Collage by 4KidRunaways


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^ We only have one phone- and it’s more fun to share 🙃
what made you start a pc account
We wanted to document our daily lives ^
can we be friends?
Sure! ^
it’s Rachel! hoi!
are any of u guys whovians or potterheads and... could we be friends!
^Yes and yes!
Why did you guys runaway and how?
^We ran away because the “home” we were in wanted to split us up (basically a foster place) we ran away at night- into the city
Hi! Wanna be friends Lana?
how do you charge your phone/s or whatever device you use?
^We charge it at subway stations and some stores allow free WiFi and charging stations (like Starbucks and Barns and Noble)
Hoiii I'm Loo can we be frenz?
Also, how do u even have a phone?
Sure! And it’s Caleb’s phone that he’s had since he was around 11 (got it for Christmas)
this is such an interesting perspective to see..
wait...did I hear potterhead?
#HP for life
are either of u into bts or Kpop?
why did you delete your old acc 3kid_runaways? and why change your names?
also you wanna chat?