Collage by DST_


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you are not stupid
suicide is hard to stop
please just come back..
I need you.. I need us.
I need me and you.. I wanna be ur j-jxrk again..
why did u have to do it.. I-I could’ve helped you..
Daniel... please don’t be dead.
just come back please.....🥺🥺 I can’t stop thinking abt u and I can’t have u dead daniel.. p-please
merry late Christmas daniel..
fxck! just come back please🥺 I-I need you p-please
I miss you.
I need u back..
I love u..
I love u
and I miss u
so much Daniel
I’m leaving pc... so I’m not gonna write to u anymore.. but just know I love u so much and I’ll miss u...
I love u
and I might write u something even tho you’re gone..
hey dude imy come back
almost 10 months..
fxxxck I miss you..
I hxte boys
I hxte them I hxte them I hxte them
please I need u here
Daniel please...
I can’t anymore I need u.. I keep trying to tell myself u aren’t actually dead
hxte it here
hey dan. haven t gone on this app in like 5 months
i hte it here lmâo, i hte always crying about you
i also dont like the censorship on this app
truth is
i miss you
i love you broski
big man
amari loves you too
micheal, kyle, justin, daniel 2.0, all the bois love you
even erik loves you 🥴
anyway, hope to see you in heaven some day
miss u,
I wanna die
I miss you,
I love u Daniel
idk what I was thinking saying “I wanna die” smh,
but I miss you
i can’t believe that you’re gone
i could never believe that
i still feel like somewhere out there you’re still here
I’m waiting for the day you text me saying it was a prank,
and part of me just wants to pretend u aren’t real
that none of this is real
that all of this never happened
but it did
but I’m a sophomore now, I think that means you’d be a senior next year?
Daniel, u never even got to graduate, or go to prom,
idk why I still come say hi after 2 years, maybe it’s because I want you to reply
i know you won’t
you’ll still be my best friend
no matter what you’re my number one
you and jack
my favorite people
and maybe when I die we’ll meet again and be happy together
that sounds so weird to say,
but I love you, so so so much
please remember that
even tho you aren’t even going to see this
goodbye, idk when I’ll stop by again,
but I’ll try,,
I love you Daniel.
i love you mi amor
I’m almost 8 months clean from sh bud. i know you’d be proud
i hxte it here