I love sunflowers 🌻QOTD: Favourite flower
“A sunflower is like a sky with a thousand suns”


I love sunflowers 🌻QOTD: Favourite flower “A sunflower is like a sky with a thousand suns”

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cutee!! 😍
milky_bear for your team autumn, you are doing text! they are ready for you to do that now
my favourite flower are also sunflowers!🌻
wowwww this is sooo pretty❤️❤️
I love this! it's amazing! also super random question but anyway I wanted to ask if you wanted to collab. I haven't really been able to find inspo to do my own collages so I thought collabing would help. so if you'd like to Collab let me know and we can start. Ocean_Babe
hi love are you going to be making that edit of me or no just wondering
y'all only have two days!!!
stunningggg 🥰
pls start our background for team blue and purple
omg, love this and lol I was about to ask the same but maybe I do text? cause ur bgs are so AMAZING LIKE WOWOWOWOW
I was thinking of like SUMMER theme, if that’s fine with u of course.
I am going to remix a collage I made and maybe we can do that style but like the text is different and it’s all summer
sorry I forgot but I am commenting on this collage so go check it to see my comments ^^^^^
hey I saw on the chat page with you and your teammates that you are busy with school and stuff! just to let you know it’s totally fine and I won’t eliminate you this round for being inactive 💖 if you ever need help or if you feel to stressed to be in my seasons games I totally understand! 💖
can u plz join my icon contest for my pintrest:)💗💖💕
Hey Collager, Someone in our music Games asked if you could be in there group.So pls join the music game and join the friend that asked you to be in there group. Go check it Out!
im so sorry i didnt mean to come off as rude :( i was thinking maybeee the song we do could be ocean eyes? you can choose, no pressure :)
aw thank you rosie!
are you going to make the chat page or must I
i would love to collab! could you make the chat page pleaseeee? thank youuu💗💗
remember to submit your collage to the contest soon! 💗💗💗
hey! would you enter my spring breakaway games? team annie is full but the others are still needing players!!
hey Collager it’s -Advice_ here to tell you if you need advice pls come to me. I love helping people and I think we all need some help at this time. so pls comment on my post if you need advice also I need an icon so remix that too but i here for advice .
THIS IS SO GORGEOUS Aotd: Sunflowers💕💕💕
hey! you still don’t have to do anything, when everyone remix their entry that’s when I’ll tell you ✨
hey! do you think we can still work on our collab?
same!! my phone case has sunflowers on it!!
yeah sure!💗
round 4 is due tomorrow!
I girl I’m good! wbu?? this is stunning!! 💗💗
and yes I think it’s about time we posted?? how about 3pm Australian time since we both live here ✨✨
or just let me know any time you think is best!!
this is so pretty
awww thank you! i would love to be friends too! sure! if you want to, i would love to collab!
Love the text
aww thank you! I love ur account sm!
I would love to to collab too! what part do u want to do?
aww tysm! I would love to collab too! what part and what theme?
ur remix is pending🥺
aotd: snapdragon
awww really?:) we can still totally be friends😊
The results of round 1 are out now! 💛
omg this is so cutee✨
you’re right!!
ok I willl
aww tysm! ok! I’lol get started! I haven’t been back in a while so it might take me a while for me to get my skills back
Round 2 of the spring contest is! Please enter in time and have fun!! 🌸✨
your collage is pending
the newest one btw!
btw your recent is pending!
ik! Idk why PicCollage did that. it’s just a fancollage of gabbie hannas new song glass house that I actually really liked so I’m kinda sad lol
sunflower 🌻 are my favorite they are so pretty
I'll do the background. What do you want the theme to be?
ur collage after this is pending review btw, that happened to me before and I just screenshotted it and it would let me post the screenshot
also ya we should definitely collab that seems so fun, and I haven't done a collab in ages!!!
hmm it's still pending, you screenshotted it and posted the screenshot?? that's odd then...
awwww thank you so much!
love this tooooo bestie 💗💗
< pending :(
you can try posting a post that says check in remixes and post the actual thing in the remixes. it might work that way
^u can also ss it and then just post that¿ idk ahah
om flop is iconic 😤
😂 ofc ofc
come and vote for the collages in my contest!🌊 go to the remixes and like the 3 you think are the prettiest!💗💗you cannot like your own ( if you joined ) have fun! 💗💗
round 5 is due tomorrow!
hi i have an icon form on my page,please sign up for a new icon💖👍🏼
pls do the txt for our team
awww that's so sweeettttt
hey! I finished the background for our collab but I can’t get it to remix. I will try again later but I’m so sorry it’s not working
thanks ROSIEEE also ur recent is pending
I remixed two versions of it on with a filter and one without use whichever one you like better
results for contest are ready! come see if your still in and start round 2! have fun! 💗💗
hey rosie! we’re partners for day-light-dreams’s battle of the collagers! what kind of collage do you want to do?
please please please enter round 2 or u will be eliminated! it’s due tomorrow! 💗💗
heyy here is a reminder that you only have today to enter for round 2 of the spring contest!! ☺️
AOTD: chocolate cosmos~
hope you're having a great day girlie! love this post and your whole account! just wanted to give you a lil reminder that you are beautiful and unstoppable! love ya! :)
woahhh you should enter this for my summer contest!! due date is june 26 🌻🌻
aotd: rose :)
aotd: rose 🥀