guys, I’m not in a good mood* (ofc it’s better 😑 I mean isn’t it very uncomfortable breathing thru your mouth?)
( I like to think of it as karma for all the times I’ve broken Connors older brothers nose) hey… how you feeling…?
(lmaø what? Why would you break his nose?) Fine. *I grab a plate and start eating*
* Terrance looks at me worried about you*
( he liked to make me mad at least 7 times an hour)
(lmaø have you ever broken any bones besides your nose?) *I look at both of your faces* what happened?
( I broke my right wrist, I fractured it last year, I broke 7 toes last year and possibly part of my foot. how about you?) {both} nothing
(whaaat?! Wait how do you break 7 toes? 🤔 I’ve never broken any bones, just cuts 🤷‍♀️) mhm yeah sure *I continue eating*
( luckyyyy! simple, hundred lbs sheep, hundred lbs pig, 5 hundred lbs cow, and hitting them against metal by accident)
* Harley finish eating and leans against me*
(huh?! I live in the city so it’s pretty uncommon to get stepped on by farm animals lol) *I finish and clean up. Feeling sudden shots of pain but acting like I’m feeling alright*
(got to go to the doctor, ttyl)
( okay have fun lol) * Harley falls asleep on me*
(nvm not yet, but when I stop responding you know why) *cracks my knuckles, it’s satisfying for me*
( sounds good) * Terrance still looks worried *
*I feel like Terrance doesn’t stop worrying. I look at him straight into the eyes* what’s with that look on your face?
(I’m back from the doctor yay. I’ll have to consume a bunch of pills for 5 days :(
{Terrance} it’s nothing… ( good for you, my nose and ears hurt a lot now)
*I look at him my mood suddenly changing* you know you can tell me
(maybe you have an infection, idk honestly)
{ Terrance} it’s nothing important… * I sigh * he’s spying for the council and if he messes up on even the smallest thing the council will kill him…
( maybe I mean last time I had an ear infection it was almost too late before we realized. also me definitely not going to a friends house and coming back with a bean bag bigger than me lol)
*my eyes wide up* Spy for what? You’re a terrible spy, I mean look how fast you got caught ( everyone on my swimming class has being getting ear infection because of the chemicals in the pool 🥲)
( oof good luck) * we both shrug*
*chuckles a bit, smirking* big trouble *shakes my head*
* smirks a little *
*I lay my head on the back of my chair, stretching*
* I gently run Harleys back*
*I feel a bit dizzy* I’ll go to sleep *stands up and slowly walks out the door*
okay see you later… * Terrance and I look at each other worried about you*
no need to worry! *goes to sleep, feeling terrible*
* after a while I teleport Harley to the cabin*
(good morning 🌞 how is your nose doing?) *next day* *I get up because training starts soon*
( good morning, my nose is doing better ig. how has your day been so far?) * I’m heading to training *
( so far it been okay, I’m making cookies yum) *Arrives on time, then stands near some soldiers*
( so sorry for not responding I just haven’t been feeling well and I’ve been at fair ) * Terrance is told by the general to join us at training and he stands next to me*
(oh are you alright?) *You keep watch on Terrance as the training goes on*
( I have a stomach bug, allergies, a twisted ankle, I’m on that time of the month” and my other friend is moving two weeks into school) * Terrance sticks close to me*
( that sucks, but don’t you worry things will get better soon :) *Training ends and you are summoned to the generals office*
* Terrance stays with Aiden while I’m at the general’s office * ( your right, I’m just mad at my mom bc she called Connor and my friends Colby and share slxts)
{General} Have you decided who is your team for the mission I assigned to you? (why would she do that?)
* nods* yes sir ( she’s a bxxxh)
{General} And they are..? (lol why?)
( idk lol) * I name off a few soldiers I trust including you and I hesitantly say Terrance since he has to stay with me 24/7)
*he nods and checks the information of each soldier* {General} okay then, I’ll let them know
thank you sir
mhm *he dismisses you and calls in the soldiers you decided to bring*
* he explains what the mission is and to get a few supplies ready before dismissing them*
* he doesn’t tell Terrance or I what the mission is but he told us to get supplies *
*he tells me that I’ll be following your orders but also recommending what’s better for the group. He doesn’t explain the mission and also just sends me to go get ready*
* I leave Terrance at the cabin for a few minutes while I go back to the general’s cabin to find out what the mission is*
*He explains that he will be sending you to a jungle, where you are supposed to find a sacred treasure or something like that. It’s important since it will help with the war*
* I nod and he dismisses me*
*is getting supplies and packing all my things, definitely excited about getting out of here, ignoring pain and keeping focused*
* Terrance and I get a few guns along with bows and arrows *
*Goes to where you guys are, I have a medium backpack. Clearly ready for the mission* Hey, how can I help?
