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what kinda rp?
is bxb okay with you?
got any plot ideas?
ummm idk I mean I’ll do whatever
let me scroll through my ocs rly quick (well Erin’s ocs for her account)
okay 👍
i just sent it and then pc deleted it 🙄
alr so the plot could be one of two things one of them is one of us is a k-9 dog trainer and the other a K-9 unit handler
the second could be both of are emotional support dog trainers but one of is actually needs/has an emotional support dog trainer
second one
alr can I be the one who needs/has an emotional support dog ?
thx! I’ll remix my oc and you can make urs if you don’t have one lol
you wanna start?
*Lincoln wakes up early, around 5:45 am. he gets up and goes to shower to find his dogs already waiting for him to feed them. *
* I wake up early, work out, shower, go grocery shopping and head to work*
* I shower before getting my two dogs ready for work, putting a “service dog” harness on my service dog and just a collar and leash on the other before heading to work*
* I’m at work setting up*
* I get there giving you a quick smile before taking off my dogs leashes *
* smiles back* good morning
morning *I help you set up for the day *
how are you doing today * says through a yawn *
ehh same as yesterday ya know? how are you?
yeah I get you * looks down at you * I’m doing pretty good
* I look up at you before continuing to work* that’s always good
yeah fs * keeps working *
*our coworkers show up with the dogs *
* goes and gets my dog that I train * * talking to all the coworkers making the whole work space in a better mood *
* I start to work with one of the many dogs I work with. being antisocial as normal*
* looks over at you * hey do you know where the treats are?
*I look up at you.* yes, there in the room to the left in the cupboard to the far right at the top shelf
ah alright thanks * smiles and goes to get them *
*I continue to work for another few minutes with this dog before going and getting another
* I’m talking with costumers and showing them the dogs as stuffs*
* I soon get on my shift so I go outside with my dogs *
* after a couple hours we’re both on our lunch breaks+
* I go outside to eat and watch the other trainers work*
hey, Lincoln busy for break?
*I jump a bit because you kinda snuck up on me.* oh um not at all, why?
*laughs* oh sorry didn’t mean to scary you, I’m just gonna go out to eat and we’re both on break so you should come along
* I give an awkward smile* thanks for the offer but I’d rather stay here and just relax a little bit you know?
oh okay! that’s all good * smiles * see ya! * starts leaving *
see ya.. *I mumble under my breath* sorry..
* goes out and comes back an hour later *
* I’m sitting on the floor and my service dog is laying on my legs so I don’t get up
* starts working again getting lots done*
* after a while my service dog lets me up and I get back to work *
* some girl comes in and comes up to me, I give her a kiss completely kind and sweet towards her* (let’s just say he’s still figuring out his sexuality *
* the dog your working with growls *
*laughs and pets the dog* hey I’ll see you later babe * you hear me say to the girl*
{girl} oh come’on, I never get to see you babe *the dog growls again *
okay okay, but I’m at work * moves some hair out of her face*
* the dog growls louder and I’m the only other person in the room and I’ve been working here much longer than you have so i say* Dominic pay attention to the dogs
right yeah, sorry * pets the dog again * I’ll tell you when I’m off work hun okay? these dogs aren’t used to people being so close to me *laughs a little*
*I just roll my eyes and continue to work with the dogs* {girl} oh come’on~ they need to get used to it
* kisses her * I guess they do~ * barks again * he doesn’t like it * whispers to her*
*I say loudly while working with my dogs* Dominic! cut it out or leave, this is a work space not a bedroom!
* laughs quietly * yes, I’m sorry she was * looks at her * just leaving
* she pouts but she leaves*
uh sorry ‘bout that * says while cleaning up *
it’s fine, the dogs need to learn but their still early in their training and it’s not time for them to be with more than one person
*nods* yeah, yeah, ofc * the dog starts lxking me and tackling me, I’m laughing and I sounds very happy*
* I just roll my eyes and sees my shift for the day is over but I stay because I have nothing else to do
* grabs my keys * you gonna shut down for the day?
in a little bit I will. *I say still working with one of the dogs*
okay, I’m out, bye! * says while walking out*
bye *one of the dogs tries to follow you so I just call her back *
* gets in my nice new car and starts it*
* I stay at work for a while longer*
* the next day I come in to work late and you where there alone while I was gone trying to handle it all* * I come in a worse mood than I’m ever in *
*I’ve had a small panic attack with you were gone, and the dogs aren’t behaving*
* walks in and the dogs are all over the place* w- what’s going on in here?
*im sitting on the door shaking a bit while trying to take deep breaths with my service dog laying on my lap to keep me down*
d-don’t ask
you okay?
* is gathering all the dogs up and putting them in there canals to calm things down*
*I continue to look Down and I start to gently stroke my dogs head* o-obviously not-
* once everything’s calmed down I walk over to you * what do you need?
* I have my eyes closed still shaking a bit* I’m fine
are you sure? you don’t seem okay
I’ll be fine in a few minutes, you should just start working
but- you- are you sure???