* I turn to you* we got everything but thank you anyways * I put the extra ammunition, guns bows and arrows in a bag with a spell on it that doesn’t make it heavy and makes it have infinite space* ( Connor wrote down a few hundred ideas and that was one of them lol)
( Ideas about what?) Oooo what did you do? *I examine the bag, trying to figure it out*
( for rps since I won’t have to think of ideas or make ocs since school started today 💀)
* I smiles a bit * just a simple spell
(💀💀 lucky me, mine starts in about 20 days. That’s a good idea, I’ll do that too. ) *puts my hand in it* It’s like Mary Poppins
( lol your the luckyyy one lol ) I guess it is
(I mean I wanna go back but and I don’t want too) So are we ready to go? *I put all our stuff together* also are any of this weapons for me?
* hands you a pistol like the other soldiers, Terrance and myself have already * the bigger guns are a lot precaution
*Looks at the bow and arrows, then points at them* Can I change them for those?
only if you want too * I hold a thing of arrows and a bow*
*smiles a little then grabs them and gives you the gun* thank you!
your welcome * smiles at you* oh and ya know where leaving at sunrise tomorrow right…?
Oh at sunrise? Yep sounds great, I’ll make sure to be there on time *I sit down and check my backpack, making sure I have everything*
(hello! how was your day?)
( it was good until I came home, and I’ve had a few mental break downs in the last few minutes. how about you?) * I nod and goes to my cabin*
(oh I’ve been great.. but how about you, are you okay?) *the next day at sunrise, I’m just on time*
( I’m doing better… I still have one friend that’s yet to leave New Mexico but I’ll be able to see him twice a year) * the rest of the soldiers arrive a little bit after you*
(I feel that, most of my friend group is leaving my school, including my best friends. So times have been tough but I guess I’ll figure it out) *I’m checking my bag making sure I have everything I need*
( we’ll figure it out together since we’re going through the same thing pretty much) *I somehow convince Harley to go back to bed *
(of course, a great solution is making new friends too. Also not forgetting about the old ones :) *everyone arrives, you begin to explain, how it’s going to be like*
* after I explain what it’s going to be like since I know because I’ve tried to go after the treasure with Miller once we leave the camp *
( that’s always good)
*they all nod, understanding the risks. We all get ready and begin the long journey*
(hey sorry for the late response, I was at a friends house since Thursday :)
( no worries, I’ve been busy and I’m trying to get collages made for my main account since I’ll be restarting in a way )
(oo what’s your main account, I’ll go follow you right away!)
( _meraki_ thank you! and do you have any suggestions for a new username?) * Ben, Harley, Aiden, and the general watch us until we’re out of sight *
(hmm yeah ofc, I’ll list them in your account :)
*After sometime we reach the jungle where the treasure is, we are unsure of its location. Teleportation or any sort of fast transportation is magically disabled in there*
(tysm! it means a lot ) * we set up a few hammocks for the night*
*the forest is completely dark, I’m still wake checking all my things*
(sorry for the late reply, I was brainstorming usernames hehe)
( no worries, sorry I fell asleep)
* a soldier and I are quietly talking *
(no worries either, I figured you did) *everyone keeps their weapons by their side, just in case*
*the jungle goes completely quiet *
(hey it’s been a while, how are you?)
*I look around, thinking everyone’s asleep. I check my wound, it’s taking a lot more time to heal than it usually does*
( sorry, I logged onto my other account and then accidentally deleted pc )
* I continue to silenced listen to the forest *
(lmaooo how do you accidentally delete an app)
*Changes my bandages, I notice there is much less bleeding than before*
( I have no idea, but I did ) * I mutter something and a dim orb of light appears next to me*
*Looks at you quickly, hiding my kinda bloody bandages and noticing how quiet the forest has gone*
(good to see you’re back, how have you been?)
( tired and I kinda got sick from school already)
* I pull out a small dagger *
* my bow and arrow are beside me, I can grab my knife any second*
(how come? 😵‍💫)
( parents are sending there kids to school sick) * the orb of light goes out*
*I wait a little then whisper* Felix..? Is that you? (whaaat? You mean like covid sick?)
* I whisper* it’s too quiet…
*nods and whispers back* yeah, just noticed that
* the noises of the forest slowly start to come back like nothing happened
*which is really confusing, but I still stay quiet. Trying to figure it out*
* I put the dagger away*
*I go back to my area and slowly fall asleep*
( one of my friends got a gf today and my bisexual axx is now jealous of him) (gawd I help )
* I stay up all night while everyone except Terrance sleeps*
( lmaooo, is she hot though? 😏) *He asks what happened before I went to sleep*
( she sure is 😏) * i shrug and tell him it was probably a big predator passing through *
*you two talk for a while then Terrance goes to sleep* ( 😏)
(hey can we continue the rp on the remixes? I’ll be unable to see comments from now on)