I’m positive *I look up and gives you a reassuring smile*
okay… but I can move him * gestures to the dog*
( I’m gonna fall asleep soon btw lol)
( alr ttyl)
he’s just doing his job.. it would be a lot worse without him
ohhhh okay sorry * realizes what you mean by that and walks away calming each dog down one by one* * still in a bad mood but covering it up *
* I watch you calm the dogs down while gently stroking my dogs head* you ok?
what? yeah, yeah I’m fine * says stiffly *
* my dog lets me up and forces you to sit down. i laugh a little* well someone’s stressed out *my dog lays on you making sure you don’t get up*
* laughs a little * I’m not *says to you then says to the dog* I’m fineee bud you can get up
* he looks at you before resting his head on your lap* he would like to say differently
* sighs petting his head knowing he won’t leave me alone* hey sorry I was late today *says to you*
* I look over at you while taking care of the dogs* it’s alright. it was a lot worse before you started working here
*laughs a little* well thanks * still stressed, still stiff*
* I smile over at you* there were way to many days like this to count
* nods * yeah, glad I can help * smiles starting to get a phone call but I can’t reach my phone* by any chance could you pass me my phone
yes I can *I go over to the shelf where you set your phone and brings it to you*
thank you so much * answers * hello ? yeah, yeah, yeah, what? no…
your welcome *I walk away and continues to work*
* lifts your dog off of me and walks outside on the phone *
* my dog try’s to follow you but I whistle and he comes over to me*
* is out there for about 10 minutes and comes back in grumpy and I’m nevvverrrrr grumpy* * I start working getting stuff done as fast as possible *
everything okay? *I continue working with a large golden retriever*
it’s whatever * runs my fingers through my hair *
I’m sorry to hear that *I continue to work with the dog*
yeah thanks. * keeps working nice towards the dogs ofc*
*it starts to snow so I decide to close work down early* well you can head back home now
okay, thanks * smiles * sorry for my mood today * grabs my keys *
no worries, we all have a bad day every once and a while. *I smile and the I put my dogs on their leashs*
* nods * see ya tomorrow * walks out in the snow the snows falling on my shoulders and all on my dark hair *
*I walk outside, lock the door, before starting to walk down the street. the snow falling on my pale face, and hair*
* gets in my fancy car sitting on in for a couple minutes *
* I make a right turn towards the city like part of town*
* goes to my collage dorm *
* I go to an apartment complex
* my friends invite me to a party *
* I do some paperwork for a few services who are “ graduating”
* someone invites you to the same party I’m at*
*I hesitate to go, but I agree after thinking of it *
* you get there and see me with friends *
* I talk with my friend who invited me*
* sees you and doesn’t know if I should say anything * * is playing beer pong*
*I stay for a while with my friend *
* I’m walking with my friends and Accidentally bumps into you* oh I’m sorry
*I look at you, recognizing you straight away. * it’s alright, it happens to us all
* nods * yeah…. see you tomorrow
see you.. don’t be late to work again, please
* chuckles * don’t worry about it
if you say so *I give a doubtful look*
hey I’m serious * laughs * that was a one time thing * my friends and girl friend call for me *
* I give a weak smile* whatever you say.. *I laugh softly * you better go
yeah- bye * walks away wrapping my arm around my GF*
*I turn back around and I go back to talking with my friends* {ur gf} babe who was that?
just that guy I work with, remember from a couple days ago * rests my chin on her head*
{ur gf} oh yes, now I remember.. but don’t you think he’s a little rude..?
no, not at all * kisses her forehead * do youuu?
{ur gf} obviously, I don’t like how rude he was to me *she whines*
if your talking about when you came to see me at work we where both stressed that day
so don’t be so dramatic
* she glares up at you clearly now mad, she pulls away* if you say so babe, I’m going to get a drink
I do say so * sighs * okay… * when she comes back I kiss up her neck to her ear and whisper * I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you upset love
*she rolls her eyes* {ur gf} whatever you say
you know your being kinda b*chy right now
{ur gf} I’m always like this… *the next part she mumbles* idiot
* rolls my eyes * I’m going back to my dorm see you tomorrow
* she rolls her eyes and doesn’t even respond to you but instead she just walks over to your friend and starts flirting with him
* watches as I leave * * says under my breath * oh f**k her
* I can tell your upset so I go outside to see if your okay but also to get some fresh air
* running my fingers through my hair upset and sighs * * just standing in the cold air *
* I quietly come over to you* hey… everything okay?
* looks over at you * * quickly changing my mood * yeah, yeah I’m all good * smiles reassuring *
*i look up at you worried knowing your lying* you positive?
yeah just a little crowded in there….
*I take a step closer to you with a soft blush on my cheeks but it’s hidden by the dark* your a horrible lier
* laughs * what do you mean, I’m not lying it was a little crowded right?
it was but there’s something else wrong.. the little I do know you I know when sometimes bothering you
* nods * hm, well it’s nothing you gotta spend your time worrying about it’s $tupid anyway
nothings stupid Dominic *ur gf comes out kissing your friend and I turn around to see that happening* whatever you do, don’t turn around
please don’t tell me that’s- * you interrupt *
just don’t turn around for your own sake..
* sighs * bet you can guess what’s wrong * sits down on the curb looking even though you sed not to*
*I sit down next you you feeling extremely bad for you even tho I don’t know you that well* *your gf and friend are full on making out at this point* yea… I’m sorry Dominic
thanks but it’s- whatever * glances again * I don’t really wanna be here anymore….
you can always leave the party.. no one would really notice.. I mean there’s at least 50 people in there
I know, you wanna go somewhere
if you want me to come with you, I will.. after all I have nothing better to do
yeah come with * smiles * my cars over there
no offense but- you probably shouldn’t drive
right- yeah * hands you the keys *
* I follow you to your car* so where do you want to go..?
sh** I don’t know, anywhere but here * eyes my gf and friend*
* I look over at you* how about if we just go to your dorm..?
yeah, sounds good
so umm where is it * I laugh softly*
right sorry* laughs* take a left here